Katmanzoo Cafe in Scarness Menu

Hamburger $6.50
Works Burger $9.50
Steak Burger $8.50
Steak Works Burger $11.50
Cheese Burger $7.00
Kids Burger - Patty, Cheese and Sauce $5.50
Bacon & Egg Burger $7.50
Bacon Burger $7.00
Hawaiian Burger $7.00
Chicken Burger $7.50
Fish Burger $7.50
Veggie Burger $7.50
Whale of a Burger - 2 Beef Patties, Cheese, Lettuce, Carrot, Onion, Beetroot & Tomato $10.50
Extras - Egg, Bacon, Pineapple, Cheese $0.50 each
Hot Rolls
Chicken & Gravy Roll $6.00
Chicken & Mayo Roll $6.00
Chips & Gravy Roll $5.00
Kabana Super Roll $7.50
Hot Dog $5.50
Pork Riblet Roll $5.00
Ham $4.00
Cheese $4.00
Ham & Cheese $4.50
Ham, Cheese & Tomato $5.00
Ham & Salad $6.00
Chicken, Cheese & Mayo $5.50
Chicken & Salad $6.50
Egg - Plain or Curried $4.00
Egg & Lettuce $4.50
Salad $5.00
Extras $0.50 each
Chips Min $3.00
Potato Scallops $1.20
Chicken Chippies 6 for $3.00
Chicko Roll $3.50
Spring Roll $3.50
Dim Sim $1.20
Garlic Balls $1.50, 3 for $4.00
Chicken Nuggets $0.70, 6 for $4.00
Pork Riblet $3.50
Dagwood Dog $3.50
Jumbo Crumbed Sausaged $3.50
Kabana $2.50
Cod Fillet - Battered or Crumbed $5.00
Seafood Sticks $2.00
Seafood Bites $1.00
Calamari $1.00, 6 for $5.00
Prawn Cutlets $1.80, 4 for $6.00
Fish Bites $0.70, 3 for $2.00
Seafood Basket - 1 piece of fish, 1 seafood stick, 3 calamari, 3 prawn cutlets, chips, tartare & lemon $13.50
Seafood Basket for 2 - 2 pieces of fish, 2 seafood sticks, 6 calamari, 6 prawn cutlets, chips, 1.25L soft drink, tartare & lemon $27.00
Combo 1 - 1 piece of fish, chips, salad & can of drink $9.50
Combo 2 - Plain burger, chips & can of drink $10.00
Combo 3 - Chicken or fish burger, chips & can of drink $11.50
Combo 4 - Bacon & Egg Roll, Cup of chips & Sml flavoured milkshake $10.50
Combo 5 - 2 Plain Burgers, 2 Kids Burgers, Chips & 1.25L Softdrink $29.95
Kat Brekky - Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes & Toast $8.00
Man Brekky - Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes, Hash browns, Sausage & Toast $10.50
Zoo Brekky - Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Cheese, Tomato & Toast $8.00
Katmanzoo Brekky - Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes, Hash browns, Sausage, Baked beans or Spaghetti & Toast $12.50

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Yummy Noodle (sample menu)
Mongolian Beef or Chicken with Vegetables $11.50
Dompling 12pcs Steam / Pan Fried $9.95
Teriyaki Chicken Noodle - thick egg noodle fried with chicken & vegetables in teriyaki sauce (Large/Small) $10.95/$7.95
Spicy Thai Curry Chicken - thick egg noodle with chicken & vegetables cooked in coconut milk & green curry sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Sweet Sour Pork / Chicken - pork or chicken with capsicum in sweet sour sauce $11.50
Lemon Grass Chicken - thick egg noodle stir fried with chicken & vegetables in lemon grass sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Malay Curry Chicken or Beef with Vegetables $11.50
Black Been Beef Noodle - thick egg noodle with beef & vegetables in black been sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
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Oriental Palace Chinese Restaurant (sample)
10. Long Soup $6.00
88. Chicken Chow Mein $17.00
16. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce & Veggies $16.00
67. Chicken Omelette & Vegetables $16.50
80. Singapore Fried Noodles $16.00
Small $3.50
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Golden Chicken (sample)
Double Schnitzel Dinner (2 Schnitzels, 2 Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Gravy) N/A
1/2 Chicken N/A
5x Cold Wings N/A
Supreme Roll Combo N/A
Fried Chicken can be substituted for most rotisserie chicken packs -
Frozen Chicken Meat - 500g N/A
Bay Pack (1/4 Chicken, Chips, 2x Pineapple Fritters) N/A
All burgers, rolls and wraps come with your choice of sauce -
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Tandoori Taj (sample)
KULFI MANGO Indian ice cream made from sweetened concentrated milk and dry nuts and mango pulp. $4.50
KULCHA PANEEDA Stuffed with cheese and spices. $4.90
PRAWN MASALA Special prawn curry with a thick sauce made from special herbs. $14.90
BEEF VINDALOO Hot and spicy beef curry. $14.90
CHUTNEYS AND PICKLES Mango sweet chutney, lime pickle, mango pickle, chiIli pickle. $2.90 each
CHICKEN VINDALOO Hot chicken curry prepared in the “Village Style”. $14.90
MUTTER PANEER Green peas and home-made cheese. $12.90
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A and C Hearty Foods (sample)
Passionfruit & Peach Cheesecake Delicious Passion fruit and Peach Cheesecake. Perfect to finish off a meal. $3.50
Pasta Carbonara Creamy Pasta Carbonara meal served with seasoned vegetables. $8.90
Lamb Casserole Low Fat Approved Tender lamb cooked in rich vegetable gravy with chat potatoes and mixed vegetables. Heart Friendly, Diabetic Friendly and Weight Loss Friendly! $8.90
Roast Chicken Approved Tender roasted chicken served with roast chat potatoes, pumpkin and green beans. Heart Friendly, Dietitian Approved, Diabetic Friendly $8.90
Pasta Carbonara Creamy Pasta Carbonara meal served with seasoned vegetables. $8.90
Chilli Con Carne Grounded beef cooked slowly in Mexican spices and beans, served with steamed rice and green beans. $8.90
Vegetarian Lentil Curry (Mild) Low Fat Low Gluten Hearty vegetarian curry served with seasonal vegetables and basmati rice. $8.90
Sweet Corn & Tuna Bake Pasta & Tuna Mornay sauce baked with sweetcorn & peas, and served with mixed vegetables. $8.90
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
21 Denmans Camp Rd, Scarness, QLD, 4655, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

Katmanzoo Cafe

Katmanzoo Cafe & Take-Away is a local business in the Hervey Bay area.

Katmanzoo Cafe Scarness Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Katmanzoo Cafe are coming soon