Eccoqui in Frankston Menu

Available until 3pm
Breads - Sandwiches - Light Meals
Crusty bread with fresh tomato, basil & onion with balsamic glaze & parmesan cheese
Seasoned potato wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream (add cheese & bacon for $3)
Chicken Supreme Sandwich
Roast chicken, avocado, cheese, lettuce, mayo & relish on Turkish bread, served with chips
Nacho Supreme
Corn chips served with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa & sour cream
Parma - Seafood
Traditional Parma
Our all time favourite tenderised chicken breast, oven-baked & topped with homemade Napoli sauce, melted cheese and served with chips & salad
Fish & Chips
Beer battered fish served with chips, salad & tartare sauce
Calamari Fritti
Tender golden fried calamari served with chips & salad, tartare sauce
Salt Pepper Squid
Soft calamari strips served with chips, salad & tartare sauce
Breakfast - Gourmet Burgers
Big Breakfast - poached, scrambled or fried
Eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms & tomato on Turkish toast served with hash browns
Veg Breakfast - poached, scrambled or fried
Eggs, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, hash browns & avocado served with Turkish toast
Traditional Omelette
Eggs mixed with ham, mushroom & cheese served with Turkish bread
Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs, ham and Hollandaise sauce served Turkish bread
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs, spinach & Hollandaise sauce served on Turkish bread
Big Burger
Homemade beef patties with egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion & chips
Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, avocado, pesto, mayo & chips
Steak Burger
Char-grilled steak with bacon, onion, capsicum, egg, lettuce, Dijon mustard & chips
Arancini (v)
Crumbed rice ball, cheese, egg, pumpkin, mushrooms & onion served with sweet chilli dip
Soup Of The Day
Ask our friendly wait staff about today's selection
Oysters Natural
Served with lemon wedges
1/2 dozen $14.50
dozen $26.50
Oysters Kilpatrick
Topped with crispy bacon & a Worcestershire style sauce
1/2 dozen $15.90
dozen $28.00
Oysters Chilli & Ginger
A refreshing mix of natural oysters glazed with chilli & ginger
1/2 dozen $15.90
dozen $27.50
Oysters Mornay - creamy
1/2 dozen $15.90
dozen $28.00
Black Mussels
Mussels cooked in white wine with dash of Napoli sauce, fresh garlic, onion and tomato, parmesan with crusty bread
Amore Frutti di Mare
1/2 seared lobster tall, salt & pepper squid, lightly battered king prawns & scallops
Garlic or Herb Focaccia (V)
Oven baked focaccia (pizza style) topped with cheese
Garlic Bread (V)
Fresh garlic butter on crusty, toasted Italian bread
Traditional Bruschetta (V)
Fresh tomato, basil & onion with balsamic glaze and shaved parmesan
Olive Oil 'n' Balsamic (V)
Chunky parmesan, olives, crusty bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Dips (V)
Trio of dips served with Turkish bread
Add $9.90 for movie ticket (excludes garden salad)
Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled chicken, egg, cos lettuce, parmesan, bacon, croutons, anchovies dressed with sundried tomato & onion in creamy Caesar dressing
Garden Salad Side Dish (V) (G/F)
Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives & red onion with olive oil & balsamic dressing
Warm Eye-Fillet Salad
Fillet steak grilled with mushrooms & onions, served with garden salad & crusty bread
Moroccan Grilled Lamb Salad (G/F)
Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta, onion & cucumber with grilled lamb marinated with marinated herbs & sewed with tzatziki dressing
King Prawn & Avocado Salad
King prawns pan-tossed with spring onion, white wine & garlic, served with cos lettuce, tomato, olive oil, balsamic glaze & fresh focaccia bread strips
Grilled Calamari Greek salad (G/F)
Fresh grilled calamari marinated in sweet chilli, garlic & lemon juice and served with a Greek salad
Classic Pizza
Add $4 for gluten free
Napoli sauce & herbs with extra cheese (V)
Medium $13.90
Large $16.50
Ham & pineapple
Medium $14.90
Large $17.90
Mushroom, olives & capsicum (V)
Medium $14.90
Large $17.90
Ham, mushroom, olives & anchovies
Medium $16.90
Large $18.90
Salami, capsicum & chilli
Medium $16.90
Large $18.90
Meat Lovers
Ham, salami, bacon & bbq sauce
Medium $17.50
Large $20.90
The Lot
Ham, salami, bacon, mushroom, onion, olives, pineapple & capsicum
Medium $17.50
Large $20.90
Bbq Chicken
Grilled chicken, pineapple & bbq sauce
Medium $17.50
Large $20.50
All classic pizzas have cheese and a tomato base
1/2 & 1/2 available in our classic range only
Add $4 gluten free
Cipolla Pancetta
Pancetta (bacon), red onion, parmesan, mozzarella and a hint of chill
Medium $18.90
Bocconcini- Gourmet Margherita (V)
Fresh basil, tomatoes finished with bocconcini, mozzarella and balsamic glaze
Medium $17.90
Chicken Avocado
Roasted chicken breast, fresh tomato, parmesan topped with roquette and avocado
Medium $19.90
Mediterranean (V)
Mushroom, spinach, olives, read onions capsicum, sun dried tomato and mozzarella
Medium $18.90
Roma tomato, black olives, basil and mozzarella, topped with roquette and freshly sliced prosciutto
Medium $19.00
Pear & Prosciutto
Gorgonzola cheese, parmesan, mozzarella & prosciutto topped with juicy pear
Medium $19.50
The Joffa
Leg ham, cherry tomatoes & pineapple on an oil-based pizza topped with mozzarella
Medium $18.00
Unique pizza topped with pan-tossed prawns, mussels, scallops & salmon with a hint of garlic, mustard & lemon juice & then baked
Medium $23.90
Our gnocchi & fettuccine are handmade on site
Gluten free penne available, add $3.00
Substitute pasta with gnocchi, add $1.00
Our pasta dishes are served With freshly shaved grana Padano cheese and pepper
Penne ana Napolitana (V)
Homemade tomato & Italian herb sauce
Entree $14.90
Main $16.90
Spaghetti Bolognese
Traditional homemade sauce with beef, tomato & herbs
Entree $15.90
Main $17.90
Tortellini alla Romana
Creamy tomato based sauce with chunky bacon & spring onion
Entree $17.90
Main $19.90
Gnocchi Chicken Inverno
Chicken, avocado, in a pesto cream sauce
Entree $19.90
Main $21.90
Gnocchi all'Amatriciana
Spicy bacon, salami, capsicum & onion in a rich tomato sauce
Entree $17.90
Main $19.90
Fettuccine Sun Dried Tomato (V)
Sundried tomato pesto with creamy sauce & chunky seasonal vegetables
Entree $16.90
Main $19.00
Gnocchi al Pollo e Funghi
Pan-fried chicken & creamy mushroom sauce
Entree $19.00
Main $21.90
Agnolotti (V)
Homemade spinach & ricotta-filled agnolotti with mascarpone, garlic butter & chilli
Entree $19.00
Main $22.00
Large pumpkin ravioli
Creamy butter sauce, shaved pancetta (bacon), mascarpone cheese, fresh sage & black pepper
Entree $19.00
Main $23.00
Spaghetti Marinara
Fresh ocean seafood tossed with freshly diced tomato in a marinara sauce
Entree $19.90
Main $23.90
Fettuccine ai Gamberi
King prawns tossed in a tarragon, pepper, white wine & garlic cream sauce
Entree $19.90
Main $23.90
Crayfish Spaghetti
1/2 lobster tail tossed in olive oil, onion, fresh garlic, cherry tomato & seafood stock with 1/2 grilled lobster, served with roquette salad
Main $32.00
All our pasta bakes are baked to order
Beef Lasagne
Nonna's traditional recipe with lean beef, tomato & mozzarella served with focaccia bread
Main $19.90
Seafood Lasagne
Prawns, calamari, scallops, mussels, fish & cheese in a Napolitan sauce layered with sheets of pasta
Main $22.00
Spanish & Ricotta Pumpkin Cannelloni
Nonna's recipe of spinach, pumpkin & ricotta filled cannelloni topped with homemade Napolitan sauce
Main $19.50
Franco's Special (G/F)
Spicy prawns or chicken tossed with fresh tomato, capsicum, onion in a homemade sauce with a dash of olive oil
Entree $18.90
Main $21.90
Salmon Risotto (G/F)
Fluffy risotto with smoked Tasmanian salmon, spring onion, white wine & cream
Entree $19.50
Main $21.90
Pollo Risotto (G/F)
Grilled chicken, pancetta (pork), onion, basil, mushroom with garlic & parmesan
Entree $18.90
Main $21.90
Oceano Infuso (G/F)
Arborio rice infused in seafood stock with calamari, mussels, scallops, prawns & fish & tossed with onion, fresh basil, garlic & fresh chilli
Entree $20.00
Main $23.00
Lamb Rack (G/F)
Herb & rosemary crusted lamb rack in a red wine sauce served with rustic potato & spinach mash and seasonal veggies
Veal Scaloppine > Tender pan-seared veal medallions served with roast potato and steamed veggies with your choice of sauce $26.90
Porterhouse (300g)
Lean tender Black Angus porterhouse steak served with chips & salad, and your choice of sauce
Eye Fillet (250g)
Premium grain-fed MSA (Meat Standards Australia) approved beef served with chips & salad, and your choice of sauce
Eye Fillet (500g)
Two 250g piece of premium grain-fed MSA approved beef served with chips & salad, and choice of sauce
Additional Sauce $2.80
Eye fillet + 1/2 lobster tall 75g $45.00
Eye fillet & full lobster tail $52.00
Sauce Selection
Creamy mushroom, creamy garlic, Mexican, pepper, sauteed mushroom, garlic butter, vino blanco, vino rosso, gravy, aioli
Pollo Eccoqui (G/F)
Strips of chicken with creamy tomato, mushroom, onion, capsicum & pinch of chilli, served on rice with salad
Pollo Abruzzese (G/F)
Char grilled chicken breast served with roast capsicum, roast potato & veggies
Pollo Toscano
Strips of juicy chicken tenderloins crumbed served with chips & salad, and your choice of sweet chilli or aioli
Fish & Chips
Beer battered fish fillets & chips, served salad & tartare sauce
Calamari Fritti
Golden fried calamari rings served with chips, salad & tartare sauce
Salt & Pepper Squid
Deep fried seasoned calamari served with chips, salad & tartare sauce
Garlic Prawns
Pan-tossed fresh king prawns with cream, white wine, spring onion & garlic on rice, served with wedges & salad
Chilli Prawns
Fresh king prawns with chilli, garlic, coriander, roast capsicum, homemade tomato base sauce served with rice, wedges & salad
Eccoqui Seafood Basket
Crumbed flathead fillet, salt & pepper squid, calamari rings, king prawns & scallops served with fresh cos lettuce in Caesar dressing, chips & tartare sauce
Seafood Lover's Platter for Two
A spectacular offer of lobster, 1/2 dozen oysters (3 natural, 3 chilli & ginger), king prawns in garlic & white wine with spring onion, scallops, pan-tossed mussels, lightly fried salt & pepper squid & calamari. All this seafood with sweet potato fries, cherry tomato salad and salmon-infused seafood risotto.
Fish of the Day
Oven baked with veggies & mash
At Eccoqui we pride ourselves on our fresh quality seafood and our fish of the day is just that. We often sell out as we don't order massive amounts. But what you do get is fresh fish daily. Ask our staff about today's fish.
Chips (V)
Served with tomato sauce
Potato Wedges (V)
Seasoned & served with cream & sweet chilli sauce
Seasonal Vegetables (V) (G.F)
Fresh & lightly cooked in garlic butter
Pan-Sauteed Mushrooms (V)
Pan-tossed with olives & onion for a full flavoured side dish served with bread
Nacho Supreme (V)
Nachos with melted tasty cheese with guacamole, sour cream & salsa
Sweet Potato Fries (V)
Served with creamy garlic sauce
Cherry Tomato Salad (V) (G.F)
Cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber & fresh basil
Nutella Calzone
Folded pizza filled with Nutella & chocolate served fresh strawberries & ice cream
White Chocolate & Macadamia Calzone
Folded pizza with melted white chocolate & macadamia served with strawberries & ice cream
Caters to customers seeking great value and variety. (minimum 2 people) $28.90 each
Starter platter
Bruschetta - olive and parmesan / Bruschetta - tomato / Crumbed calamari rings / Chicken strips / Chips and salad garnish
Pizza platter
Chef's pizza selection (Delicious)
Pasta platter
Chef's selection (Great Value)
Dessert platter
Home-made desserts and ice cream

Menu Disclaimer

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King Prawns, Scallop or Calamari & Veg in Choice of Sauce - Black Bean / Plum / Teriyaki / Oyster / Lemon Grass / Satay / Sweet Chilli / Garlic & Black Pepper (Mild/Med/Hot) $16.50
Beef & Veg in Choice of Sauce - Black Bean / Peanut Satay / Plum / Teriyaki / Oyster / Lemon Grass / Mongolian / Satay / Sweet Chilli / Hot Chilli / Garlic & Black Pepper / Curry (Mild/Med/Hot) $12.50
Tom Yum Noodle Soup - Vegetarian or Chicken (Mild/Med/Hot) - ginger & lemongrass soup with veg, vermicelli $12.50
Steamed Rice (Small/Large) $2.00/$3.00
Dim Sim (Steamed/Fried) (3pcs) $4.50
King Prawns, Scallop or Calamari with Veg & Cashew Nuts $17.50
Seafood Mee Goreng (Mild/Med/Hot) - thick egg noodle tossed with tofu, seasonal veg & mix of seafood in homemade mee goreng sauce $14.50
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Prawns with Onions, Tomato & Seasonal Vegetables $18.80
Curry Beef with Seasonal Vegetables $12.80
Chicken with Onions, Tomato & Seasonal Vegetables $12.80
Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables $18.80
Prawns Noodles with Seasonal Vegetables $18.80
Sweet & Sour Combination (Chicken, Prawns, Roast Pork & Beef) $15.80
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Pork Omelette $14.80
Roast Pork with Vegetables & Cashews $13.80
Steak with Vegetables & Cashews $13.80
Kung Po Steak with Dry Chilli & Cashews $13.80
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Scallop Chow Mein $19.80
Sweet & Sour Prawns (in batter) $18.80
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
(03) 8774 3448
Bayside Entertainment Complex level 1 Wells St, Frankston, VIC, 3199, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Italian, European

Opening Hours

Friday 11:30am–10pm

Saturday 11:30am–10pm

Sunday 11:30am–10pm

Monday 11:30am–10pm

Tuesday 11:30am–10pm

Wednesday 11:30am–10pm

Thursday 11:30am–10pm