Wong's Lucky Bar in Box Hill Menu

Chef Special
Ginger & Spring Onion Live Lobster MP
Ginger & Spring Onion Mud Crab (Grade A) MP
Dry Chilli & Pepper Mud Crab MP
Singapore Style Mud Crab MP
Chicken & Prawn Spring Rolls (3pcs) $5.00
Spicy Salt & Chilli Quail $7.80
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $4.00
Seafood Beancurd Soup $4.00
Seafood Hot & Sour Soup $4.00
Shark Fin Soup $5.00
Wonton Soup $5.00
Main Course
Sweet & Sour Chicken / Pork $13.80
Honey / Lemon Chicken $13.80
Chicken / Beef in Szechuan Sauce $13.80
Satay Chicken / Beef $13.80
Beef in Black Bean Sauce $13.80
Stir Fried Beef / Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion $14.80
Beef with Bitter Melon / Chinese Broccoli $14.80
Beef Brisket in Clear Broth $18.80
Black Pepper Shredded Steak $21.80
Yellow Golden Chicken Ribs $19.80
Sour Pickled Green Mustard with Pork Intestine $14.80
Wuxi Style Fried Spare Ribs $19.80
Pork Ribs in Honey Pepper Sauce / Peking Sauce $16.80
Pork Ribs with Bitter Melon $16.80
Deep-Fried Garlic Pork Ribs $16.80
Spicy Salt & Chilli Pork Ribs $16.80
Spicy Salt & Chilli Chicken Ribs $16.80
Spicy Salt & Chilli Calamari / Fish $18.80
Crispy Flounder with Spicy Salt & Chilli $18.80
Fish Cake with Chinese Broccoli $16.80
Sweet & Sour Fish in Batter $18.80
Fish in Sweet Corn Sauce $18.80
Calamari / Prawns in Thai Sauce / Szechuan Sauce $18.80
Japanese Egg Tofu with Assorted Seafood $18.80
Crystal Slice Abalone w Mushroom $24.80
Prawn in X.O. Sauce $18.80
PiPi & Chinese Donut with X.O. / Black Bean Sauce $18.80
Crocodile Meat with X.O. / Ginger & Spring Onion $18.80
Beef Tripe Meat with X.O. / Ginger & Spring Onion $18.80
Scallop with X.O. / Ginger & Spring Onion $24.80
Beef Brisket $14.80
Eggplant w Minced Pork / Chicken $14.80
Salted Fish & Chicken w Beancurd $14.80
Roast Pork Beancurd Clay Pot $18.80
Seafood with Beancurd $18.80
Braised Fish w Beancurd Clay Pot $18.80
Lamb Casserole with Beancurd Sheets $22.00
Braised Pork w Preserved Veggies en Casserole $22.80
Veggie Dishes
Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables $14.00
Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce $14.00
Chinese Broccoli w Mushroom $16.80
Water Spinach with Preserved Beancurd Paste $14.00
Spinach / Water Spinach with Sambal Sauce $15.80
Pan Fried French Bean $14.00
Pan Fried French Bean with Anchovies in X.O Sauce $16.80
Stir Fried French Bean with Black Olive Mustard $16.80
Snow Pea Shoots with Garlic $16.80
Snow Pea Shoots with Preserved Egg & Salted Egg $18.80
Hainanese Chicken Rice $9.00
Beancurd Roast Pork on Rice $10.00
Beef Brisket on Rice $9.00
Lemon / Honey Chicken on Rice $9.00
Baked Chicken in Salt on Rice $9.00
Sweet & SOur Pork / Chicken on Rice $9.00
Szechuan Chicken / Beef Rice $9.00
Satay Chicken / Beef on Rice $9.00
Peking Sauce Pork Ribs on Rice $10.00
Spicy Salt & Chilli Chicken Ribs on Rice $10.00
Garlic Pork Ribs with Fried Egg on Rice $10.80
Pork Chop in Lemongrass & Fried Egg on Rice $10.80
Hong Kong Style Pork Chop & Fried Rice $12.00
Beef / Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce on Rice $9.00
Kung Bo Chicken on Rice $9.00
Ginger & Spring Onions Beef / Chicken on Rice $9.00
Beef in Black Bean Sauce on Rice $9.00
Pork Ribs with Bitter Melon / Black Bean Sauce on Rice $10.00
Beef with Bitter Melon on Rice $9.00
Spicy Salt & Chilli Calamari / Fish on Rice $11.00
Prawn in Szechuan Sauce / Chilli Sauce on Rice $10.00
Chinese Broccoli with Beef on Rice $10.00
Prawn in X.O. Sauce on Rice $12.00
Fish in Sweet Corn Sauce on Rice $12.00
Spicy Salt & Chilli Pork Ribs with Fried Rice $11.00
Minced Chicken / Pork with Eggplant on Rice $9.00
Seafood on Rice $10.00
Thai Calamari / Prawn on Rice $10.00
Black Pepper Shredded Steak with Tomato Fried Rice $12.00
Beancurd, Mushroom & Mix Vegetable on Rice $9.00
Fried Koay Teow with X.O. Sauce (Spicy) $10.00
Fried Koay Teow (Spicy) $9.00
Fried Hor Fun with Beef $9.00
Combination Hor Fun $9.00
Fried Hor Fun with Prawn in Ginger Sauce $12.00
Fried Hor Fun with Vegetable & Beef $9.00
Hor Fun with Beef in Black Bean Sauce $9.00
Pork Strips Fried with Egg Noodle / Hor Fun $9.00
Indian Mee Goreng (Spicy) $9.00
Singapore Fried Noodle $9.00
Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice Noodle $9.00
Combination Fried Crispy Noodle $10.00
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup / Dry $9.00
Hokkien Fried Noodle $9.00
Seafood Noodle Soup $11.00
Wong's Laksa King $10.00
Seafood Curry Laksa $12.00
Bak Kut Teh $12.00
Fried Rice
Nasi Goreng (Spicy) $8.50
Mince Beef Fried Rice $8.50
Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice $9.00
Wong's Deluxe Fried Rice $8.50
Prawn with Chinese Sausage / Prawn Fried Rice $9.00
Hokkien Fried Rice $11.00
Chicken / Beef Congee $8.50
Century Egg & Salted Pork Congee $8.50
Mixed Meat & Peanut Congee $8.50
Fish Congee $8.50
Prawn / Seafood Congee $8.50
Plain Rice $2.00
Chicken Yellow Rice $2.50
Congee $4.00
Chinese Donut $2.50

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Restaurant Details

Box Hill
Takeaway Food
Counter Service
921 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill, VIC, 3128, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Asian, Chinese

Wong's Lucky Bar

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Takeaway Available Wheelchair Accessible, Seating Available ,Kid Friendly,Vegetarian Friendly

Wong's Lucky Bar Box Hill Menu

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