Canton Chinese Restaurant in Queanbeyan Menu

Spring Roll (each) $1.50
Fried or Steamed Dim Sims (3) $4.00
Sesame Prawn Toast (2) $3.00
Meat or Vegetable Curry Puff (each) $3.00
Prawn Crackers (bag) $2.50
Fried Wontons (9) $5.00
Prawn Cocktail $8.50
Prawn Cutlets (3) $8.50
King Prawn Fritters $12.50
King Prawn Parcles (3) - King prawns wrapped with ham, carrots and herbs in a spring roll pastry served with sweet chilli sauce $10.50
Bacon & Prawn Rolls (3) $7.50
Mixed Entrée - consisting of a spring roll, dim sim, prawn toast, fried squid and fried wontons $8.00
Chicken Satay Sticks (6) - Grilled satay sticks served with a spicy peanut sauce garnished with pineapple and cucumber pieces $14.50
Sang Choi Bau - Pork minced with mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, capsicum, celery, peas and peanuts served with sour fresh lettuce leaves - Extra leaves 30C each $14.50
Sauce - Plum, Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chilli, Chilli Paste or Soya $1.00
Short Soup (dumplings) $7.00
Long Soup (noodles) $7.00
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup $7.00
Chicken and Egg Flower Soup $7.00
Clear Chicken and Mushroom Soup $7.00
Clear Vegetable Soup $7.00
Crab Meat Soup $10.50
Hot and Sour Soup $9.00
Combination Short or Long Soup (as a meal) $13.00
Curry Dishes
Roti Paratha (2 pieces) - Multi layered pan fried pastry bread $5.00
Beef Rendang - Tender cuts of fillet steak simmered in fragrant spices and curry with coconut milk and potatoes $18.50
Curry Ayam - Chicken fillets cooked with potatoes in fragrant spices and curry with coconut milk $17.50
Seafood Curry - Marinated fish fillets, king prawns, mussels and squid pieces simmered in curry paste, flavoured with fresh basil leaves and coconut milk $23.50
Vegetable Curry - Seasonal vegetables cooked in fragrant curry and spices with coconut milk $15.50
Roast Duck in Red Curry - Roast duck pieces with green beans, tomatoes and pineapple simmered in fragrant spices and red curry with fresh lime and basil leaves with coconut milk $23.50
Wok Tossed Noodle Dishes
Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee - Wok fried golden wheat noodles, tossed with prawns, bean sprouts, fish cakes, chives and egg flavoured with fresh garlic and fish sauce $14.50
Char Kway Teow - Flat rice noodles wok fried with sliced Chinese sausages, beef, prawns, fish cakes, bean sprouts, egg and chives flavoured with a sweet soya sauce $14.50
Mee Goreng - Spicy golden wheat noodles wok fried with fresh chillies, beef, prawns, bean sprouts, potatoes, tomatoes and egg $14.50
Combination Ho Fann - Flat rice noodles topped with chicken, beef, king prawns and choy sum greens in a silky egg sauce $18.50
Singapore Fried Noodles - Thin egg noodles wok fried with ham, egg, prawns and sliced vegetables with fresh chillies and curry $14.50
Soft Plain Noodles - Either rice vermicelli or egg noodles or hokkien in oyster sauce $8.50
Laksa Noodle Soup - A creamy and flavoursome stock consisting of spices, dried shrimp paste, curry and coconut milk, served with both golden wheat and rice vermicelli noodles, topped with fresh bean s N/A
Vegetable Laksa $15.50
Chicken Laksa $15.50
Combination Laksa $18.50
Seafood Laksa $20.50
Vanessa's Suggestions
Chicken with Peanut Dust - Chicken fillets with celery, onions, capsicum, carrots and freshly sliced chillies topped with crushed peanuts $15.00
Sesame Chicken with Hoi Sin Sauce $15.00
Chicken Fillets and Snow Peas stir fried with: either Chilli or Sate or Oyster sauce $15.00
Rock Salt Chilli Squid - Lightly battered squid pieces tossed with fresh chillies, five spice and rock salt $18.50
Cantonese Roast Duck $20.50
Fillet Steak Cantonese Style $19.50
Fillet Steak in Peking Sauce $19.50
Black Pepper Steak with mushrooms and snow peas $21.50
Pork Fillets with Pine Nuts in Hoi Sin Sauce $17.50
Mongolian or Sate Lamb $18.00
Mongolian or Sate Combination $18.50
Lemongrass Chilli King Prawns $20.50
King Prawns with fresh Asparagus in a chilli based sauce $20.50
Honey Chilli Pork Ribs $18.50
Rice Dishes
Steamed Rice - small - large $ 3.00, $ 4.00
Fried Rice - small - large $ 5.50, $ 6.50
Special Fried Rice - small - large $ 7.50, $ 8.50
Curried Prawns and Rice $13.00
Curried Chicken or Beef and Rice $13.00
Curried King Prawns and Rice $18.50
Beef Tomatoes and Rice $13.00
Roast Pork and Rice $13.00
Combination & Vegetables with Rice $18.50
Nasi Goreng - Fried rice with ham, beef, chillies, tomatoes, prawns and sliced potatoes served with fresh cucumbers and a fried egg $13.50
Chow Mein
Crispy Noodles - optional soft noodles $1.50 extra
Chicken Chow Mein $13.00
Prawns Chow Mein $13.00
Beef Chow Mein $13.00
Roast Pork Chow Mein $13.00
Combination Chow Mein $18.50
King Prawns Chow Mein $18.50
Vegetable Dishes
Mixed Chinese Vegetables in oyster sauce $13.00
Green Beans wok fried with tofu in black bean sauce $13.00
Seasonal Vegetables wok fried with either Chilli or Black Bean or sate sauce $13.50
Tofu Goreng - Fried tofu served with cucumbers, pineapples, snow peas and fresh bean sprouts topped with spicy peanut sauce with crushed peanuts $13.50
Vegetable Fried Rice $9.00
Seafood Dishes
Squid with either chilli or garlic or sate sauce $17.00
Canton's Combination Seafood (spicy) $23.50
Seafood and Chinese Vegetables $23.50
Seafood and Black Bean Sauce $23.50
Seafood in Sate Sauce $23.50
Sweet& Sour dishes with
Fish or Pork $13.00
Chicken or Beef $13.00
Fried Short Soup $13.00
Chicken Fritters $14.00
Combination $18.50
King Prawns $18.50
Gravy Omelettes with
Plain Omelette $8.50
Vegetables $14.00
Chicken or Prawns $14.00
Ham or Roast Pork $14.00
Mushrooms $14.00
Combination $18.50
King Prawns $18.50
Pork Dishes
Pork Fillets with either Chilli or Garlic or Sate sauce $15.50
Mongolian Pork Fillets $15.50
Roast Pork Plum Sauce $15.50
Roast Pork Chinese Style $15.50
Pork Ribs with either Plum or Black Bean or Chilli or BBQ Sauce $17.50
Chicken Fillets with:
Black Bean or Oyster Sauce $13.00
Baby Corn or Mushrooms $13.00
Cashew Nuts $14.00
Bean Sprouts $14.00
Ginger & Shallot Sauce $14.00
Chinese Vegetables $14.00
Chilli or Garlic or Sate Sauce $14.00
Mongolian Sauce $14.00
Honey Chicken Fritters $14.00
Boneless Fried Chicken with either Lemon or Plum or Orange Sauce $14.00
Beef Fillets with
Black Bean or Oyster Sauce $13.00
Baby Corn or Mushrooms $13.00
Cashew Nuts $14.00
Bean Sprouts $14.00
Ginger & Shallot Sauce $14.00
Chinese Vegetables $14.00
Snow Peas & Oyster Sauce $14.00
Chilli or Garlic or Sate Sauce $14.00
Mongolian Sauce $14.00
Crispy Chilli Beef $14.00
Crispy Beef with either Honey or Plum Sauce $14.00
King Prawns with
Black Bean or Oyster Sauce $18.50
Baby Corn or Mushrooms $18.50
Cashew Nuts $20.50
Bean Sprouts $20.50
Ginger & Shallot Sauce $20.50
Chinese Vegetables $20.50
Snow Peas & Oyster Sauce $20.50
Chilli or Garlic or Sate Sauce $20.50
Honey King Prawn Fritters $20.50
Duck Dishes
Fried Duck in either Plum or Orange or Sweet & Sour Sauce $18.50
Fried or Steamed Duck in Mushroom Sauce $18.50
Combination Steamed Duck $18.50

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Peking Shredded Chilli Beef $13.00
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Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo Large - Includes 1 x Original Bacon & Cheese Burger 1 x Seasoned Chips - Large, 600ml drink $10.95
Zinger Stacker Combo large - 1 x Zinger Stacker 1 x Seasoned Chips - Large, 600ml drink $12.95
Sauce - BBQ N/A
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
232 Crawford St, Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Canton Chinese Restaurant

The Canton has been part of the Queanbeyan’s dining scene for more than 34 years. Specilaising in modern Asian cuisine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A charming little family restuarant big on quality and value for money.

Canton Chinese Restaurant Queanbeyan Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Canton Chinese Restaurant are coming soon