ABC Chinese Restaurant in Emerald Menu

Spring rolls (4)(Vegetarian) $5.00
Curry puffs(4) $5.00
Prawn toast(4) $5.00
Fried dim sim(4) $6.00
Steamed dim sim(4) $6.60
Mixed entrée
Spring roll. fried dim sim, prawn toast and curry puff
Prawn cutlets(3) $6.00
Fried won ton(8) $6.00
Sweet and sour sauce
-Small $1.50
-Large $5.00
Long(noodle)soup $5.00
Short soup(wonton)(6) $5.00
Chicken sweet corn soup $5.00
Chicken and mushroom soup $5.00
Crab corn soup $5.00
Combination short soup $15.50
Combination long soup $15.50
Combination long and short soup(Noodles and wonton) $16.50
Garlic calamari $17.50
Kung po calamari(Spicy hot) $17.50
Mongolian king prawns $17.50
Garlic king prawns $17.50
King prawns with mushroom and vegetables $17.50
King prawns with almonds $17.50
King prawns with cashews $17.50
King prawns and chilli sauce $17.50
Honey king prawns and chilli sauce $17.50
Istana king prawns $17.50
Thai seafood wok $17.50
Mongolian seafood combination $17.50
Garlic seafood combination $17.50
In batter
Sweet and sour pork(In batter) $13.90
Sweet and sour chicken(In batter) $13.90
Sweet and sour prawn(In batter) $17.50
Beef mushroom and vegetable $13.90
Beef with almonds $13.90
Beef with cashews $13.90
Beef with black bean sauce $13.90
Beef with BBQ sauce $13.90
Beef with plum sauce $13.90
Chilli beef $13.90
Garlic beef $13.90
Mongolian beef $13.90
Istana beef $13.90
kung po beef(Spicy hot) $13.90
Sichuan beef $13.90
Beef in oyster sauce $14.50
Ho pot beef $14.50
In batter
Peking pork ribs $15.50
Pork ribs with BBQ sauce $15.50
Pork ribs with plum sauce $15.50
Pork ribs with garlic sweet and sour sauce $15.50
Roast pork
BBQ pork with plum sauce $16.50
BBQ pork with BBQ sauce $16.50
Satay combination $14.50
Satay chicken $14.50
Satay beef $14.50
Satay calamari $17.50
Satay seafood combination $17.50
Satay king prawns $17.50
Chicken mushroom and vegetables $13.90
Chicken with almonds $13.90
Chicken with cashews $13.90
Chicken with BBQ sauce $13.90
Chicken with chilli sauce $13.90
Garlic chicken $13.90
Mongolian chicken $13.90
Istana chicken $13.90
Peking chicken(in batter) $13.90
Chicken plum sauce $13.90
Honey chicken(in batter) $13.90
Kun po chicken(spicy hot) $13.90
Empress chicken $15.50
Crispy chicken $15.50
With crispy noodles
Vegetables chow mein $14.50
Combination chow mein $14.50
Beef chow mein $14.50
Braised chicken chow mein $14.50
Chicken chow mein $14.50
BBQ pork chow mein $16.50
King prawns chow mein $17.50
Seafood combination chow mein $17.50
Any chow mein with soft noodle extra $5.50
Mongolian lamb $15.50
Istana lamb $15.50
Garlic lamb $15.50
Satay lamb $15.50
In batter
Duck with crab meat sauce $15.50
Duck mushroom and vegetables $15.50
Duck with sweet and sour sauce $15.50
Duck with plum sauce $15.50
Small boiled rice $4.00
Large boiled rice $6.50
Small fried rice(ham, egg and peas) $7.00
Small special fried rice(Ham, eggs, peas, chicken small prawn) $9.50
Large fried rice(Ham, egg and peas) $9.00
Large special fried rice(Ham, eggs, peas, chicken small prawn) $10.50
Curry chicken and rice $14.50
Curry beef and rice $14.50
Curry king prawns and rice $17.50
Stir fried noodles and chicken $15.50
Stir fried noodles and beef $15.50
Singapore noodles $16.50
Teriyaki chicken $14.50
Teriyaki Beef $14.50
Teriyaki lamb $15.50
Teriyaki seafood combination $17.50
Oyster or tomato sauce
Plain omelette $14.50
Vegetable omelette $14.50
BBQ pork omelette $16.50
Chicken omelette $16.50
Combination omelette $16.50
King prawn omelette $18.50
Shandy (S&S pork/Chicken and cashew/Fired rice) $17.50
Prawn toast(4), Beef with cashews sweet and sour pork, large fried rice $36.50
Prawn toast(6), peking chicken, Beef and cashews, sweet and sour pork, large fried rice $51.50

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Char - Grilled Turkish Becode - Char Grilled Turkish bread served with a trio of homemade dips. $7.90
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Domino's Pizza (sample)
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PERI PERI CHICKEN - Sliced roast chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion topped with peri peri sauce n/a
BANGERS & BEEF - Ground beef, Italian sausage, mozzarella on a BBQ sauce base n/a
CHEESY GARLIC PIZZA - Mozzarella, garlic sauce & crème fraiche topped with oregano on a Gluten Free base n/a
BBQ CHICKEN & RASHER BACON - Seasoned chicken, rasher bacon, red onion on a BBQ sauce base n/a
SPICY PRAWN - Prawns, fresh tomato, red onion, capsicum, topped with spicy harissa sauce & chilli flakes n/a
LOADED MEATLOVERS - Pulled beef, pepperoni, smoked leg ham, ground beef, rasher bacon, red onion, topped with a Hickory BBQ sauce swirl n/a
GODFATHER - Pepperoni, fresh tomato, capsicum, Italian sausage, olives, oregano & garlic sauce n/a
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Patrón XO Cheesecake - Smooth and creamy baked cheesecake spiked with Patrón XO Café tequila and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Served with your choice of whipped cream or ice-cream. $7.50
Mini Blazer - A 250-gram rib fillet served with your choice of salad or chargrilled street corn. Your choice of sauce and accompaniment. $25.95
Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce $3.95
Loaded Guacs $11.95
Jalapeños & Cheese - Melted cheese with a kick of heat. $9.75
Aztec Pie - Achiote shredded chicken, corn and spring onions in a creamy sauce are layered between flour tortillas, topped with enchilada sauce and cheese then oven baked. Served with sour cream. $21.95
Tuesday all-you-can eat $10.00
Fries $5.45
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
19 Anakie St, Emerald, QLD, 4720, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express
Asian, Chinese

ABC Chinese Restaurant

Dine-in or take away licensed restaurant

ABC Chinese Restaurant Emerald Menu

Opening Hours

Trading hours: lunch Tuesday- Sunday 11:00am-14:00pm, Diner Monday- Sunday 5:00pm-21:30pm