World of Kaos - Chef's Family Restaurant in Coolaroo Menu

Garlic Bread $4.50
Garlic, Herb & Cheese Foccacia (medium size) $7.90
Bruschetta Pomodoro (medium size) Diced tomatoes,onion, oregano & a drizzled of olive oil $9.90
Greek Bruschetta (medium size) Diced tomatoes, onion, oregano, feta cheese, Kalamata olives & drizzle of olive oil $11.90
Natural Oysters
1/2 doz $11.90 / 1 doz $22.90
Diablo Oysters Cooked in Napoli, Worcestershire & Tabasco Sauce.
1/2 doz $12.90 / 1 doz $24.50
Mornay Oysters Cooked with a creamy cheese sauce.
1/2 doz $12.90 / 1 doz $24.50
King Prawn Skewers Four King Prawns served on a bed of rice. $13.80
Grilled Calamari Marinated & grilled Calamari served with salad. $13.90
Homemade Dips Tzatziki, Hommus & Eggplant Dip. Served with bread. $9.90
Garden Salad Mixed Salad, Tomato, Cucumber & olives topped with Balsamic Dressing. $7.90
Chicken Caesar Salad Cos lettuce, sujuc, boiled eggs, croutons, anchovies, parmesan cheese,grilled chicken tenderloins & Chefs Special Caesar dressing. $14.90
Octopus Salad Grilled baby octopus served with mixed lettuce, tomato & balsamic dressing. $13.90
Greek Salad Traditional feta cheese, Kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion & mixed lettuce. $11.90
Tuna Salad Tomato, cucumber, tuna, mixed salad, olives, balsamic vinegar. $14.90
Salmon Salad Mixed salad, capers, salmon, tomato, cucumber, olive oil & balsamic dressing. $18.90
Lamb Salad Mixed Salad, tomato, cucumber, olives, tender lamb & balsamic dressing. $15.90
- Entree / Main
Cannelloni Fresh ricotta cheese mixed with baby spinach $8.90 / $12.90
Lasagna Layers of pasta filled with a rich meat sauce, topped with cheese. Main served with chips & salad $8.90 / $9.90
Bolognese A rich combination of meat, onion, garlic & Italian herb sauce $9.90 / $14.90
Napoletana Roasted tomato, caramelized onion, fresh basil in a Napoli based sauce $8.90 / $12.90
Carbonara Sujuk, cream, egg, parmesan cheese, spring onion & parsley $10.90 / $13.90
Pollo Funghi Diced chicken, mushroom, spring onion & parsley cooked in a creamy sauce $11.90 / $15.90
Calabrese Chili, hot salami cooked in a Napoli sauce $8.90 / $12.80
Siciliana Onion, eggplant, anchovies, olives, garlic, pepper cooked in a Napoli sauce $8.90 / $13.80
Tenderloin Skewers Marinated tenderloin chicken grilled to perfection $17.90
Chicken Schnitzel Crumbed chicken breast, grilled & served with lemon $18.90
Chicken Parmigiana Crumbed chicken breast topped with Napoli sauce & Mozzarella cheese $19.90
Chicken Avocado Char grilled chicken breast topped with a creamy avocado sauce $21.90
Veal Parmigiana Crumbed baby veal grilled & topped with Napoli sauce & Mozzarella cheese $22.90
Veal Schnitzel Lightly crumbed veal cooked to perfection $18.90
Scallopini Funghi Scallopini cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce $21.90
House Special Porterhouse Steak, beef sausage, lamb cutlet, chicken fillers & chicken sausage $28.90
Mixed Grill Lamb skewers, chicken skewers, fish skewers, spicy sausages, dip, pickled vegies & bread $23.90
Lamb Skewers Marinated lamb grilled to perfection, served with pickled vegies, dip & bread $21.90
Beef n' Reef Porterhouse steak topped with finest seafood selection & cooked in a rosette sauce $27.90
Open Lamb Souvlaki Tender pieces of marinated lamb, dip, pickled vegies & bread $21.90
Lamb Shanks 2 braised lamb shanks, served on a bed of mash potato, vegies $21.90
BBQ Lamb Ribs Premium marinated lamb rib rack, grilled & served with BBQ sauce $21.90
Rib Eye Steak Tender eye fillet cooked to your liking & topped with your choice of sauce $27.90
Rons Special (Thin Base) Tomato, cheese, hot salami, mushroom, capsicum,Onion, olives & chili flakes $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Jessie's Special Tomato, cheese, shredded meat, hot salami, onion & pineapple $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Kaos Special BBQ sauce, chicken, mushroom, capsicum, olives & chili flakes $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Capricciosa Tomato, cheese, shredded meat, mushroom, olives & anchovies $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Americana Tomato, cheese & hot salami $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Hawain Tomato, cheese, shredded meat & pineapple $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Marinara Tomato, cheese & mixed seafood $11.50 / $14.50 / $18.50
Vegetarian Tomato, cheese, mushroom, peppers, onion & olives $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Mexicana Tomato, cheese, hot salami, peppers & chili flakes $11.50 / $13.50 / $17.50
Sea Grill Platter (serves 2 - 4 people) Whole king prawns, whiting fillets, baby octopus, calamari, mussels, moreton bay bugs, 1/2 dozen choice of Diablo or Mornay oysters & barramundi fillets $99.00
Moreton Bay Bugs Char grilled & served on a bed of rice $26.90
Fish n' Reef Barramundi fillet topped with reef seafood & cooked in a rosette sauce $29.90
Garlic Prawns Ten king prawn cutlets sauteed in a roasted garlic cream reduction & served on a bed of rice $26.90
Chili Prawns Ten king prawn cutlets cooked in a chili Napoli sauce & served on a bed of rice $26.90
Fish Skewers Six fish skewers, served with dip, pickled vegies & bread $18.90
Barramundi Fillets Grilled & topped with Chefs secret lemon sauce $24.90
Finger Food Platter Mini spring rolls, samosas, chicken wings & mini dim sims, Served with chips $55.00
Meat Platter Lamb skewers, lamb cutlets, beef sausages & steak. Served with chips $60.00
Chicken Platter Chicken skewers, tenderloins & chicken sausages. Served with chips $50.00
Mixed Meat & Chicken Platter Lamb skewers, chicken skewers, lamb cutlets, tenderloins, steak, chicken & beef sausages. Served with chips $65.00
Garlic & Chili Prawns Twenty garlic prawns & 20 chili prawns served on a bed of rice $70.00
Fisherman's Basket Calamari, prawn cutlets, whiting strip fillets, mussels & crab sticks, all lightly crumbed & fried. Served with chips $60.00
Calamari Thirty calamari rings. Served with chips $50.00
Rice Platter Plain white rice $35.00
Chefs Fried Rice Yellow fried rice, seasonal vegies, with a touch of Chefs spices & herbs $50.00
Assorted Cakes $7.80
Banana Split Banana, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate & banana syrup & walnuts $7.80
Pancakes Maple Syrup, Strawberry, Banana & Walnut or Chocolate Fudge $9.50
Assorted Gelato
1 scoop $2.80 / 2 scoop $4.20 / 3 scoop $5.80
Creme Caramel $5.50
Nuggets & Chips Six chicken nuggets served with chips $8.50
Fish Nuggets & Chips Six fish nuggets served with chips $8.50
Frankfurt's & Chips Six frankfurt's served with chips $8.50
Grilled Fish & Chips Grilled fish served with chips $10.90
Chicken Parmigiana Crumbed chicken breast with Napoli sauce & melted mozzarella cheese served with chips $10.50
Chicken Schnitzel Crumbed chicken breast grilled & served with chips $9.50
Chicken Tenderloin & Chips Three tenderloin pieces served with chips $9.90
Calamari Six fried calamari rings served with chips $9.50

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Popular Menu Item Spaghetti and Meatballs Spaghetti and Meatballs Traditional Italian dish, with meatballs made of minced pork and beef, herbs and minced onion and garlic, and served in a rich thick tomato based ragu sauce. Can be served sometimes with shredded fresh basil or oregano and shavings of parmesan. As with carbonara, it tends to be served with garlic bread and side salad. Italian
Popular Menu Item Lamb cutlets with garlic and rosemary Lamb cutlets with garlic and rosemary Usually on every Italian menu, small trimmed lamb chops or cutlets are served steeped in fresh rosemary and garlic and pan fried or grilled. Served with sauté potatoes and vegetables, it is a hearty plate of food and delicious flavours. Tender pink lamb is enhanced by the earthy rosemary and garlic. Italian
Popular Menu Item Minestrone Soup Minestrone Soup The classic and renowned Italian soup, comprising small pasta shapes, a rich chicken stock and finely diced vegetables such as celery, onions, tomatoes, carrots beans and herbs. Created in Ancient Roman times this soup is now served in many different ways, some finely and others much more chunky and hearty. A sprinkling of parmesan and a good basket of bread makes this really filling. Italian
Popular Menu Item Napoletana pasta sauce Napoletana pasta sauce An amazing vegetarian italian option. Crushed tomato, onion, garlic, basil and parmesan. Sounds simple but bursting with lots of flavour. Italian
Popular Menu Item Osso Buco Osso Buco A dish invented in Ancient Roman Times and perfected over the years to a more sophisticated Italian meal, consisting of cross-cut veal shanks, braised in red wine, onions, celery and carrots and served with a gremolata on the top (optional). Italian
Popular Menu Item Bruschetta Bruschetta Delicious slices of bread, rubbed with garlic and tomato and seasoned before grilling. Various toppings are served, the most popular being diced tomatoes and red onion with finely chopped garlic and basil. Can also be served with a pesto topping, and sometimes with roasted aubergine and mushrooms. Usually a starter, but can be purchased as a main course. Italian
Popular Menu Item Soave Soave Another popular wine, this white wine is produced in the Veneto region of Italy, around the city of Verona, home to many Shakespeare plays! It is comparatively dry and was once the ‘in’ drink in the 1970’s but was overtaken by Pinot Grigiot towards the 1980’s Italian
Popular Menu Item Peroni Peroni The most popular of beers served in Italian restaurants, it is not the cheapest one around but still sells more than any other. 5% alcohol, a slightly ‘hoppy’ taste but very refreshing when served in iced cold frosted glasses. Italian
Popular Menu Item Chianti Chianti In rustic Italian restaurants, you can still see empty bottles of Chianti grouped together and hanging around the bar or ceiling! Old Chianti bottles used to be covered in a basket weave, and often used to house a candle on your table, so that the wax dripped down the outside of the bottle! The wine itself is red and relatively light in comparison to heavier Italian wines such as Barolo. Chianti is produced primarily in the beautiful region of Tuscany, and is eminently drinkable! Italian

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Shop 3/2-10 Reservoir Rd, Coolaroo, VIC, 3048, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery, Catering, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Italian, Mediterranean

World of Kaos - Chef's Family Restaurant

Great atmosphere, friendly service.

World of Kaos - Chef's Family Restaurant Coolaroo Menu

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