Giddy Goat Cafe & Bar in Canungra Menu

Light Breakfast - fruit/cinnamon toast $4.00
Light Breakfast -fruit, salad, yoghurt, museli $8.00
Light Breakfast - smashed avocado - avocado & fresh tomato on toasted turkish bread $9.00
Light Breakfast -savoury muffin - choice of spinach & feta or pumpkin & bacon $5.95
Breakfast - nutty granola porridge - oats, homemade granola & yoghurt topped with fresh fruit and mint, served with milk $12.00
Breakfast - small brekkie - bacon, eggs, grilled tomato and thick toast $10.00
Breakfast - big brekkie - bacon, seasoned sausages, eggs, grilled tomato, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown & thick toast $16.00
Breakfast - eggs benedict - toasted english muffin, ham, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce $13.00
Breakfast - eggs florentine - toasted english muffin, spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce $12.00
Breakfast - eggs combo - toasted english muffin, ham, spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce $14.00
Breakfast - eggs royale - toasted english muffin, salmon, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce $14.50
Breakfast - lambs fry - crispy bacon & sauteed liver in a sage medeira sauce with a poached egg on toasted turkish bread $14.00
Breakfast - savoury mince - savoury mince & a poached egg on toasted turkish bread $12.50
Breakfast - rustic omelette - chorizo, onion, cherry tomatoes, grilled capsicum, eggs, parsley & melted goats feta w/thick toast $14.50
Breakfast - gourmet brekkie - salmon, avocado & goats feta on toasted sourdough bread $14.50
Breakfast - marinated mushrooms - sauteed mushrooms marinated in garlic, soy & brandy, served on toasted sourdough w/poached egg & snow pea sprouts $12.00
Breakfast - brekkie hash - sweet potato, onion, mushroom & capsicum topped with a poached egg, asparagus & avocado $13.00
Breakfast - breakfast waffles - w/banana, bacon & maple syrup $13.50
Breakfast - breakfast waffles - w/ice cream, strawberries & melted belgian chocolate $12.00
Mango/ banana + strawberry/ banana/ watermelon + mint + mixed berries $6.50
Green smoothie - spinach, celery, lychee, aloe vera water, fresh lime $6.50
Mango $6.50
Banana $6.50
Banana & strawberry $6.50
Watermelon, mint & berries $6.50
Green smoothie - spinach, celery, lychee, aloe vera water & fresh lime $6.50
Acai bowls
(all bowls come with fresh fruit + homemade nutty granola) N/A
Snickers - acai blended w/banana, cacao, tahini, medjool dates + almond milk, topped w/cacao nibs $12.00
Goat blend - acai blended w/banana, cacao, almond milk and a shot of veneziano coffee, topped w/cacao nibs $12.00
Tropical - acai blended w/banana, mango + coconut water with added chia + vanilla bean $12.00
Lunch Menu
All day brekkie - Bacon, eggs, grilled tomato & thick toast $10.00
Chicken mango filo - with salad, chips and mango chutney $14.50
Rosemary lamb filo - with salad, chips and fruit chutney $14.50
Pumpkin, spinach & ricotta filo - with salad, chips and fruit chutney $14.50
Lasagne - with salad & chips $13.00
250gr rib fillet - with salad, chips & diane sauce $14.50
Salt & pepper calamari - with salad, chips & aioli $14.00
Nachos - beer & bean mince, corn chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream & cheese/pulled pork, corn chips, pickled jalapeno, guacamole, cour cream & cheese $13.50
Tempura barramundi - with salad, chips & aioli $14.00
Bowl of rustic chips - with aioli $8.00
(all served on toasted turkish bread w/chips N/A
Crispy bacon - with lettuce, avocado & tomato with caesar dressing $14.00
Chicken - with camembert cheese, lettuce & cranberry sauce $14.00
Rib fillet - with caramelized onion, beetroot, tomato & cheese $14.00
Lamb - herb & garlic lamb patty, roasted capsicum, rocket, haloumi cheese, red onion & mint yoghurt $14.00
Salmon - with lettuce, avocado, red onion, goats feta & aioli $14.00
Grilled fish - with cos lettuce, tomato & dill mayonnaise $14.00
Pulled pork - with appleslaw, cos lettuce & cheese $14.00
Kids menu
Eggs on toast $8.00
chicken nuggets & chips $8.00
Cheesy macaroni $8.00
Ham & cheese toasted sandwich & chips $8.00
Roast chicken - chicken, pesto, garlic mushrooms & aioli Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Lamb - marinated lamb, chutney, caramelized onion, cheese & yoghurt sauce Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Salami - salami, tomato paste, roast capsicum, red onion, olives & cheese Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Hawaiian - bacon, pineapple, caramelized onion & cheese Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Roast pumpkin - pumpkin, red onion, roast capsicum, spinach & parmesan cheese Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Bruschetta - pesto, cherry tomatoes, garlic, marinated goats feta & basil leaves Sml $12.00/Lge $16.00
Tempura salmon salad - tempura salmon, mixed greens, cucumber, grilled capsicum & red onion w/sweet chilli aioli $16.00
Caesar salad - cos lettuce, poached egg, crispy bacon, croutons & our special caesar dressing $14.50
Add chicken - extra $3.50
Giddy goat salad - mixed lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, w/marinated goats feta $14.50
Greek salad - mixed lettuce, roma tomatoes, olives, roast capsicum, cucumber & goats feta $14.50
Lamb salad - marinated lamb, lettuce, capsicum, sundried tomatoes & red onion w/cucumber & yoghurt dressing $15.00
Crispy pork belly salad - pork belly, mixed lettuce, green beans, coriander, red onion, crispy noodles w/honey soy dressing $16.00
Healthier options
Pear salad - pear, bean sprouts, rocket, parsley, dried cranberries, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, almond flakes & goats feta w/balsamic dressing $15.00
Chickpea & feta burger - homemade chickpea pattie, spinach, cucumber, tomato & fresh mint on toasted turkish bread w/mint yoghurt dressing $14.00
Warm chorizo, roasted pumpkin & couscous salad - warm chorizo, pumpkin & zucchini served w/fresh spinach & coriander, couscous & lemon juice $15.00
Roast beef open sandwich - slow cooked rare roast beer, roasted zucchini & rocket on toasted sourdough w/roast capsicum rocitta $14.00
Pumpkin, bean & goats feta salad - spicy roast pumpkin wedges, red onion, rocket, green beans, boriotti beans, sunflower/pumpkin seeds & goats feta w/balsamic dressing $15.00
Almond dukkah-crusted chicken & beetroot salad - almond dukkah encrusted chicken, beetroot, red onion, rocket, snow peas & goats feta served w/cous cous & lemon juice $16.50
Belgian waffles - w/strawberries, ice cream & melted belgian chocolate $12.00
Fondue - belgian mixed chocolate, strawberries, grapes, banana bread & marshmellows $14.00
Strawberry fondue - strawberries w/melted belgian chocolate $8.50
Coffee (available milks - soy, almond, rice, lactose free) N/A
Espresso cup $3.50/mug $4.00
Cappuccino cup $3.80/mug $4.80
Flat white cup $3.80/mug $4.80
Macchiato cup $3.50
Piccolo cup $3.50
Long back cup $3.50/mug $4.50
Latte cup $3.80/mug $4.80
Chai latte cup $4.00/mug $5.00
Dirty chai cup $4.60/mug $5.60
Mocha cup $4.20/cup $5.20
Vienna cup $3.80
Affogato cup $5.00
Extra shot cup $0.60
Coffee syrups - vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, hezelnut cup $0.50
Tea - English breakfast/Peppermint leaves/lavender grey/honeydew green/lemongrass & ginger/malabar chai/fruits of eden/cleopatra's champagne $4.00
400ml glass Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lift, Ginger ale $3.00
Hot chocolate (the finest couverture belgian chocolate) N/A
Milk/ white chocolate cup $4.50/mug $5.50
Cold Drinks
Frappe (coffee, belgian milk chocolate, mocha, caramel, strawberry or mango) $6.00
Iced chocolate/coffee (belgian milk chocolate, belgian white chocolate, coffee, mocha) $6.00
Milkshake (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, lime or banana) - add malt $0.20 extra $5.00
Slushie (tropical or raspberry) - add ice cream $0.50 extra sml $3.00/Lge $4.50
Juice (orange, pineapple, apple or tomato) $4.00
Iced tea $4.00
Sparkling water (mt franklin) $4.00
Still water (mt franklin) $2.00
Still water (mt franklinSoft drink (coke, coke zero, diet coke, lift, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer, soda water or tonic water) $4.00
Mother (250ml) $5.50
Tapas & Starters
Bowl of rustic chips - with garlic aioli $8.00
Trio of Dips - with toasted Turkish bread $9.00
Duck Pate - with toasted Turkish bread $11.00
Chickpea sourdough - with lemon, fresh chilli & parmesan $10.00
Ground Lamb & Mint mini pizzas - with lemon citrus yoghurt $12.00
Cherry Tomato bruschetta - topped with marinated Goats feta $12.00
Pacific Oysters - 2 of each natural, chilli lime & coriander, tempura - 1/2 doz $16.00
Char Grilled whole Prawns - with a smokey diablo sauce $15.00
Salt & Pepper soft shell crab - with fried basil & citrus aioli $16.00
Chicken Strips - spiced and lightly fried served with a harissa mayo $14.00
Tempura Squid - with fresh herbs and a lime & coriander dressing $15.00
Crispy Pork belly - Twice cooked with a sticky Asian glaze, crispy noodles & fresh coriander $15.00
Duck Shanks - roasted in a bbq plum sauce $17.00
Steamed Mussels - in a champagne, Fresh parsley and Garlic butter broth served with toasted sourdough $18.00
Beef, Bacon & Cheese Sliders (3) - with green apple slaw $15.00
Seared Scallops - on pea & mint fritters topped with crispy prosciutto & lemon myrtle cream $17.00
Beef Cheek - spice rubbed and slow roasted, with flat bread, guacamole and a crushed pistachio, tomato & herb salsa served with mango chutney $22.00
Short Crust Pastry Layered with Maple Roasted Butternut Pumpkin & Balsamic Onions - served with herb & garlic infused oil $18.00
Roast Beetroot, Orange, Rye & Goats Cheese Salad - Topped with micro herbs $18.00
Spanish Chorizo Fettucine - with a creamy semi dried tomatoes, basil sauce served with fresh spinach and shaved parmesan cheese $22.00
Roast Pumpkin & Spinach Ravioli - with a burnt butter, sage and raisin sauce $21.00
Home-Baked Beef Cheek, Onion & Mushroom Pie - served with a Rocket, Tomato and Goats Feta salad and fries $21.00
Beef Cheese & Bacon Burger - served with apple slaw and sweet potato fries $18.00
Jerk Spatchcock Chicken - with pineapple and ginger chutney, grilled lime wedges, purple cabbage and macadamia nut slaw and a side of fries $28.00
Pork & Fennel Sausages - In an apple cider gravy served with creamy mashed potato and topped with onion rings $21.00
Crispy Pork Belly - With a sticky chilli pineapple, cashew, rocket and crispy noodle salad $28.00
Braised Rosemary Lamb Shoulder - With roasted chat potatoes, baby carrots and onions $26.00
Grilled Crispy Skin Salmon - On a Rocket, red onion, orange and borlotti bean salad topped with crispy sweet potato chips $29.00
Seafood Platter - Lemon thyme infused grilled prawns, Natural oysters, Champagne steamed Mussels, Tempura whiting fillets, dill and smoked Salmon mousse and a preserved lemon aioli dipping sauce. Garn $38.00
From the Grill
(Choose a Sauce: Diane/ Red wine jus/ Pepper/ Mushroom) N/A
250g Rib Fillet $27.00
350g Rib Fillet $32.00
300g Wagyu Rump $32.00
450g Rib on the Bone $45.00
Shoestring Fries $7.00
Sweet Potato Chips $7.00
Onion Rings $7.00
Sauteed Green Beans with Candies Walnuts $7.00
Fresh Garden Salad with Marinated Goats Feta $7.00
For the Kids
(including a post mix soft drink or juice) N/A
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Pizza $12.00
Tomato & Cheese Pizza $12.00
Tempura Whiting & Fries with Tomato Sauce $12.00
Chicken Strips & Fries $12.00
Rib Fillet & Fries $12.00

Menu Disclaimer

Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Pacino's (sample menu)
Pizza with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes and Rocket $19.95
Garlic Pizza Bread $9.95
Chips with Aioli $11.95
Veal & Pork Meatballs $24.95
Prawn Salad with Cajun or Plain $20.95
Pacino's Calamari $19.95
Creamy Marinara $28.95
Lasagne with Salad $20.95
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Malaysia Hut Restaurant (sample)
Large Fried Rice $11.30
Garlic Beef $14.90
Kari Sotong (Calamari) $20.30
Sambal Udang (Prawn) $19.40
Satay Sotong (Calamari) $20.30
Sweet & Sour Scallops $27.00
Garlic King Prawn $19.40
Sambal Sotong (Calamari) $20.30
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KFC (sample)
Sweet Chilli Twister $6.95
Hot & Spicy 3 Piece Box - 3 x Hot & Spicy 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular 1 x Dinner Roll 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $10.95
Family Burger Box - 2 x Original Fillet Burger 2 x Regular Twister 1 x Kentucky Nuggets - 6 pieces (inc. 1 sweet chilli sauce) 1 x Popcorn Chicken - Regular 2 x Seasoned Chips - Large 1 x Sauce Sweet $25.95
BLT Twister Combo - 1 x BLT Twister 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular , 375ml drink $9.95
So Salad $4.95
Ultimate Box - 1 x Original Fillet Burger 1 x Original Recipe Chicken - 1 piece 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $9.95
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger combo large - 1 x Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger 1 x Seasoned Chips - Large, 600ml drink $10.95
Grilled Taster Box $3.75
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Bean In (sample)
Crumbed Fish $4.00
Hot Chips $2.00
Sea Shantys $1.20
Cheeseburger $5.30
Calamari $0.40
Bacon $0.40
Seafood Basket N/A
Chicken Kebab Wrap $6.00
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Thai Tanee Restaurant (sample)
Thai Fish Cakes - A popular traditional Thai dish, Minced fish with chilli paste, kaffir lime leave, shred of bean, then deep fired and served with crunchy peanut cucumber sweet chilli sauce. $9.00
Special Pinaeapple rice $18.00
Pad sea-eve - The other popular thai noodle, rice noodle cooked with eggs, chinese veggies , soy ans sweet soy sauce. Served with fresh bean sprout and slice of lemon. $15.00
BBQ Pork - Pork marrinated in herbs and spices and grilled on skewer. Served with sweet chilli sauce. $10.00
Tom Soup Chicken $9.00
Spicy Chicken With Cashew Nut - The most popular and famous Thai dish, slice of chicken, specially cook with onion, Capicum, shallots, cashew nut and Thai Chilli jam, extra flavored with dried chilli. $18.00
Vegetarian Spring rolls - Carrot, cabbage & Clear noodle cooked and wraped in rice pastry, deep fired and served with sweet chilli. $9.00
Pad Ped With chicken, pork or Beef - Any selection of meat cooked with capsicum, bean , baby corn, kaffir lime leave, chilli pasteĀ , fish sauce and chopped chilli. $18.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Thai Tanee Restaurant

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Table Service
128 East St, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Giddy Goat Cafe & Bar

Food was fantastic and cooked to perfection.

Giddy Goat Cafe & Bar Canungra Menu

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