Seven Heaven Take Away in Hamilton Menu

Combination Entrée $6.50
Spring Rolls (6) $4.90
Deep Fried Scallops (3) $5.60
Curry Puff (6) $4.90
Deep Fried Wantons (6) $4.90
Prawn Toasts (6) $5.50
Prawn Cutlets (1) $2.50
Fried Challot Cakes (2) $4.90
Fried Noodles $2.50
San Choi Bao (4) $16.90
Large Spring Rolls (1) $1.50
Steamed Buns
BBQ Pork Buns (2) $4.00
Chicken Buns (2) $4.00
Vegetarian Bun (1) $2.50
Dim Sum
Dim Sim (4) $4.30
Prawn Dim Sim (4) $4.80
Prawn Dumpling (4) $4.80
Scallop Dumpling (3) $4.80
Shark Fin Dumpling (4) $5.50
Shanghai Dumplings (4) $5.50
Pan-Fry Pork Dumplings (4) $5.50
Taro Dumplings (3) $4.80
Savoury Dumplings (3) $4.80
Bean Curd Roll (3) $4.80
Fried Prawn Dumplings (3) $4.80
Pork & Peanut Dumplings (3) $4.80
Chicken & Corn Soup $4.00
Crab & Corn Soup $5.50
Sweet and Sour Soup $4.50
Mixed Vegetable Soup $4.50
Chicken & Mushroom Soup $4.50
Noodle Soups
Pork Ribs $9.50
BBQ Pork $9.50
Crispy Skin Chicken $9.50
Soya Chicken $9.50
Wontons $9.50
Vegetarian $9.50
Fish Ball $9.50
Combination Slice Meat $9.50
Combination Seafood $14.90
Combination Seafood Laksa $15.90
Chow Mein /Noodles
BBQ Pork $12.90
Chicken $12.90
Pork $12.90
Beef $12.90
Beef with Rice Noodles $12.90
Singapore Noodles $12.90
Prawn $17.90
Scallop $17.90
Combination $18.90
Fish $13.90
Noodles in Oyster Sauce $8.00
Mixed Vegetables $9.00
Large Fried Rice $6.50
Small Fried Rice $5.50
Vegetarian Fried Rice $6.50
Large Special Fried Rice $9.50
Small Special Fried Rice $8.50
Small Prawn Fried Rice $9.90
Small Steamed Rice $3.00
Large Steamed Rice $3.90
Chicken /Beef /Pork
Satay $12.90
Honey $12.90
Lemon $12.90
Curry $12.90
Sweet and Sour $12.90
Vegetables $12.90
Mushroom $12.90
Garlic $12.90
Almonds /Cashews $12.90
Hoi Sin Sauce $12.90
Ginger & Shallots $12.90
Plum Sauce $12.90
Black Bean Sauce $12.90
Chilli $12.90
XO Sauce $12.90
Black Pepper Sauce $12.90
Bean Shoots $12.90
Sweet Chilli Honey $12.90
Shangdong $12.90
Sichuan Chilli $12.90
Fillet Steak Canton Style $16.90
Crispy Chicken Medium $12.90
Crispy Chicken Large $19.90
Pork Ribs
Five Spice Pork Ribs $14.90
Pork Ribs & Peking Sauce $14.90
Pork Ribs & BBQ Sauce $14.90
Pork Ribs & Plum Sauce $14.90
Chilli Lamb $16.90
Lamb & Black Bean Sauce $16.90
Satay Lamb $16.90
Mongolian Lamb $16.90
Sweet & Sour Duck (Half) $18.90
Mushroom Duck (Half) $18.90
Combo Meat & Duck (Half) $18.90
Duck in Plum Sauce (Half) $18.90
Lemon Duck (Half) $18.90
Orange Duck (Half) $18.90
BBQ Duck W/Plum Sauce (Qtr) $12.90
Mixed Vegetables $9.00
Mixed Vegetables and Tofu $9.00
Oyster Sauce Vegetables $9.00
XO Sauce Vegetables $9.00
Five Spice Tofu $11.50
Mar Por Tofu $11.50
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce $8.90
Combination Omelet $12.90
Chicken Omelet $12.90
Small Prawn Omelet $12.90
Ham Omelet $12.90
Chicken & Ham Omelet $12.90
BBQ Pork Omelet $12.90
King Prawn Omelet $17.90
Combination Meat and Prawns $17.90
Garlic Prawns $17.90
Satay Prawns $17.90
Honey Prawns $17.90
Prawns and Bean Shoots $17.90
Mushroom Prawns $17.90
Curry Prawns $17.90
Prawns and Almonds /Cashews $17.90
Prawns and Vegetables $17.90
Prawns in Oyster Sauce $17.90
Prawns in Black Bean Sauce $17.90
Sweet & Sour Prawns $17.90
Prawns in Plum Sauce $17.90
Chilli Prawns $17.90
Sweet Chilli Prawns $17.90
Black Pepper Prawns $17.90
Prawns with XO Sauce $17.90
Combination Meat & Scallops $18.90
Chilli Scallops $18.90
Five Spice Scallops $18.90
Garlic Scallops $18.90
Scallops with Ginger & Shallots $18.90
Scallops in XO Sauce $18.90
Combination Seafood $18.90
Combination Sweet & Sour $18.90
Combination Satay $18.90
Combination XO Sauce $18.90
Satay Calamari $13.90
Five Spice Calamari $13.90
Sweet & Sour Calamari $13.90
Calamari & BBQ Sauce $13.90
Calamari W/Black Pepper Sauce $13.90
Calamari W/Ginger & Shallots $13.90
Black Bean Fish $13.90
Sweet & Sour Fish $13.90
Mushroom Fish $13.90
Five Spice Fish $13.90
Chilli Fish $13.90
Black Pepper Fish $13.90
Fish with Ginger and Shallots $13.90
Fish in XO Sauce $13.90
Fortune Cookies $2.50
Prawn Chips $2.50
Custard Buns (2) $4.00
Deep Fried Ice Cream $5.50

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Seagrill cafe Restaurant (sample menu)
Garlic butter turkish bread $6.90
Steam rice / rice noodle / egg noodle $2.00
Beef or spicy beef noodle $14.90
Cream cheese or ice cream $2.00
Fish cake
Fried mince fish marinated, served with cucumber and sweet chilli sauce on top
Soft shell crab tamarind sauce $28.90
Corn fritters
Homemade crispy corn fritters with a poached egg served with sundried tomato pesto
-Sausage / egg(1) / hollandaise / baked beans/ avocado $2.00
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Thai Chinpala Kitchen & Restaurant (sample)
Tom Yum - Famous hot & spicy Thai soup with onion, tomato, mushroom, lemon grass, kaffir lime and galangal - Vegetarian / Chicken, Beef or Pork / Prawn or seafood $7.90 / $9.90 / $10.90
Stir-Fry Basil (pad bai ga` prao) - Hot & spicy tasty stir fry with fresh vegetables, garlic, chilli, and basil leaves - Vegetarian / Chicken, Beef or Pork / Prawn or seafood $14.90 / $16.90 / $18.90
Tom Saep - Traditional Northeast-style hot and spicy soup - Vegetarian / Chicken, Beef or Pork / Prawn or seafood $7.90 / $9.90 / $10.90
Etables (Pa`K Shoop Pang To^T) - Your choice of deep fried prawns or vegetables served with plum & sweet chilli sauce $7.90
Thai Fish Cake - 4 Pcs (To^T Man Bplaa) - Thai fish cake served with cucumber and crushed peanuts with a sweet chilli sauce $8.50
Papaya Salad (so^m dtam) - Chopped green papaya with carrot, tomato, green beans in a spicy chilli garlic sauce $10.90
Larb (minced salad) - Warm tasty original Thai salad with lime, chilli and herbs in your choice of minced chicken, pork OR beef $15.90
Stir-Fry Sweet & Sour (pad bpri^eow waan) - Thai style sweet and sour stir fried with fresh pineapple, cucumber tomato and onion - Vegetarian / Chicken, Beef or Pork / Prawn or seafood $14.90 / $16.90 / $18.90
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The Noodle Box Brisbane Airport (sample)
Dumpling Combo - A delicious mix of 3 tasty dumplings – Ginger Prawn, Prawn & Pork. 3pc: $5.95, 9pc: $13.95
Panko Prawns - Whole long prawns hand dipped in an authentic coarse Japanese crumb, yum! 3pc: $5.95, 9pc: $13.95
Hot & Spicy - Thin egg noodles with char siu roast pork, lean beef, chicken & market fresh veg, all wok tossed in our spicy, original master recipe chilli sauce. Sml: $9.95, Reg: $13.95
Satay Chicken - Thick egg noodles with wok charred chicken & market fresh veg, all wok tossed in our original master recipe Malaysian satay sauce. Sml: $9.95, Reg: $13.95
Singapore Noodles - Thin rice noodles, char siu roast pork, shrimp, egg & market fresh veg, all stir-fried in our mild original master recipe curry sauce. Sml: $9.95, Reg: $13.95
Teriyaki Beef & Lime - Thick egg noodles with wok charred tender lean beef & market fresh Asian veg, all wok tossed in our master recipe Teriyaki sauce & finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. Sml: $10.95, Reg: $14.95
Gung-Ho Soy - Thin egg noodles, tofu & loads of market fresh veg, all wok tossed in our very own secret soy sauce. Sml: $9.95, Reg: $13.95
Singapore Noodles - Thin rice noodles, char siu roast pork, shrimp, egg & market fresh veg, all stir-fried in our mild original master recipe curry sauce. Sml: $9.95, Reg: $13.95
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Coffee Club The (sample)
Eggs benedict Two poached cage-free eggs on toasted ciabatta topped with rich hollandaise sauce. Choose from: -
Gourmet spanish omelette A spanish-style omelette made with fresh cage-free eggs, wood-smoked chorizo, smoked bacon, marinated capsicum and potato. Topped with balsamic roasted tomato and rocket. N/A
Le croque-monsieur An indulgent serving of lean leg ham with dijon mustard, swiss cheese and melted cheese on battered ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Bacon, eggs, tomato & toast Smoked bacon and fresh cage-free eggs cooked your way with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Chocolate mud cake N/A
Crispy hash brown N/A
- Smoked salmon N/A
Bacon & egg roll Smoked bacon, a fresh fried egg and melted cheese served on a ciabatta roll with a dash of BBQ sauce. N/A
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Restaurant Manx (sample)
Full Manx - Two eggs, bacon, chipolatas, roasted roma tomato, mushrooms, spinach, sourdough toast $20
Emerald Valley Lamb rack (4 bone) soft polenta, pearl onions, beans, herb parmesan crumb, rosemary + mint jus $37
Affogato $6
Tomato, cranberry $4
Eggs (each) $1.50
Hand cut chips, aioli $9
Grilled Haloumi - Haloumi grilled and served with pepernata and tempura eggplant, olive oil, lemon $16
Bacon $4
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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
576 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove, QLD, 4060, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Takeaway Food

Seven Heaven Take Away

Takes bookings, Walk-ins welcome and Takeaway

Seven Heaven Take Away Hamilton Menu

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