La Quinta Mexican Cafe y Bar in Virginia Menu

P r i m e r o s
Guacamole avocado, lime, chilli, onions, coriander -
Queso Jack cheese, cream cheese & fresh salsa served warm -
La Quintas fresh salsa tomatoes, onion, chilli, coriander -
Charro Bean classic Mexican bean dip. Black beans, chorizo, onion, chilli, served warm with sour cream -
Chilli con Queso strips of Poblano chilli cooked with Jack cheese & LQ’s special sauce -
Diablo Salsa capsicum, salsa, habaneros -
Tomatillo Salsa capsicum, garlic, jalapeno -
Frijoles Traditional Mexican bean dip -
Single dip served with corn chips $6.00
Combo 3 dips served with corn chips & tortillas $16.00
Fiery Roasted Chillies only for the strong at heart. Bowl of fresh roasted salted chillies N/A
Elotes Callejeros ( ”street style” ) corn with queso, chipotle mayonnaise & lime $5.00
Buffalo Wings in LQ’s own BBQ sauce $7.50
Chipotle Glazed Wings in our own sweet & spicy chipotle sauce $7.50
La Quintas’ Chilli Wings these are our best! served with our special blue cheese dip $8.50
Wing Combo Plato 4 of each to share $18.00
Albondigas En Salsa De Chipotle ground beef covered cream cheese balls served in a spicy chipotle & tomato sauce
5 per serve $8.50 / 10 per serve $15.50
Costillas De Vacuno Al Chipotle chilli roasted beef rib with chipotle glaze (1 serve) $9.50
Chorizo spizy sausage with jalapeno jelly & salsa $8.50
Queso Frito crumbed fried feta & pineapple salsa $8.50
Chorizo & Queso Frito combo plato of queso frito & chorizo for 2 $15.50
Veracruz Prawns cooked in garlic, tomato, chilli & served with rice $13.00
Taquitos a Mexican tradition. Served with fresh salsa, guacamole & sour cream. Choice of chicken & cheese or beef & cheese $11.50
Nachos corn chips, Jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole $13.50
+ refried beans $14.50
+ chilli con carne $15.50
+ shredded beef $16.50
+BBQ chicken $16.50
C o m i d a s
Chimichangas fried flour tortilla pillow of shredded beef, beans & cheese. Served with fresh salsa, rice & sour cream $16.50
Chilli Con Carne ground beef, tomatoes, beans, onions, spices, chilli. served with sour cream & corn chips $16.00
Vegetarian Chilli seasonal vegetables and refried beans served with corn chips & sour cream $16.00
Tacos soft corn tortillas with guacamole & sour cream & your choice of chicken with roasted pineapples & chipotle chillies crumbed fish, lime aioli, fresh salsa, lettuce shredded beef, lettuce, tomat
1 taco $8.00 / 2 for $15.00 / 3 for $20
Burritos flour tortilla filled with cheese, beans, capsicum, onion & your choice of steak, chicken breast, refried beans with sour cream & guacamole $14.50
La Quintas’ Ensalada (salad) crunchy flour tortilla bowl filled with mixed lettuce, tomato, corn, avocado, beans, grated cheese, guacamole, sour cream with La Quintas’ own special salad dressing. Top $17.50
E s p e c i a l i d a d e s
Fajitas served sizzling with capsicum & onion. Accompanied with flour tortillas, Jack cheese, sour cream & guacamole. Your choice of carne de res in a BBQ sauce (steak), pollo in a tomato based sauce $23.50
- Camerones in a tomato based sauce (prawn) $26.50
La Quintas Chunky Beef Chilli simply the best chilli around and our most popular dish. Prime beef, tomatoes, spices & chilli. Slowly braised until it falls apart. Served with tortillas & sour cream. $22.50
La Quintas’ Pork Ribs big, juicy, spicy & sweet, slathered with LQ’s own house made BBQ sauce. Served with corn on the cob, jacket potato & Mexican coleslaw. Another LQ speciality. $25.50
Beef ribs La Quinta Style the same as our La Quinta pork ribs. Juicy, spicy & sweet beef ribs, slathered with LQ’s our own BBQ sauce. Served with corn on the cob, jacket potato & Mexican coleslaw $25.50
Costillas De Cerdo Al Chipotle (chipotle-glazed pork ribs) with a chipotle glaze, pickled cabbage, corn, jacket potato $25.50
Costillas De Vacuno Al Chipotle (chipotle-glazed beef ribs) with a chipotle glaze, pickled cabbage, corn, jacket potato $25.50
Vaqueros Style Pork Belly slow roasted with smoked jalapenos & Mexican spices, finished with baked potatoes & salad $24.50
Chicken Poblano Our much-loved special recipe and one of our most popular dishes. Chicken breast topped with creamy Poblano sauce, roast potatoes, corn cob & salad $25.50
Veracruz Prawns another La Quinta favourite. Prawns cooked in garlic, tomato & chilli, warm tortillas rice & pico de gallo $28.50
Enchiladas Estilo De La Calle (street style enchiladas): -
- Lamb and goats cheese enchiladas with a green mole sauce oven baked & served with rice, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo $24.50
- Goats cheese & spinach enchiladas with a green mole sauce oven baked & served with rice, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo $23.50
Nuestras Enchiladas Tradicionales (our old favourites): -
- Carne de res (beef) or pollo (chicken) filled corn tortillas topped with your choice of ranchero sauce & Jack cheese (traditional) or a spicy green tomatillo salsa & Jack cheese. Oven baked & serv $21.50
- Quesadillas soft flour tortillas spread with guacamole, onion & bell pepper & your choice of carne (shredded beef), pollo (chicken) or Jack cheese & chorizo. Topped with a mild ranchero sauce & ser $19.50
- Tostada El Grande a crisp flour tortilla bowl filled with your choice of filling, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, salsa & served with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & Mexi $24.50
- Pollo En Mole Verde the legendary green mole sauce from Mexico. Served with chicken breast, baked potatoes, pico de gallo & goats cheese $27.50
- Salsa Carne De Yucatan 350g rib fillet steak topped with our own special tequila, green peppercorn & poblano cream sauce. Your choice of fries or jacket potato, cob of corn & salad $28.50
Mexican feasts for 2
Mexican Feast Uno Our favourite tastes: Chorizo, albondigas en salsa de chipotle, La Quintas chilli wings, queso frito, La Quintas chunky beef chilli, costillas de vacuno al chipotle (chipotle-glaze $70.00 for 2 People
Mexican Feast Dos A true Mexican taste sensation: albondigas en salsa de chipotle, taquitos, La Quintas chilli wings, lamb and goats cheese enchiladas with a green mole sauce, costillas de cerdo al c $65.00 for 2 People
Mexican Feast Tres The streets of Mexico: guacamole & fresh salsa dips, albondigas en salsa de chipotle, elotes callejeros (street style corn), your choice of tacos, lamb and goats cheese enchiladas $60.00 for 2 People
Mexican feast Cuatro Our old favourites: wing combo plate, taquitos, tacos of choice, chimichangas, pico de gallo, rice. Dessert: chocolate nachos $60.00 for 2 People
Banquet to share (minimum 4 people)
Banquet Uno Entrée: wing combo plate, albondigas en salsa de chipotle, queso frito Mains: costillas de vacuno al chipotle (chipotle-glazed beef ribs), LQ’s chunky beef chilli, lamb and goats cheese en $40.00 Per Person
Banquet Dos Entrée: chorizo, queso frito, albondigas en salsa de chipotle Mains: fajitas of choice, LQ’s chunky beef chilli, inca salad, rice Dessert: bunelos & chocolate nachos $36.00 Per Person
Banquet Tres Entrée: selection of dips, La Quintas chilli wings Mains: fajitas of choice, enchiladas, pico de gallo, tortillas, rice Dessert: bunelos $33.00 Per Person
Acompanamientos (sides)
Tortillas $1.00
Totopos (corn chips) $3.50
Small guacamole $4.00
Small fresh salsa $3.50
Lettuce & tomato $3.50
Inca Salad $9.00
Rice $3.00
Frijoles $5.00
Corn on the cob $3.50
Fries $6.00
Fresh Chillies $2.00

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Popular Menu Item Chilli con Carne Chilli con Carne The staple dish served in Mexican restaurants. They normally ask you how hot you want it! The usual minced beef with tomatoes, chillies and kidney beans and served with rice and a side salad. Plenty of bread is also served in a basket to mop up the final bits of sauce. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Burritos Burritos Another version of chilli but wrapped in a soft tortilla roll and served with sour cream, more diced chillis and onions. The tortilla is normally soft grilled or steamed to make it softer so that you can wrap the filling inside and eat with your hands if you want! Salad on the side will certainly cool your mouth down! Mexican
Popular Menu Item Taco Taco There are food trucks doing great tacos around the country. The Fish tacos are delicious with lime sauce and pickles. Our recommendation is to seek out the food trucks, grab some tacos and chill out in the sunshine. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Nachos Nachos Everyone loves nacho chips, particularly when they are smothered in salsa, jalapenos and grated cheese and when the cheese melts under the grill – delicious! Can be served with a side order of guacamole and sour cream, its almost a meal in itself, but usually a sharing bowl on the table as a starter or with drinks. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Quesadillas Quesadillas These are similar to burritos but the filling is wrapped inside the tortilla, cheese is grated over (and sometimes a white sauce) and then baked in the oven.The fillings differ – minced chilli beef is the most popular but they can be filled with spinach, peppers and jalapenos, with grated cheese. Usually served in an oval dish, bubbling from the oven, with a side salad. Mexican version of garlic bread with jalapenos is a must if you like lots of spice! Mexican
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer There are some great ‘Mexican’ beers, which can also originate from Spain! Bottled beers are served such as Sol and Mexicana, usually served with a wedge of lime in the neck of the bottle. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Tequila Tequila Tequila has become popular drunk as a shot, and followed down by an ice cold Mexican beer! Very strong spirit, served with wedges of lime and salt to eat off the back of your hand! Definitely a drink originating from Mexico and drunk in pubs and bars as well as restaurants. Can also be drank as a long drink such as a Tequila Slammer, which is made using a fizzy drink such as lemonade or ginger ale. Slammer Royale is a serious drink for the ‘professional’ – Tequila is mixed with champagne! Mexican

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1/ 189 Oxford St, Bulimba, QLD, 4171, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Mexican, Latin American

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