Embassy Cafe in West Melbourne Menu

Eggs on toast $10.00
Tomatoes on toast $10.00
Bacon & Eggs $13.00
Scrambled Eggs $11.00
Poached Eggs - with bacon, cooked tomatoes & chips $12.00
Ham & Eggs $13.00
Omelette - with chips & salad $11.00
Baked Beans $10.00
Spaghetti $10.00
Lambs Fry $12.00
French Toast $10.00
Plain $2.00
With Jam $2.50
With Vegimite $2.50
Raisin Toast $2.50
Open Hamburger Meals
Plain $11.50
Egg $12.00
Egg & Bacon $12.50
Egg, Bacon & Onions $13.00
The Lot - Standard Egg, Bacon, Onions & Tomatoes $13.50
Double (2 Beef Patties) $13.50
Ham $13.00
Tuna $13.00
Bowl of Plain Salad $7.00
Bowl of Greek Salad $9.00
Breakfast Special
1 Sausage, 1 Egg, Bacon, Fried Tomatoes & Chips with Side Toast $14.00
Plain $6.60
Tomato $7.20
Egg $7.20
Bacon $7.20
Pineapple $7.20
Onion $7.20
Cheese $7.20
Egg & Bacon $7.80
Tomato & Onion $7.80
Egg & Cheese $7.80
With the Lot - Standard Egg, Bacon, Tomato $8.40
Double Hamburger $8.70
Double with the Lot - Standard $10.50
All Extras $0.60
Fresh or Toasted Sandwiches
Ham $3.50
Cheese $3.50
Ham & Cheese $4.00
Cheese & Tomato $4.00
Ham, Cheese & Tomato $4.50
Steak Sandwiches
Plain $8.50
Egg $9.10
Onions $9.10
Egg & Bacon $9.70
Cheese & Tomato $9.70
With the Lot - Standard Egg, Bacon, Tomato $10.30
Chicken Fillet $8.50
Chicken Schnitzel - Sandwich or Roll $8.50
Pork Sausage Plain $6.60
Souvlaki Lamb/Beef - Chicken served with salad & garlic sauce $9.00
Rolls & Toasted Sandwich
Egg $5.00
Bacon $5.00
Egg & Bacon $5.80
Egg, Bacon & Cheese $6.40
Bacon, Cheese & Onions $6.40
Egg, Tomato, Bacon & Cheese $7.00
Porterhouse Steak $27.00
Ribeye Steak $30.00
Souvlaki Meal - Beef, chicken OR lamb $20.00
Half Steak Meal $19.00
Rump Steak $27.00
T-Bone Steak $27.00
Mixed Grill - 1 Sausage, 1 Lamb Chop, 1 Scotch Fillet & Bacon $27.00
Lamb Chops $20.00
Pork Chops $22.00
Pork Sausages $16.00
Ham, Steak & Pineapple $16.00
Chicken Fillet $18.00
Chicken Schnitzel $16.00
Fish of the Day $22.00
Kranski Meal $17.00
Eggs $0.60
Fried Tomatoes $1.20
Fried Onion $1.20
Bacon $2.20
Mushrooms $3.00
Milk Shakes $5.50
Iced Coffee $5.00
Iced Chocolate $5.00
Tea (cup) $2.50
Hot Chocolate (cup) $3.70
Cappuccino $3.70
Latte $3.70
Mugs $4.50
& also..
Bag of Chips $7.00
Steamed Dim Sims $1.00
Flake & Chips $10.00

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Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Cafe 655 (sample menu)
Brekkie wrap
Bacon free range egg cheese-tomato-avo
Toast with house made jam
Sauteed mushrooms on toast
Curly fries
Ham cheese tomato -dijon pickles
Philly cheese steak
Shaved steak, grilled onion provolone cheese served on a long roll
Tuna melt
Tuna, carrot, onion, tasty cheese house made mayo
Chicken schnitzel
Housemade chicken broast schnitzel, lettuce, tosty cheese, housemade mayo
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Royal Standard Hotel (sample)
Garlic Mussels
Black mussels sautéed with garlic, white wine and touch of cream.
Pizza Alla Porchetta
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Italian roasted Porchetta,roasted peppers, Chilli, rosemary, garlic and EVOO
Pine nuts, parmigiana, basil, garlic and EVOO in a creamy sauce
(E) $10.50/(M) $15.50
12 Margherita
Tomato, cheese and oregano.
S $8.00/L $15.00
15 Makedonia
Tomato, cheese, ham, hot salami, mushroom, capsicum, hot chilli & garlic
S $9.00/L $16.00
Mixed Berry Sensation
Berry ice cream with seasonal strawberries and mixed berry coulis
Pizza base, rustic style mixture of diced tomato, red onions, EVOO, basil.
Warm Tuna Salad
Grilled capsicum, tomato, cucumber, mixed lettuce, Kalamata olives, Spanish onions and grilled Haloumi topped with freshly grilled tuna pieces
Clean Here for the full menu for Royal Standard Hotel
In Season Thai Cuisine (sample)
49. Kao Pud
Fried rice with egg and vegetables
Prawns $18.90
4. Satay (4 Skewers)
Marina chicken breast or beet, char-grilled and served with peanut sauce. Chicken or Beef
52. Roti Bread $3.00
6. Gai Hor Bai Theoy (4 pieces)
Marinated Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf served with sweet & sour sauce
Chicken $6.90
25. Gang Garee
Royal yellow curry paste cooked with rich coconut milk, potatoes and onions, top with crispy dried shallots
Vegetarian $6.90
Clean Here for the full menu for In Season Thai Cuisine
Biryani House (sample)
Any 2 veggie curries
served with rice or 1 naan
Meat Ball Curry
balls of minced meat cooked in yogurt gravy
Mirchi ka Salan
mild green chilies tempered in a nutty and tangy fusion
Vegetarian Curry Puff 2 pieces
pastry filled with vegetables
Saffron Rice
basmati rice flavored with saffron
Steamed Rice
plain basmati rice
Raita $3.00
Kadai Lamb
a spicy curry cooked with fried onions and tomatoes
Clean Here for the full menu for Biryani House
Nando's Flame Grilled Chicken (sample)
Whole Chicken with 1 large side* $23.85
Two's a Party* (for 2 people) Two 1/4 chickens, 2 tenderloins, 2 thigh pieces & 2 regular sides. $27.25
4 Churrasco BBQ Thigh Pieces $8.95
Seriously Large Chips / PERi-PERi Chips $7.95
Grilled Corn on the Cob (Regular) $3.95
The Tender Lover A toasted open pita topped with 3 mild tenderloins, African grain salad, tomato & creamy coriander mint yoghurt. $13.45
Mediterranean Salad Garden salad with feta & olives. $10.50
Espetada Grande (for 2-3 people) Two skewers with a large side. $26.80
Clean Here for the full menu for Nando's Flame Grilled Chicken

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Restaurant Details

West Melbourne
Table Service
547 Spencer St, West Melbourne, VIC, 3003, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Modern Australian, Cafes

Embassy Cafe

Cheap, easy, greasy food. What more could you possibly want.

Embassy Cafe West Melbourne Menu

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