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Sang Choi Bow (2) GF $9.00
Prawn on Toast (2) $8.00
Prawn Cutlets (4) $8.00
Butterfly King Prawns (4) - deep fried king prawns & ham on toast $8.00
Dim Sim (fried or steamed) (4) $8.00
Satay Chicken Skewers (4) GF $9.00
Fish Cakes (4) $7.00
Spring Rolls (4) $6.00
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (8) $6.00
Vegetarian Curry Puffs (4) $7.00
Prawn Chips (bag) GF $3.00
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup GF $8.00
Short Soup - veges, pork wonton $8.00
Long Soup - noodles, BBQ pork, veges $8.00
Combination Short Soup - King prawns, chicken, beef, BBQ pork, veges & wonton $18.00
Combination Long Soup - King prawns, chicken, beef, BBQ pork, veges & noodles $18.00
Curry Laksa (Malaysian) GF, Hot - Spicy curry laksa soup with thin rice noodles & veges (Chicken/King Prawns) $15.00/$19.00
Chef’s Special
Emperor King Prawns (Vietnamese) Mild - Stir fry battered king prawn with special tangy fish sauce $19.00
Sweet Chilli King Prawns (Thai) Mild - Stir fry battered king prawns in egg, veges in sweet chilli sauce $19.00
Tom Yum King Prawns (Thai) GF, Mild - Stir fry King prawns, vegetables with ginger & coriander in tom yum paste $19.00
Hong Kong Special Chow Mein - Stir fried king prawns, chicken, beef, BBQ pork & veges on pan-fried soft noodles $19.00
Shan Tung Chicken (deboned) GF, Mlid - Crispy skin chicken served with John’s special sauce $19.00
Crispy Skin Chicken (with bones) GF - Home Made crispy skin chicken, Served with five spice salt $18.00
BBQ Pork in Plum Sauce GF $17.00
Teriyaki Chicken (Japanese) GF - Stir fry chicken, vegetables in black soy sauce $15.00
Malaysian Satay Chicken GF $15.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken Mild $15.00
Red / Green Curry (Thai) GF, Hot (King Prawns/Duck/Chicken) $19.00/$17.00/$15.00
Rainbow Beef - deep fry beef, then stir fry with veges in Peking sauce $15.00
Honey Pepper Pork (Vietnamese) - deep fried, stir fried with vegetables in honey pepper sauce $15.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Mild - deep fried, pan tossed with spicy salt, five spices, fresh chilli $15.00
Crispy Pork in Plum Sauce - deep fry pork then stir fry with veges in plum sauce $15.00
Sea Food
Honey Scallops $20.00
Scallops with Ginger & Shallots GF $20.00
Satay Scallops GF, Mild $20.00
Seafood Supreme GF - Stir fried Scallops, King prawns, fish, calamari & veges in Garlic & oyster sauce $18.00
Honey King Prawns $18.00
Salt & Pepper King Prawns Mild $18.00
Satay King Prawns Mild $18.00
Garlic King Prawns GF $18.00
Curry King Prawns GF, Mild $18.00
Salt & Pepper Calamari Mild $15.00
Fish with Ginger & Shallots GF $15.00
Combination Omelette GF $18.00
Combination with Vegetables GF $17.00
Satay Combination GF, Mild $17.00
Mongolian Combination GF, Mild $17.00
Curry Combination GF, Mild $17.00
Sze Chuan Combination GF, Hot $17.00
Garlic Combination GF $17.00
Mongolian Lamb GF, Mild $17.00
Sze Chan Lamb GF, Hot $17.00
Curry Lamb GF, Curry $17.00
Satay Lamb GF, Mild $17.00
Honey Chicken $13.00
Lemon Chicken $13.00
Curry Chicken Mild, GF $13.00
Satay Chicken Mild, GF $13.00
Chicken with Vegetables GF $13.00
Chicken with Ginger & Shallots GF $13.00
Chicken Omelette GF $14.00
Chicken Cashews GF $14.00
Beef with Black Bean GF $14.00
Mongolian Beef Mild, GF $14.00
Satay Beef Mild, GF $14.00
Sze Chuan Beef Hot, GF $14.00
Beef with Vegetables GF $14.00
Sweet & Sour Pork $13.00
Sze Chan Pork Hot, GF $13.00
Pork with Black Bean GF $13.00
Pork with vegetables GF $13.00
Satay Pork Mild, GF $13.00
Deep Fried Duck - with Your Choice of: Lemon, Plum or Sweet & Sour Sauce $18.00
Duck With Chinese mushroom GF $18.00
Duck with Vegetables GF $18.00
Sze Chuan Duck HOT, GF $18.00
Rice & Noodles
Special Fried Rice GF - stir fried chicken, beef, BBQ pork, ham, small cooked prawns, egg, vegetables & rice $14.00
Pineapple Fried Rice (Thai) GF - with chicken, egg, pineapple, veges & turmeric $13.00
Tom Yum Fried Rice GF - with chicken, egg, veges & tum yum paste $13.00
Malaysian Fried Rice GF - stir fried Chinese sausage, chicken, egg, lettuce & rice with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) $13.00
Fried Rice GF (Large / Small) $8.00/$7.00
Boiled rice GF (Large / Small) $5.00/$4.00
Singapore Noodles GF - Stir fried rice noodles with chicken, BBQ pork, small prawns, egg and vegetables in curry sauce $16.00
Combination Egg Noodles - Stir fried egg noodles, BBQ pork, king prawns, beef, chicken, and vegetables in oyster sauce $18.00
Combination Rice Noodles GF - Stir fried thin rice noodles, BBQ pork, king prawns, beef, chicken and veges in soy sauce $18.00
Vegetable with Chinese Mushroom GF $13.00
Vegetable with Fried Tofu $13.00
Vegetable with Cashews GF $13.00
Vegetable in Garlic Sauce GF $12.00

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John's Asian Delight restaurant Vietnamese, Malaysian, Asian, Chinese, Thai
Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item 5-Spice Chicken Noodle Salad 5-Spice Chicken Noodle Salad If you like salad and you love chicken then you have to try this dish. The chicken is coated in a mixture of spices including Chinese 5-Spices, grilled and sliced and placed on top of the salad. A cross between a noodle bowl and a salad, there are a multitude of flavours and textures using soy, ginger, lime and coriander to season the salad of matchstick carrots, noodles, peanuts and usually, whatever the chef decides to put in there! Really delicious. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Satays Satays Satays and peanut sauces are served in every Malaysian restaurant with pork, beef or chicken. The meat is marinated and grilled and served with a spicy peanut dip or sometimes the peanut sauce is poured over the satays before serving. Normally served on bamboo skewers, but very traditional restaurants serve the pork satays on the actual grilled rib of the pork. Shredded chillis are often scattered over the satays so beware! Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Laksa Laksa It comes however you want it, chicken, beef, fish or even prawn. It's hard to say which is popular as they are all fantastic and a must try. It is served as two different versions, one a sweet coconut curry base, and the other a hot and sour base, more frequently used with fish. If you've never had it, Laksa is a noodle soup, with the varieties of ingredients according to how you want your dish served. Again, this dish is a combination of Malaysian and Chinese influences. Bean curd, sambal paste and sometimes chopped coriander may also be used to flavour the dish. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Pad Thai Pad Thai If your not sure what to order at a Thai restaurant you can't go wrong with Pad Thai! Definitely one of the most popular Thai dishes that consists of noodles, dried shrimp, chicken, red chillies, tamarind and thai basil. Some restaurants are now introducing a ‘chilli beef’ pad Thai which gives a whole different texture and flavour to the dish. Thai
Popular Menu Item Thai Spring Rolls Thai Spring Rolls Not unlike the Chinese version, these are served in most thai restaurants you come across. Deep fried in pancake rolls, some are vegetarian and others include chicken, duck or prawns with herbs and spices. Usually served with a sweet chilli dip or a sweet plumb sauce, they are delicious as you crunch into the pastry wrapper and reveal the delicious contents! Thai
Popular Menu Item Crispy Duck with Pancakes Crispy Duck with Pancakes Served in virtually every Chinese restaurant around the country, Crispy Duck is a sociable way of eating with a group of friends or family. The duck is air-dried and then roasted in the oven with a honey and soy glaze and Chinese 5-Spice. This renders the skin crisp while the flesh stays tender. It is then shredded and served with a plum sauce, pancakes and finely sliced matchstick pieces of cucumber and spring onion. Take one of the pancakes from the bamboo steamer, a spoonful of sauce and top with the shredded vegetables and duck. Roll up and crunch it to it, simply delicious! Chinese
Popular Menu Item Tom Yum Tom Yum The most famous of Thai soups, Tom Yum is spicy and sour and utterly delicious. Served usually with prawns and chicken, the flavours are created by crushing all the herbs into a paste and stir frying in oil. To make the soup, stock is added and topped off with fresh herbs. Tom Yum Soup is often served with a bowl of steamed rice. Thai
Popular Menu Item Thai Green Curry Thai Green Curry Thai food is famous for its curries and the Green curry is probably the most famous of the lot. Made from fresh chillies, lemongrass, shrimp paste, galangal, garlic, lime leaves and coriander, Thai green curry paste has a fabulous distinctive flavour and is mixed with coconut cream to make the curry creamy. Quite often served with green beans and pea aubergines and mountains of jasmine rice, it is a heart warming dish that is loved by Thai food fans around the world. Thai
Popular Menu Item Lemongrass Chicken Lemongrass Chicken It's so simple yet so delicious! Lemongrass Chicken is a fabulous dish used in soups, served with rice or packed into Banh Mi. In the markets you mayfind it on sticks to be dunked into a fresh sauce, a satay or a Nuoc Cham. The zingy lemongrass makes a lovely fresh sauce for the chicken. This is a great dish for children who might not like the spicy foods of Asian cuisines. Some Vietnamese restaurants will serve the chicken schnitzel style with the sauce on top, others fried the chicken in slices. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Pho Pho This forms part of the staple Vietnamese diet and is served in most vietnamese restaurants in Australia. Comprising a salty broth with fresh rice noodles, chicken or beef, thai basil and vegetables, it is usually served in huge steaming bowls and accompanied by a hot and spicy sauce. Mixed Pho has become more popular recently, with the main part of the dish comprising both meat and seafood. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Cha-Ca Cha-Ca Originating from Hanoi in Vietnam, this dish comprises of small morsels of coated deep fried fish, which are served sizzling and coated with garlic, ginger, turmeric and other spices. It is usually brought to the table in a large hot pan for all to share, with side dishes of green beans and spring onions and a selection of dips. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Banh Xeo Banh Xeo Crispy crepes or pancakes filled with succulent and tender pork, shrimp, beansprouts and herbs are served piping hot and you are encouraged to eat them like a local by cutting them into manageable pieces and rolling them up in lettuce leaves or rice paper – dip them into the selection of dips provided by the chef such as sweet chilli or a honey and soy, but the chef will usually spring a surprise on you with his secret combination! Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Muc Chien Gion Muc Chien Gion If you like squid, this is the dish to try. Tiny baby squid are deep fried in a special coating (the recipe is never disclosed) and served with a clean tasting spice salt, pepper and lime dip. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Nasi lemak Nasi lemak Nasi is the word for rice, and lemak is Malay for \\\"rich\\\", referring to the star of the dish - rice soaked in rich coconut flavours. A small piece of fried fish or chicken, a few slices of cucumber, and a deliciously spicy chilli sauce. Malaysian, Singapore
Popular Menu Item Rendang Rendang Most popularly served with beef, that has been slow cooked with lemongrass. This Malaysian dish is popular throughout Australia as it has a curry taste similar to those served in Thailand. Chicken Rendang is popular, but look for Rendang Daging, which is the beef version. Served with a poppadum style crisp and sliced fruit such as mango. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Served in most Asian restaurants, it is probably a ‘signature smoothie’ type of drink. Fresh mangoes with yoghurt and light spices poured over ice – absolutely delicious and refreshing to the palate and takes away any heat from spicy food still burning your tongue! Asian
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer Singha and Kloster are the most consumed Thai beers. Singha was originally brewed over 80 years ago in Thailand by members of the Thai nobility. Fairly strong and ‘hoppy’ tasting, it is made from barley and has 6% alcohol content. Kloster is a much smoother beer and a little more expensive. Thai
Popular Menu Item Whisky Whisky Some restaurants in Australia serve a selection of Thai whiskies. The whisky is made from rice and is sharp and sweet, but very high in alcohol content at 35%. Mekong and Kwangthong are popular brands. It is not a cheap drink to buy, even though its cheaper in Thailand than beer! Thai
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer Tsingtao is the most popular Chinese beer in China. Best served with spicy food, it is crisp and refreshing when ice cold. It has a nutty, sweet taste and is a perfect accompaniment to Chinese dishes. It is a lager style beer and a modest 4.8% alcohol. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea is a famous Chinese tea brew, deeply aromatic and usually served at the end of a meal with great ceremony. Always served with a teapot and cup, often on a bamboo mat. The unique flavour and aroma is caused by the jasmine blossom fragrance being absorbed into the tea during growth. Subtlely sweet, is is renowned throughout the world. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Lemongrass Soda Lemongrass Soda Very refreshing drink made with lemon grass syrup and mixed with soda or sparkling water, garnished with lemon slices and served over ice. Sometimes garnished with Thai basil to give a more herby taste. Thai
Popular Menu Item Thai Papaya Smash Thai Papaya Smash A wonderful cocktail mainly served in the medium to larger restaurants. Made with fresh papaya, orange and a shot of tequila and dash of freshly squeezed lime it has both a bitter and sweet taste. The addition of agave nectar brings more sweetness, but sometimes you have to ask for it. Thai
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee Vietnamese coffee has a distinct taste to it and it quite often strong but sweet. Served as a filter with cup underneath, there are many versions to the taste. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Green Tea Green Tea Green tea is very popular in Chinese restaurants and sushi bars. This could be due to its apparent ‘healing properties’ and distinct flavour. Green Tea aids digestion of raw food and has a slightly earthy but not unpleasant taste. Served in a cup that is often prettily decorated. Chinese, Sushi
Popular Menu Item Coconut Cocktail Coconut Cocktail A lavish presentation, normally served in half a coconut shell with decoration of umbrellas and fruit. Various spirits are served but all with a coconut milk base and some with grated coconut flesh as well. Vietnamese
Popular Menu Item Lotus Tea Lotus Tea Green tea is marinated with fresh lotus leaves so that the aroma infuses into the whole drink. Vietnamese people believe that this has very health beneficial properties. Very refreshing. Vietnamese

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Vietnamese, Malaysian, Asian, Chinese, Thai

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