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Hanson BBQ Chicken & Seafood Vietnamese, Charcoal Chicken, Fish & Chips
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My Tho Restaurant (sample menu)
Salt & pepper pork in spices - Suon lan bot rang muoi Battered juicy pork scotch fillet, deep fried til golden and crispy then wok tossed with aromatic spices, spring onion and fresh cut chilli, $14.0
Braised steak with ginger & shallot - Bo xao gung hanh Delicately sliced steak wok tossed with fresh sliced ginger, shallot and fried onion in our special soya sauce, enhanced with dry sherry an $14.0
Chicken or Crab Meat & Asparagus - Sup Mang Thit Ga Hoac Thit Cua $5.8
Ginger and Shallot with sherry – Xao Gung hanh Wok tossed of spices and fragrance dry sherry together with fresh sliced ginger, shallots and colourful selected mix seasonal vegetables. -
Jasmine Rice – Com trang $2.0 per guest
Striking Crispy stuffed chicken wing - Canh ga don thit $8.0
Crispy sesame prawn toast (3) - Banh mi tom chien don $6.0
Traditional Vietnamese roast pork - heo quay Marinated pork belly with spices and garlic then slow roast to perfection, chopped to bite pieces with golden crackling skin and served with fish sau $17.0
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item 5-Spice Chicken Noodle Salad 5-Spice Chicken Noodle Salad If you like salad and you love chicken then you have to try this dish. The chicken is coated in a mixture of spices including Chinese 5-Spices, grilled and sliced and placed on top of the salad. A cross between a noodle bowl and a salad, there are a multitude of flavours and textures using soy, ginger, lime and coriander to season the salad of matchstick carrots, noodles, peanuts and usually, whatever the chef decides to put in there! Really delicious. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Lemongrass Chicken Lemongrass Chicken It's so simple yet so delicious! Lemongrass Chicken is a fabulous dish used in soups, served with rice or packed into Banh Mi. In the markets you mayfind it on sticks to be dunked into a fresh sauce, a satay or a Nuoc Cham. The zingy lemongrass makes a lovely fresh sauce for the chicken. This is a great dish for children who might not like the spicy foods of Asian cuisines. Some Vietnamese restaurants will serve the chicken schnitzel style with the sauce on top, others fried the chicken in slices. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Pho Pho This forms part of the staple Vietnamese diet and is served in most vietnamese restaurants in Australia. Comprising a salty broth with fresh rice noodles, chicken or beef, thai basil and vegetables, it is usually served in huge steaming bowls and accompanied by a hot and spicy sauce. Mixed Pho has become more popular recently, with the main part of the dish comprising both meat and seafood. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Cha-Ca Cha-Ca Originating from Hanoi in Vietnam, this dish comprises of small morsels of coated deep fried fish, which are served sizzling and coated with garlic, ginger, turmeric and other spices. It is usually brought to the table in a large hot pan for all to share, with side dishes of green beans and spring onions and a selection of dips. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Banh Xeo Banh Xeo Crispy crepes or pancakes filled with succulent and tender pork, shrimp, beansprouts and herbs are served piping hot and you are encouraged to eat them like a local by cutting them into manageable pieces and rolling them up in lettuce leaves or rice paper – dip them into the selection of dips provided by the chef such as sweet chilli or a honey and soy, but the chef will usually spring a surprise on you with his secret combination! Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Muc Chien Gion Muc Chien Gion If you like squid, this is the dish to try. Tiny baby squid are deep fried in a special coating (the recipe is never disclosed) and served with a clean tasting spice salt, pepper and lime dip. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Roast Dinner Roast Dinner Not all Charcoal chicken stores will offer a roast dinner, but most will. It's a good choice when you don't want to have anything fried. Choose from Beef, Chicken or Pork add some potatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrot and gravy. If you skip the crackling it's a slightly more healthy alternative for fast food. Charcoal Chicken
Popular Menu Item Roast Pork Roll Roast Pork Roll Sometimes you just can't go past a good old Roast Pork Roll. Take your choice of a large round or long roll, fill it with roast pork, crunchy crackling and topped off with gravy. Charcoal Chicken
Popular Menu Item Potato Wedges Potato Wedges Potato wedges are larger pieces of potato with yummy seasoning are a great alternative to chips when you're looking for something different. Typically fried or roasted these treats go great dipped in sour-cream and sweet chili sauce. If your inclined, tomato and barbecue sauce work too. Charcoal Chicken
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee Vietnamese coffee has a distinct taste to it and it quite often strong but sweet. Served as a filter with cup underneath, there are many versions to the taste. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Coconut Cocktail Coconut Cocktail A lavish presentation, normally served in half a coconut shell with decoration of umbrellas and fruit. Various spirits are served but all with a coconut milk base and some with grated coconut flesh as well. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Lotus Tea Lotus Tea Green tea is marinated with fresh lotus leaves so that the aroma infuses into the whole drink. Vietnamese people believe that this has very health beneficial properties. Very refreshing. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Fizzy Drink Fizzy Drink Fizzy drink is typical in most Takeaway stores. You'll normally have a selection of Coke or Pepsi depending on what the store offers. If you look around sometimes drinks will come as part of a “Combo Meal” Charcoal Chicken

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Name Cuisines
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Hanson BBQ Chicken & Seafood 5 197 201 Hanson Road, Athol Park, Adelaide Vietnamese, Charcoal Chicken, Fish & Chips

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Restaurant Details

Athol Park
5 197 201 Hanson Road, Athol Park, Adelaide
Vietnamese, Charcoal Chicken, Fish & Chips

Opening Hours

10:30 AM to 8:30 PM (Mon-Fri, Sun), 10:30 AM to 8 PM (Sat)