Gills and Grills in Rowville Menu

Flake $5.50
Whiting (King George) $6.70
Baramudi $6.00
Hake $5.40
Couta $5.40
Flounder $5.40
Blue Grenadier $5.40
Grilled Fish (Extra) $.20
Plain $4.60
Egg $5.00
Cheese $5.00
Bacon $5.00
Tomato $5.00
Onion $5.00
With the lot $6.60
Pineapple (extra) $.40
Fish Burger (grilled Fish) $8.20
Chicken Burger(breast Fillet) $6.70
Steak Sandwiches
Plain (Scotch Fillet) $6.00
Egg $6.40
Cheese $6.40
Bacon $6.40
Tomato $6.40
Onion $6.40
With the Lot $8.00
Pineapple (extra) $.40
Lamb on Spit $9.80
Chicken $9.40
Fish $9.00
Vegetarian $5.70
Lamb Tubs (Small) $12.00
Lamb Tubs (Large) $17.50
An Assortment
Chips (Min) $3.50
Dim Sims $1.00
Chicken Nuggets $1.00
Potato Cakes $1.00
Spring Roll $2.50
Chico Roll $2.50
Corn jack $2.50
Calamari Rings $1.10
Scallops $2.20
Crab Sticks $1.90
Prawns $2.20
Mussels $1.10
Onion Rings (5 for $2.00) $.50
Beef Croquette $1.90
Chicken Croquette $1.90
hamburger in Batter $2.70
Sausage in Batter $2.40
Fish Cakes $2.70
Pickled Onions $1.00
Banana Fritter $1.70
Pineapple Fritter $1.70
Mars bar in Batter $2.80
Apple Turnover $2.50
Mini Pack
2 Flake, 2 Potato Cakes, 2 Dim Sims, Chips $17.30
Family Pack
4 Flake, 4 Potato Cakes, 4 Dim Sims, Chips $31.60

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Global Noodles (sample menu)
Vegeterian singapore noodles - rice, vermicelli with seasonal mixed vegetables, tofu and egg $11.80
King prawn garlic - with mixed vegetable and garlic sauce $18.20
Nasi goreng - a Malaysian rice specially fried rice, wok tossed with shrimps, calamari, fish cake, bean shoots, , onion, capsicum and carrot , peas $11.80
Lemon chicken - tender chicken fillet cooked with lemon sauce $13.20
King prawn snowpea noodle - stirfry thin egg noodle with king prawns and snow peas, cooked in light oyster sauce and vegetable $15.20
Combination teriyaki udon noodles - delicious udon noodles , with prawns, chicken, bbq pork, beef, mushrooms, snow peas, bak choy, brccoli in teriyaki sauce $13.20
Chicken or beef plum sauce noodles - thin egg noodle, cooked in plum sauce and vegetables $11.80
Hoisin noodle combination - thin egg noodle mixed with seasonal vegetables cooked with beef, prawn and pork wok toss $13.20
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Peking Land Chinese Restaurant (sample)
King Prawns with Chinese Mushroom & Vegetables $28.90
King Prawns in Garlic Sauce and Vegetables $28.90
King Prawns Fritters in Wasabi Sauce $31.90
Mongolian Lamb in Crock Pot - Curry Lovers - Chunky pieces of choice lean lamb marinated with tangy, pungent curry sauce with potato wedges and onions in crock pot $19.90
Dry-Sauteed Mandarin King Prawns - Wok-tossed king prawns in light batter and glazed with sesame seeds with a superb Mandarin sauce $28.90
Fried Rice with with Beef & Shredded Lettuce $15.90
King Prawns with Vegetables $28.90
Stuffed Scallops with Minced Prawn & Vegetables - Prawn paste stuffed with-in half cut scallop and served with selected vegetables $31.90
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Kelletts Charcoal Chicken (sample)
¼ chicken $6.00
½ chicken $9.00
Gravy extra $1.00
3 Wing Dings & chips $8.90
½ chicken & chips $11.90
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San Marino Restaurant (sample)
Cakes (per slice) $8.90
Most Extra Toppings (Sml/Med/Lrg) 90¢/$1.00/$1.10
With Cheese (Sml/Med/Lrg) $6.30/$8.90/$10.00
Calabrese - olives, onion, capsicum, hot salami, chilli, napoletana sauce & cream $12.90
Oceans Delight - fresh sliced tomato, marinated mixed seafood, tuna, mozzarella, basil, olive oil (Sml/Med/Lrg) $11.20/$13.50/$16.50
Lemone - a creamy fresh lemon sauce n/a
San Marino Parmigiana - with hot salami, pineapple & spanish onion $22.90
Pollo Avocado - chicken, avocado, parmesan, cream, parsley $12.90
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KFC (sample)
Zinger Stacker Burger $8.95
Grilled Strip Salad $7.95
Chocolate Mousse $2.50
Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo - 1 x Original Bacon & Cheese Burger 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $8.95
Wicked Wings 6 pieces $5.95
Original Tenders Variety - 12 x Original Tenders 2 x Seasoned Chips - Large 4 x Sauce - Creamy Aioli1 x Popcorn Chicken - Regular 6 x Kentucky Nugget x 1, 1.25lt drink $32.95
3 Piece Box - 3 x Original Recipe Chicken - 1 piece 1 x Dinner Roll 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular, 375ml drink $10.95
Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket $3.75
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Wellington Village, Shop 15, Gearon Ave, Rowville, VIC, 3178, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Barbeque, Takeaway Food
Gills and Grills Rowville Menu

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