San Yuan Chinese Restaurant in Dandenong Menu

Hot & Sour Soup $10.00
Sweet corn soup $10.00
Wonton soup $13.00
Egg with vegetable soup $8.00
Lamb bone soup with nang (flat bread) $10.00
Xinjiang salad - shredded vegetables & vermicelli noodles with vinegar & garlic dressing $11.00
Xinjiang style noodles served with special house sauce $12.00
Xinjiang style Mung bean noodles served with beef mince sauce & vinegar $10.00
Cucumber & tomato salad with vinegar dressing $10.00
Sliced roasted gravy beef $14.80
Sliced beef tendon $14.80
Spicy shredded chicken with vegetables $14.80
Dumplings & Pastry
Vegetarian homemade spring rolls (4) $8.00
Spring onion pancake $8.00
Steamed lotus buns $3.00/each
Beef with celery dumplings (Steamed/Pan-fried) $9.90/$11.90
Pork with Chinese sausage (Steamed/Pan-fried) $9.90/$11.90
Prawn with pork dumplings (Steamed/Pan-fried) $12.90/$13.90
Vegetarian pumpkin with onion buns (12) $14.90
Lamb with onion thin pastry buns $24.00
Xinjiang style rice cooked with carrots & lamb $12.00
Special fried rice (pork, small prawns, eggs & veg) $9.90
Seafood combination fried rice $11.90
Steamed rice (Small/Large) $2.00/$4.00
Stir fried chicken & vegetables with rice (available until 5pm) $9.90
Sweet & spicy kung pao chicken with rice (available until 5pm) $9.90
Sweet & spicy shredded pork with rice (available until 5pm) $9.90
Spicy sauteed pork slices with rice (available until 5pm) $9.90
Handmade long noodles served with stir fried lamb & vegetables $15.00
Stir fried handmade noodles with lam & vegetables $12.00
Ding ding noodles: diced noodles with diced vegetables & lamb $12.00
Handmade noodles served with sweet bean paste, diced lamb & sliced cucumber $12.00
Handmade noodles in lamb brisket soup $13.90
Handmade square noodles in lamb & vegetable soup $12.80
Stir fried handmade square noodles with vegetables & lamb $13.00
Stir fried hokkien noodles with seafood combination $13.90
Xinjiang style chicken served with potato, capsicum & handmade noodles $19.00
Sichuan style dry chilli chciken $18.80
Sweet & spicy kung pao chicken $17.80
Stir fried spicy chicken $17.80
Stir fried chicken & vegetables with mushroom $17.80
Xinjiang style lamb skewers (min. order 4) (option of: non-spicy/mild/medium/very spicy) $2.00/each
Stir fried spicy diced lamb with vegetables served with handmade pancakes $19.80
Stir fried lamb with vegetables $18.80
Stir fried lamb with spring onions $18.80
Stir fried lamb with black fungus & egg $18.80
Xinjiang style stir fried spicy lamb with onions $19.80
Xinjiang style battered whole lamb leg $38.00
Sichuan style spicy lamb ribs $28.00
Xinjiang style fried lamb ribs with potato $28.00
Braised lamb brisket with carrots $18.80
Xinjiang style spicy sauteed lamb feet $28.00
Braised lamb with carrots & potato served with nang $18.80
Xinjiang spicy stir fried lamb with onions served with hokkien noodles & vegetables (Small/Large) $25.00/$30.00
Lamb Offal
Xinjiang style lamb offal soup $18.80
Sichuan style spicy lamb offal soup $18.80
Xinjiang style stir fried lamb offal $18.80
Sichuan style stir fried spicy lamb offal $18.80
Braised lamb offal with sauce $18.80
Spicy dry stir fried lamb kidneys $18.80
Stir fried lamb kidneys $18.80
Sizzling beef with vegetables $18.80
Black pepper beef with vegetables $18.80
Sichuan style beef fillets in spicy sauce $18.80
Stir fried beef with celery $18.80
Stir fried beef with broccoli $18.80
Sweet & spicy shredded pork with vegetables $18.80
Sweet shredded pork served with handmade pancakes, spring onion, carrot & cucumber slices $19.80
Spicy sauteed pork belly slices with vegetables $18.80
Sweet & sour pork $18.80
Seafood - Fish
Sweet & sour fish fillets $20.00
Sichuan style fish fillets in spicy sauce $20.00
Fish fillets & vegetables served in spicy pickled chilli & vinegar sauce $20.00
Fish fillets in sour pickled vegetable soup $20.00
Slat & pepper battered yellow croaker fish $19.80
Salt & pepper battered yellow croaker fish $19.80
Fried whole barramundi served with sichuan style spicy sauce $32.00
Steamed whole barramundi served with shallot, ginger & coriander $32.00
Fried whole barramundi served with sweet & sour sauce $35.00
Seafood - Prawns & Calamari
Salt & pepper calamari $22.80
Salt & pepper king prawns $25.80
Sizzling king prawns with vegetables $25.80
Stir fried king prawns in golden duck yolk $25.80
Stir fried king prawns with vegetables $24.80
Stir fried school prawns with Chinese chives $22.80
Dry stir fried school prawns with chilli & garlic $22.80
Stir fried potato shreds (Spicy/Non-spicy) $14.90
Stir fried eggplant in sweet & spicy sauce $14.90
Salt & pepper fried oyster mushrooms $15.90
Stir fried bok choy & mushroom with oyster sauce $14.90
Stir fried corn kernels with gold duck yolk $15.90
Sauteed corn kernels with pine nuts $14.90
Stir fried spinach with garlic $14.90
Stir fried broccoli in garlic sauce $14.90
Stir fried auricular (black fungus) with eggs & vegetables $14.90
Stir fried broccoli with mushrooms $14.90
tofu seafood combination $19.80
Diced tofu in spicy sauce $14.90
Braised tofu $14.90
Fried tofu served with sweet & spicy sauce $14.90
Braised tofu in salted duck egg yolk sauce $15.90

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Sweet Box - Thin egg noodles stir fried with roast pork, chicken, beef, pineapple, tomato, vegetables in a special sweet sauce $9.90
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
10 McCrae St, Dandenong, VIC, 3175, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

San Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Authentic Xinjiang Northern Chinese cuisine serving traditional handmade food such as dumplings, noodles, and lamb skewers.

San Yuan Chinese Restaurant Dandenong Menu

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The opening hours for San Yuan Chinese Restaurant are coming soon