Dragon King Chinese Restaurant in Frankston Menu

Steak with Cashew Nuts $16.8
Steak with Black Bean Sauce $15.8
Steak with Mushroom & Vegetables $15.8
Steak with Tomato Sauce $15.8
Steak with Mixed Vegetables $15.8
Steak with Bean Shoots $15.8
Sotay Steak $15.8
Kung Po Steak with Chilli + Cashews $16.8
Curried Sleek with Vegetables $15.8
Special Fried Rice Prawn Roast Pork & egg
Large $9.8
Small $8.8
Extra Lorge $11.8
Nasi Goreng $11.8
BoSed Rice
Large $6
Small $5.5
Vegetarian Fried Rice $9.8
Chicken Fried Rice $9.8
Singapore Noodles $14.8
Vegetarion Singapore Noodles $14.8
Combination Noodles $21.8
Steak or Chicken or Pork with Veg & Noodles $17.8
Hokkien Mee $16.8
Prawn Noodles $23.80
Mee Goreng $16.8
Char Kueh Teow $16.8
Curry Laksa $17.8
Prawn Omelette $22.80
Chicken or Pork or Steak Omelette $15.8
Combination Omelette $20.80
Vegetarian Omelette $15.8
Banana Fritter $7
Pineapple Fritter $7
Steak or Chicken with Vegetables $12
Steak or Chicken with Black Bean sauce $12
Steak or Chicken with Curry Sauce $12
Steak or Chicken with Chilli $12
Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken $12
Roast Pork with Vegetables $12
Lemon Chicken $12
All Served With Fried Rice
Shredded Beef $20.80
Special Combination
Fresh Prawns Chicken Roast Pork Beef & Vegetables
Garlic Prawns $21.8
Chits Prowns $21.8
Satay Prawns $21.80
Seafood Combination with Seasonal Vegetables $23.8
Cantonese Fillet Steak $24.8
Mixed Vegetables $14.8
Gado Gado
(Mixed Vegetables with Satay Sauce)
Honey Prawns + Cashews $21.80
Spicy Prawns $21.8
Spicy Calamari $21.80
Szechuan Beef $16.8
Beef Rendang $18.8
Ginger Steak or Chicken $18.8
Black Pepper Steak $17.80
Cantonese Roast Duck $26.8
Mongolian beef $16.80
Beon Curd & Veges Soup $7
Chicken & Sweet Com Soup $7
Chicken & Mushroom Soup $7
Short Soup (Won Ton) $7
Chicken & Crabmeat Soup $7
Hot & Sour Soup $7
Torn Yum Sanfnod Sours $9.8
Sesame Prawn (2 pieces) $6.8
Roast Pork $9
Chinese Sausages (3} $9
Prawn Fritter (5 pieces) $11.8
Curry Puff (2 pieces) $7.8
Dim Sim (Half a Dozenl $9
Spring Roll (each) $2.5
Vegetarian Spring Roll (3 pieces) $5
Satay Chicken or Steak on Skewers (3 ) $9.8
Fried Won Ton (10) with Sweet & Sour Sauce $8.8
Chicken with Cashew Nuts $16.8
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $15.8
Chicken with Tomato Sauce $15.8
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables $15.8
Curried Chicken with Vegs $15.8
Chicken with Bean Shoots $15.8
Honey Chicken + Cashews $15.8
Chicken with Plum Sauce $15.8
Satay Chicken $15.8
Lemon Chicken $15.8
Kung Po Chicken with Chilli + Cashews $16.8
Duck with Mushroom & Oyster Sauce $23.8
Duck with Mixed Chinese Vegetables $23.8
Lemon Duck $23.8
West Lake Duck $23.8
Orange Duck $23.8
Prawn with Cashew Nuts $22.8
Prawn with Black Bean Sauce $21.8
Prawn with Tomato Sauce $21.8
Prawn with Mushroom & Oyster Sauce $21.8
Prawn with Mixed Vegetables $21.8
Curried Prawn with Vegs $21.8
Fish with Black Bean Sauce $20.8
Fish with Bean Curd & Mushroom $20.8
Kung Po Prawn with Chilli + Cashews $22.8
Combination Sweet & Sour
Chicken Prawn Roast pork Pineapple
Pork with Pineapple Sweet & Sour $15.8
Chicken with Pineapple Sweet & Sour $15.8
Fried Prawn with Pineapple Sweet & Sour $21.8
Fried Fish with Pineapple Sweet & Sour $20.8
Roast Pork with Cashew Nuts $16.8
Roost Pork with Beon Curd & Mushrooms $15.8
Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables $15.8
Roast Pork with 8ean Shoots $15.8
Roast Pork with Mushrooms & Vegetables $15.8
Roast Pork with Plum sauce $15.3

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Noodle Jone (sample menu)
U Don Noodle Soup Japan U Don noodle soup with prawn, seafood meats, chicken, soya bean curd, snow pea & mushroom. $10.50
Mi Thap Cam Egg noodle soup served with prawn, chicken, BBQ pork, beef, snow pea, broccolli, bok choi & bean shoots. $11.00
Won Ton Noodle Soup Egg noodle soup with won ton, BBQ pork, garnished with bean shoots, broccolli brown onion, bean shoots & snow peas. $10.00
Sweet Sour Pork with Batter(Free Steam Rice) $10.50
Curry Chicken or Beef with Steam Rice+Potatoes $8.00
Beef Char Ho Fun Ho fun stir fried with beef, onion, shallots, bean shoots, carrot, cabbage in dark soya sauce. $10.00
Vegetarian Meg Goreng Thick egg noodle wok tossed with tofu, onion, bean shoots, spring onion, snow peas in a Malay curry chilli sauce. $9.50
Seafood Mee Goreng Thick egg noodles wok tossed with prawn, squid, seafood meats, fish cakes, tofu, onion, capsicum, bean shoots, shallots in Malay curry Chilli sauce. $11.50
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Cosy And Tasty Chinese Dumpling Restaurant (sample)
Meatballs Veg & Cashew Nuts $13.50
Chicken & Veg in Choice of Sauce (Black Bean / Peanut Satay / Plum / Teriyaki / Oyster / Lemon Grass / Mongolian / Satay / Sweet Chilli / Hot Chilli / Garlic & Black Pepper / Curry (Mild/Med/Hot) $12.50
Curry Triangle (8pcs) - shredded curried veg filling in homemade pastry $6.50
Hokkien Mee-Chicken/Beef/Tofu - (thick egg noodle) & Veg in Choice of Black Bean/Peanut Satay/Plum/Teriyaki/Oyster Sauce/Lemongrass/Mongolian/Satay/Sweet Chilli/Hot Chilli/Garlic & Black Pepper/Curry $12.50
Nasi Goreng-Seafood or Prawn (Mild/Med/Hot) - fried rice with egg, veg in homemade tangy spicy sauce $14.50
Special House Beef - very popular northern chinese dish, marinated steak slices sauted with selected veg in homemade chinese-style bbq sauce $14.50
Satay Chicken/Beef Fried Rice - Chicken or Beef $12.50
Satay Chicken/Beef Fried Rice - Seafood or Prawn $14.50
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Quality Wok (sample)
Szechuan Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables $18.80
Dim Sim (1) Steamed or Fried $1.00
Curry Beef with Seasonal Vegetables $12.80
Chinese Sausage $6.80
Crab Claw (1) $7.80
Orange Duck (in batter) $18.80
Prawns with Cashew Nuts & Seasonal Vegetables $18.80
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Eccoqui (sample)
Medium $16.90
Main $21.90
White Chocolate & Macadamia Calzone
Folded pizza with melted white chocolate & macadamia served with strawberries & ice cream
Oceano Infuso (G/F)
Arborio rice infused in seafood stock with calamari, mussels, scallops, prawns & fish & tossed with onion, fresh basil, garlic & fresh chilli
Entree $19.50
Our gnocchi & fettuccine are handmade on site
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs, spinach & Hollandaise sauce served on Turkish bread
Oysters Kilpatrick
Topped with crispy bacon & a Worcestershire style sauce
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Lucky Inn (sample)
Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce $7.50
Mini Spring Roll $1.80
Sweet & Sour Scallops (in batter) $18.80
Sweet & Sour Steak $12.80
Malaysian Ginger Chicken $14.80
Prawns with Satay Sauce & Veg $18.80
Prawn Chow Mein $19.80
Spicy Fish with Peppery Salt $14.80
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Table Service
5 Golf Links Rd, Frankston, VIC, 3199, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Dragon King Chinese Restaurant

Takes bookings, Walk-ins welcome, Good for groups or parties, Good for children and Takeaway

Dragon King Chinese Restaurant Frankston Menu

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