The Clove Indian Restaurant/ Cafe in Claremont Menu

Simple Entrees
Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) - Home made pastry stuffed with vegetable $7.50
Vegetable Pakora (2 pieces) - Savory vegetable fritters $6.90
Onion Bajiya (2 pieces) - Savory onion fritters $6.90
Curry Puff (4 pieces) $7.90
Full Tandoori Chicken $19.90
Half Tandoori Chicken $11.90
Chicken Tikka (4 pcs) $10.90
Lamb Seekh Kebab (4 pcs) - Medium spicy minced lamb skewered and grilled in tandoori oven $11.90
Tandoori Prawns (6 pcs) - Marinated prawns grilled in the tandoori oven $16.90
The Clove mixed Platters - Chicken Tikka, Seekh kebab & Tandoori prawns $22.90
King Prawn Pakora - King prawns dipped in a spicy chikpea batter and deep fried $14.90
Tandoori Lamb Cutlet (4 pcs) - Marinated lamb chops cooked in the tand$26.90 oori oven $26.90
Onion Salad - Diced onion, tomatoes, herbs & lemon $5.90
Green Salad - Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber & lemon $6.90
Dhal Tarka (medium) - Yellow lentils cooked with spices $16.90
Chickpeas Masala (mild) - Cooked with onion and tomato based sauce $16.90
Vegetable Jalfrezi (medium) - Mixed vegetables cooked with selection of spices & herb $16.90
Vegetable Vindaloo (hot!) - Mixed vegetables cooked with hot vindaloo sauce $17.50
Vegetable Korma (mild) - Mixed vegetable cooked with cashew nut creamy sauce $17.50
Aloo Ghobi (medium) - Potatoes cooked with cauliflower $16.90
Eggplants & Potatoes (mild/medium) - Eggplants cooked with Chef special sauce $16.90
Mushrooms & Green peas ( mild) - Mushrooms cooked with green peas $16.90
Palak Mushrooms (mild) - Spinach cooked with mushrooms $17.50
Aloo Palak (medium) - Potatoes cube cooked with spinach sauce $17.50
Palak Paneer (medium) - Cottage cheese cooked with spinach sauce $17.90
Shahi Paneer (mild) - Cottage cheese cooked with creamy sauce $17.90
Mutter Paneer (medium) - Cottage cheese cooked with green peas $17.90
Malai Kofta (mild) - Potato dumplings cooked in Chef's special sauce $16.90
Chicken Tikka Masala (medium) - (Chef special) Chicken tikka cooked with onion, capsicum & tomatoes $18.90
Butter Chicken (mild) - Chicken tikka cooked with creamy sauce $18.90
Chicken Korma (mild) - Chicken cook with yoghurt, cashew nut sauce $18.90
Mango Chicken (mild) - Chicken cooked with mango pulp cashew ut & creamy sauce $18.90
Chicken Palak (medium) - Chicken cooked with spinach sauce $18.90
Chicken Karahi (medium) - Chicken cooked with crushed spices in thick sauce $18.90
Chicken Dopiaza(medium) - Chicken cooked with onion,capsicum & tomatoes $18.90
. Chicken Dhalwala (medium) - Chicken and mixed lentils cooked with selected spices $18.90
Chicken Vindaloo (very hot! - Chicken cooked with hot vindaloo sauce $18.90
Lamb Rogan Josh (mild/medium ) - Lamb dices cooked with yoghurt & spices $18.90
Lamb Mushrooms (mild) - Lamb cooked with mushrooms $18.90
Lamb Aloo (mild/medium) - Lamb dices cooked with potatoes $18.90
Lamb Korma( mild) - Lamb diced cooked with creamy cashew nut sauce $18.90
Lamb Apple Korma (mild) - Lamb dices cooked with slice apple & creamy cashew nut sauce $18.90
Lamb Palak (medium) - Lamb cooked with spinach sauce $18.50
Shabji Gosht(medium) - lamb cooked with mixed vegatables medium sauce $18.90
Lamb Vindaloo (very hot!) - Famous Portuguese Goan style cooking a very very hot, exotic spicy dish, No question just try it and join the line of addicts $18.90
Lamb Chop Curry - Marinated lamb chops cooked in the tandoori oven with medium spicy sauce $25.90
Beef Masala (medium) - Beef cooked with onion, capsicum & tomatoes $18.90
Beef Korma (mild) - Beef cooked with yoghurt, cashew nuts sauce $18.90
Beef Palak (medium) - Beef cooked with spinach sauce $18.90
Beef Vindaloo (very hot!) - Beef cooked with hot vindaloo sauce $18.90
Beef Madras (medium) - Beef cooked with hot spices and coconut $18.90
Beef Dopiaza (medium) - Beef cooked with onion,capsicum tomatoes medium hot spices $18.90
Goan Fish Masala (medium) - Fish cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes & herbs $21.90
Fish Bhunna (medium) - Fish cooked with onion,tomatoes & herbs $21.90
Fish Korma (mild) - Fish cooked with mild cashew nuts sauce $22.90
Fish Madras (very hot!) - Fish cooked with hot spices and coconut $22.90
Prawn Masala (medium) - Prawn cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes & herbs $23.90
Prawn Korma (mild) - prawn cooked with mild cashew nuts sauce $23.90
Prawn Dopiaza (mild/medium) - Prawn cooked with onion,capsicum,tomatoes & herbs $22.90
Prawn Spinach (medium) - Prawn cooked with fresh spinach & chef special sauce $23.90
Prawn Vindaloo (very hot!) $23.90
Basmati Rice
Plain Rice $4.50
Saffron Rice $5.50
Green Peas Pilau Rice $6.50
Vegetable Pilau Rice $6.90
Kashmiri Pilau (Sultanas & nuts) $7.90
Vegetable Biryani $14.90
Meat Biryani (Lamb or Beef or Chicken) $16.90
Naan Breads
Plain Naan (unleavened) $3.90
Garlic Naan $4.90
Potato Naan $5.90
Cheese Naan $5.90
Kashmiri Naan (Dry fruits & nuts) $6.50
Tandoori Roti $4.50
Tandoori Garlic Roti $4.90
Tandoori Paratha (Flaky bread) $5.90
Soft Drinks and Coffee
Water (bottles) $2.90
Can of Coke, Fanta and other variety $2.90
Juices (Orange, Apple, Mango and etc.) $3.90
Mango Lassi $5.90
Kheer (Rice pudding) $5.90
Gulab Jamun (2 pieces) - Fried cheese ball in rose water syrup $5.90
Kulfi Pista or Kulfi Mango (Indian Ice cream) $5.90
Cappuccino Reg: $ 3.50, Large $ 4.50
Flat White Reg: $ 3.50, Large $ 4.50
Long Black Reg: $ 3.50, Large $ 4.50
Hot Black Reg: $ 3.50, Large $ 4.50
Mocha Reg: $ 4.40. Large $ 5.40
Hot Chocolate Reg: $ 3.90, Large $ 4.90
Cafe Latte Reg: $ 3.50, Large $ 4.50
Chai Latte Reg: $ 4.40, Large $ 4.50
short Macchiato Reg: $ 3.50
Long Macchiato Reg: $ 4.40
Espresso Reg: $ 3.50
Lunch Thali Special!
2 veg curries, rice, pickle, salad, raita. from $11.00
2 meat curries, rice, pickle, salad, raita. from $13.00

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Table Service
40 St Quentin Ave, Claremont, WA, 6010, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard
Asian, Cafes, Indian

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