The Grand Siam Thai Restaurant in Bella Vista Menu

Duck Herbs (4) - Shredded roasted duck tossed with mint, shallot, coriander, ground roasted rice, drizzled with chilli & lime dressing served on lettuce leaves $10.90
Peking Duck Roll (4) - Tender pan seared sliced duck breast, cucumber, carrot & shallot rolled in thin pancake. Served with home-made sauce $12.90
Soft Shell Crab - Crispy soft shell crab. Served with sweet chilli sauce. $10.90
Coconut Prawns (4) - Lightly battered deep fried king prawns with coconut crumb, served with sweet chilli sauce. $10.90
Satay Chicken (4) - Grilled chicken tenderloin on skewers, topped with peanut sauce $9.90
Spring Roll (4) - Crispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables & vermicelli, serve with sweet chilli sauce. $8.90
Curry Puff (4) - Golden brown curry puff filled with mixed vegetables & the fragrant curry spices serve with sweet chilli sauce. $8.90
Thai Fish Cake (4) - A mixture of minced fish fillet herbs & red curry paste, deep fried, served with serve with sweet chilli sauce. $8.90
Net Spring Roll Wrapper (6) - Rice net paper, shrimp, taro yam, crab meat, fish, black mushroom & water chestnut. $8.90
Mixed Entrees (One of Each) - Satay Chicken, Spring Roll, Curry Puff & Money Bag $10.90
Select your favourite choice - Tofu / Mushroom
Entrée :$9.90 / Main: $13.90
Select your favourite choice - Chicken
Entrée :$9.90 / Main: $13.90
Select your favourite choice - Prawn/ Seafood
Entrée :$10.90 / Main: $15.90
Tom Yum - Most popular and spicy & sour soup flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice & chilli paste N/A
Tom Kha - Mild coconut milk scup flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves,Galangal & lime juice N/A
Chef Suggestions
The Grand Siam- Garlic King Prawn (4) - The lightly fried large king prawns tossed with homemade , garlic, coriander & black pepper sauce. Served with steamed mixed vegetables $25.90
Soft Shell Crab with Black pepper - Lightly battered soft shell crab, stir fried with balck pepper sauce $22.90
Crispy Basil Chicken / Fish Fillet - Deep fried battered chicken stir in home-made basil chilli sauce $17.90 / $19.90
The Grand Siam Pad Thai - The traditional Thai style thin rice noodle, bean sprouts, sahllots, crushed peanuts wrapped with omelet.Served with prawn & deep fried soft shell crab $25.90
Exotic Seafood (Hor Mok) - Stir fried mixed seafood with egg in mild curry sauce. Served in coconut shell $25.90
Cinnamon Duck Plum sauce - A side of roasted duck topped with a blended plum sauce spiced with cinnamon, star arise, served on a bed of bok choy. $25.90
Salt & Pepper Squid or Prawns - Deep fried battered and strirred with salt & pepper served with Green Apple salad $22.90
Snapper with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce - Deep fried Whole Snapper dressed with sweet chilli sauce, kaffir lime leave Market Price
Barramundi with Chilli and Lemon Sauce - Steamed whole barramundi with chilli and lemon juice Market Price
Fresh Ginger Baramundi Fillet - Steamed Barramundi fillet with fresh ginger, coriander and shallot $25.90
Larb Chicken - Minced Chicken flavoured with chilli & lime dressing in mint leave & onion $17.90
The Beef Salad - Grilled marinated beef , mixed with chilli & lemon sauce, cucumber, carrot, onion, mint leaves & shallot $17.90
Duck Salad - Tasty grilled roasted duck with galangal, toasted ground rice & spicy dressing $19.90
BBQ Chicken - Grilled marinated chicken, Served with sweet chilli sauce $17.90
Crying Tiger (BBQ Beef) - Grilled marinated beef, served with home- made tamarind sauce $17.90
Lamb Cutlet (3 Pcs) - Grilled marinated lamb cutlet, topped with home made garlic & pepper sauce $25.90
Massaman(Beef Only) - The world famous Thai curry served with potatoes , fried onion & raosted peanuts $17.90
Yellow Curry ( Chicken Only) - Chicken thigh fillet and potato cooked with yellow curry paste & coconut milk $17.90
Red Duck Curry - A rich red curry of roasted duck with lychee, pineapple, cherry tomatoes & vegetables $19.90
Select your Favourite choice - Chicken/ Beef / Tofu / Vegetable $15.90
Select your Favourite choice - Duck / Lamb/ Prawns / Seafood $19.90
Green Curry - Traditional Thai green curry paste cooked in coconut milk and bamboo shoot & fresh basil N/A
Red Curry - Traditional Thai Red curry paste cooked in coconut milk and bamboo shoot & fresh basil N/A
Panang Curry - Thick mild curry, coconut milk & Kaffir lime leaves N/A
Jungle Curry (Hot) - Aromatic spicy curry (without coconut milk) N/A
Stir Fried
Select your Favourite choice - Chicken/ Beef / Tofu / Vegetable $15.90
Select your Favourite choice - Duck / Lamb/ Prawns / Seafood $19.90
Chilli Basil - Stir Fried with hot chilli & basil leaves N/A
Oyster Sauce - A classic stir fry with mixed vegetables in oyster sauce N/A
Cashew Nuts - Famous Thai cusine, roasted cashew nuts, assorted vegetables , stir fried in home made sweet chilli jam N/A
Garlic and Pepper - Fragrant sauced mixed vegetables with minced fresh garlic & cracked black pepper N/A
Fresh Ginger & Shallot - A classic stir fry with fresh ginger, mixed vegetables in a creamy home-made peanut sauce N/A
Pad Ped - Stir fried with hot chilli past, young green peppercorn, galangal & kaffir lime leaves N/A
Sizzling Hot-Plate - Stir fried the grand Siam homemade sweet chilli paste N/A
Siam Vegetables - Mixed Vegetables and shitake mushroom, stir fried with vegetarian mushroom sauce $15.90
Chilli & Basil Egg Plant - Stir Fried eggplant, tofu with hot chilli & Basil leaves $15.90
Pricess Tofu - Deep fried tofu on greens topped with home-made ginger sauce $15.90
Vegetarian Chicken with Chilli Basil - Stir fried vegetarian chicken with bamboo shoot, hot chilli & basil leaves $15.90
Rice Noodle
Select your Favourite choice - Chicken/ Beef / Tofu / Vegetable $13.90
Select your Favourite choice - Prawns / Seafood $15.90
Fried Rice - Thai style fried rice with egg & vegetables N/A
Pineapple Fried Rice - The Grand Siam special fried rice with pineapple & cashew nut N/A
Chilli Basil Noodle or Fried Rice - Stir Fried flat rice noodle with chilli basil sauce & vegetables N/A
Crab Meat Fried Rice - Fried Rice with egg & crab meat $15.90
Pad Thai - A tarditional Thai stir-fried thin rice noodle, tossed with bean sprouts , chinese chive, crushed peanut & egg N/A
Pad See Ew - A delicious stir-fry rice noodle with sweet soy sauce carrot, chinese broccoli & egg N/A
Laksa Noodle - The famous curry noodle soup with thin rice vermecelli noodle, tofu & bean sprouts N/A
Steamed Jasmine Rice $3.00 per person
Steamed Brown Rice $3.80 per person
Coconut Rice $3.00 per serve
Satay Sauce $6.00
Roti $3.00

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Yummy Chicken N/A
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The Godfather Ham, fetta cheese, sundried tomato, olives & Spanish onion $13
Steak Sandwich 2 sizzling pieces of scotch fillet, lettuce, tomato, beetroot & BBQ Sauce on a lightly toasted Vienna roll, with a side of salad $15
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Hawaiian Chicken Burger Grilled chicken breast fillet, tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce, pineapple and bacon topped with our special BBQ mayonnaise on a lightly toasted bun $16
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Garlic Bread $4.50
Sicilian Gourmet - Napoli sauce, cheese, Italian sausage, kalamata olives, artichoke,sun-dried tomatoes, anchovies 9 inch $15 / 12 inch $19
Ricotta - Pesto sauce, cheese, fresh spinach blended with Ricotta & parmesan, kalamata olives, Spanish onions, cherry tomatoes with baked fetta 9 inch $15 / 12 inch $19
Smoked Salmon - Napoli sauce, cheese, smoked salmon, Spanish Onion, capers, avocado, Shallots with French Brie & cream cheese 9 inch $15 / 12 inch $19
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni - Crepe tubes filled with spinach & ricotta cheese topped with Napoli & Béchamel sauce, topped with Mozzarella cheese $14
Gnocchi - Small Potato Dumplings served with your choice of Napoli, Bolognese or Carbonara sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese. ($1.00 extra for Carbonara sauce) $14.50
European Gelati now Available - Come on in to see our delicious options N/A
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Restaurant Details

Bella Vista
Table Service
E201/24-32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista , NSW, 2153, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Asian, Thai

The Grand Siam Thai Restaurant

Located in western suburb, Norwest Business Park, The Grand Siam features a complete fine dining restaurant in an extravagant setting. Its red and gold interior takes you back to Thailand’s golden era while you enjoy our authentic and contemporary cuisines. The restaurant has an open space both indoor and outdoor balcony. This is a fantastic place for private function or just a romantic diner.

The appeal of The Grand Siam cuisine lies in fresh produces and a careful method. All the dishes are prepared by experienced chefs who are willing to provide you a wonderful dining experience.

Offering fabulous menus, a comfortable relaxing atmosphere, and sundeck seating, The Grand Siam is simply one of the finest restaurants in Sydney.

Opening Hours

The opening hours for The Grand Siam Thai Restaurant are coming soon