Dunkirk Ave Fish & Chips in Shepparton Menu

Flake $5.50
ButterFish $5.50
Blue Grenadier $5.50
Barramundi $6.50
Baracuta $4.50
S/A Whiting $8.70
Basa $4.50
Fish Bite $1.20
Flathead $6.60
Copper Flake $5.30
FishTail $2.00
Crumbed Extra $0.80
Grilled Extra $0.20
Mini Chips $3.00
Batter Chips $3.50
Large Gravy $6.50
Small Gravy $3.50
Dim Sim $1.00
Potato Cake $1.00
Calamari $1.00
Chicken Nuggets $0.90
Sea Shanty $1.20
Crab Stick $1.40
Prawn Cutlet $1.80
Beef Croquette $1.80
Scallop $2.10
Fish Cake $2.50
Spring Roll $2.50
Chicho Roll $2.50
Corn Jack $2.50
Sav In Batter $2.50
Garlic Ball $1.80
Chicken Wing Ds $1.80
Pineapple Fritter $1.80
Banana Fritter $2.50
Mars In Batter $3.50
In Butter $4.20
Plain $5.50
Cheese $5.80
The Lot $6.80
Tropical $5.80
Egg/Bacon Roll $5.00
Chicken Burger $5.50
Fish Burger $8.20
Chicken Schnitzel $6.50
The Plain $7.50
The Lot $8.50
Pineapple Extra $1.00
Chicken $8.00
Lamb $8.00
Fish $8.20
Beef $8.50
The Lot $10.00
No 1
1 fish, 1 crab stick, 1 calamari
Add Chips $1.00
No 2
1 H/B Lot, 2 Potato Cake
Add Chips $1.00
No 3
1 Fish, 1 Dim Sim, 1 Potato Cake
Add Chips $1.00
No 4
1 Fish
Add Batter Chips $3.00
No 1
4 Chicken Nuggets
Add Chips $1.00
No 2
4 Fish Bite
Add Chips $1.00
Today Special
2 Fish, 2 Dim Sim, 2 Potato Cake
Add Chips $3.00
Seafood Pack
2 Fish, 2 Calamari, 2 Crab Stick, 2 Prawn Cutlet
Salad Pack
Red Onion, Beetroot, Tomato Lettuce, Chips, 1 Fish
Family Pack
4 Fish, 4 Dim Sim, 4 Potato Cake, 4 Calamari
Add Chips $3.00
No 1
2 Potato Cake, 2 Dim Sim
Add Chips $1.50
2 Hash Brown, 2 Fish Tail
Add Chips $1.00
1 Dim Sim, 1 Potato Cake, 1 Copper Flake
Add Chips $1.00
1 Crab Stick, 1 Calamaring, 1 Copper Flake
Add Chips $1.00
1 Chopper Flake
Add Chips In Butter $3.50
No 1
2 Hamburger with lot
Add Chips $3.00
2 Cheese Burgers, 2 Hamburgers with Lot, 2 Dim Sim, Potato Cake
Add Chips $3.00

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Casablanca Pizza and Pasta Restaurant (sample menu)
Nick's Special - tomato, ham, anchovies, cheese, mushrooms & capsicum n/a
Deluxe - tomato, ham, cheese & mushrooms n/a
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Desi Tandoori Bite (sample)
Beef madras (hot) - rich, hot spicy beef in coconut milk $14.90
Chicken palak (medium) - boneless chicken pieces with spinach ,mildly spiced flavoured with fenugreek leaves $14.90
Palak paneer or matar paneer (medium) - fresh english spinach blende and cooked with indian masala and cashew home made cottage cheese $13.90
Butter chicken - tender pieces of chicken lightly cooked in the tandoor and finished with our specially prepared spiced sauce $14.90
Beef korma - beef cooked in a mild creamy sauce with cashew nuts $14.90
Lunch special any curry beef, chicken, Lamb with rice $9.50
Murk tikka(chicken tikka) - Boneless chicken slices marinated in herbs, spices and yoghurt cooked in the tandoor entrée $7.00/main $13.00
Egg puloa $8.50
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Aloi Thai (sample)
Yum Woon Sen Vermicelli Salad (Minced Lamb)- vermicelli lime, thai herbs, chilli & cashew nuts (Mild, Medium or Hot) $16.90
Khao Phad (Traditional Chinese Sausage) (Small/Large)- stir fried rice with egg & mixed vegetables $6.90/$10.90
Crying Tiger Grilled Beef or Pork Salads (Mild, Medium or Hot) - marinated beef, pork, thai herbs, lime & chilli $14.90
Prawn Crackers - served with peanut sauce $2.90
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Spaghetti Hollow (sample)
Tomato Pasta - Calabrese with Spaghetti - Pan fried salami & bacon, with garlic, chilli & bolognese. $20
Osso Buco - Slow braised beef shank in a rich tomato and herb sauce, with a mirepoix on a bed of potato puree. $28
Crème Brulee - White Chocolate Crème Brulee with a torched top, and served with a delicious berry ice cream. $12
Chilli Prawns - Prawns cooked in a chilli, garlic & tomato sauce, served with pasta and salad. $20 / $30
Tomato Pasta - Marinara with Spaghetti - Seafood pan fried in oil & garlic, and served in a Napoli sauce. $23
Creamy Pasta - Mustard Chicken with Fettucini - Seeded mustard, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cream & spring onions. $20
Oil Pasta - Pumpkin & Pancetta with Spaghetti - Roast pumpkin, pancetta & garlic, tossed with extra virgin olive oil $20
Tomato Pasta - Bolognese with Ravioli - A rich sauce made with beef, pork, herbs & tomato. $20
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Sambal Chilli Rice - fried rice, chicken, egg, vegetables, sambal chilli sauce $10.00
Black Bean Noodles - thick egg noodles, beef, vegetables, black bean sauce $9.50
Canteen Sweet Special - thin egg noodles, chicken, vegetables, home made sweet sauce $9.50
Lemon Grass Chilli Noodles - thin rice noodles, prawn, vegetables, lemon grass chilli sauce $10.50
Mongolian Noodles - thick egg noodles, beef, vegetables, mongolian sauce $9.50
Char Kuai Teow - flat rice noodles, bbq pork, egg, shrimp, vegetables, spicy dark soy sauce $9.50
Tom Yum - thin rice noodles, seafood, vegetables, hot thai tom yum base soup $11.00
Vegetable Noodle Soup - thin egg noodles, all vegetables, tasty soup $8.50
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
32 Dunkirk Ave, Shepparton, VIC, 3630, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Fish & Chips, Seafood

Opening Hours

Thursday 11am–8:30pm

Friday 11am–8:30pm

Saturday 11am–8:30pm

Sunday 11am–8pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11am–8pm

Wednesday 11am–8pm