Montmartre French Patisserie in Nerang Menu

Plain $2.90
Chocolate $4.50
Almond $4.80
Hotel Size $1.70
Apple $4.80
Apr. Cust. $4.80
Cherry Cust $4.80
Snail $4.80
Hotel Size $2.20
Shop $2.20
Mini $1.60
Cherry $4.50
Apple $4.50
Chocolate $4.50
Blueberry $4.50
Muffins Small $2.80
Individual Cake
Apple Crumble $5.20
Apple Slice $5.20
Apple Strudel $5.20
Apple tea cake $4.80
Bread & Butter Pudding $5.20
Caramel slice $5.20
Cheese Cake slice $5.20
Clafouti $5.20
Crème Caramel $5.20
Cup cake mud ganache $4.50
Cup cake plain icing $3.80
Amandine $5.50
Éclair $5.20
Friand $5.20
Fruit Slice $5.20
Fruit Tart $5.20
Lamington shop size $4.80
Lemon meringue $5.20
Nun $5.50
Palmier $4.00
Pavlova $5.20
Pecan Tart $5.50
St honore individuel $5.50
St honore p/pers slabl $4.50
Strawberry Slice $5.20
Vanilla slice $5.20
Chocolate $5.50
Cointreau $5.50
Hazelnut $5.50
Coffee $5.50
Black Forest $5.50
Concord $5.50
Mud slice $5.50
Opera slice $5.50
Rum Ball $5.50
Trianon $5.50
Truffle Slice $5.50
Petit Four $2.40
Dozen Petit Four $25.00
Quiche Ind $4.80
Quiche Small $22.00
Quiche Medium $26.00
Quiche Large $36.00
1/4 Slab quiche $48.00
Spinach Triangle $5.10
Sausage Roll $4.10
Steak /Onion /Mush Pie $5.10
Beef Pie country sauce $4.80
Beef /Potato Pie $5.10
Beef /Peas Pie $5.10
Chicken /Mushroom Pie $5.10
Meat /Vegetable Pastie $5.10
Bee /Curry Pie $5.10
Croissant spinash $6.00
Croissant Chicken /Ham $7.00
Mini Pie $2.20
Mini quiche $2.00
Mini triangle $2.00
Mini sausage roll $1.40
Ham & Chinese Croissant $2.20
H & C croiss white sauce $2.80
Gateau small $30.50
Gateau medium $38.00
Gateau large $49.00
Cheese Cake small $26.00
Cheese Cake small dec $28.00
Large /hotel Cheese cake $42.00
Pavlova hotel size 24cm $38.00
Bar fruit 11 slices $45.00
Mud bar /st honore $49.00
Apple strudel 70cm $49.00
Profiterolle $ 2.40, Dozen: $25.00
Profiterolle empty $0.70
Profiterolle filled not topped $1.60
Large plain sponge $11.00
Small plain sponge $7.00
Medium sponge $9.00
Tray sponge 5cm x 41 x 71 $35.00
1/2 tray sponge $20.00
1/4 sponge $15.00
Brioche ind $2.90
Brioche Large $14.00
Empty case $0.60
Dinner roll $0.50
Small Clafouti Cherry $0.50
Medium Clafouti Cherry $31.00
Small Pecan Pie $29.00
Medium Pecan Pie $38.00
Small Fruit Tart $26.00
Medium Fruit Tart $32.00
Small Apple Tart $26.00
Medium Apple Tart $31.00
Large tarte $38.00
Small Lemon Meringue $26.00
Medium Lemon Meringue $36.00
Small Strawberry tarte $26.00
Medium Strawberry tarte $34.00
Large Strawberry tarte $44.00
Apple pie small $23.00
Apple pie large $35.00
Tea Cake
Apple tea cake $23.00
Small Apple Crumble $23.00
Small Banana Cake N/A
SmallCarrot Cake $23.00
Medium Carrot Cake $32.00
Large Carrot Cake $42.00
Brioche suisse $15.00

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Gemelli Pizza (sample menu)
Vegetarian: Pomodoro sauce/ mushrooms/ garlic/ olives/ capsicums/ Italian herbs/ onions. Large $14.00
Napolitana: Pomodoro sauce/ Italian herbs. Large $14.00
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Pagliacci Italian Restaurant (sample)
CHICKEN AVOCADO (With cognac, avocado & cream sauce) - / $18.50
FETUCINI PORTICO (Chicken, mushrooms, capsicum & onion in tomato sauce) $12.00 / $15.00
FILLETO DIANNE (Steak with red wine, mustard, Worcestershire cream sauce) - / $24.50
FILLETO AL PEPE (Steak with green peppercorns & cream) - / $24.50
AMATRICIANA (Spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, bacon, onion & chilli) $11.00 / $14.00
GARLIC or CHILLI PRAWNS $15.50 / $21.90
GARLIC BREAD $2.00 / - / -
SCHNITZEL (Crumbed pieces of veal) - / $17.00
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KFC (sample)
BLT Twister - Chock full of bacony goodness and succulent grilled chicken tenders, with cheese, lettuce, tomato and creamy aioli wrapped in a warm tortilla (Ala carte/Combo/Combo Large) $6.95/$9.95/$11.95
Original Tenders Go Bucket - Snacking on the go has never been more convenient with the new KFC Go Bucket. All your favourite Snackbox items now fit perfectly in your cup holder $3.75
Ultimate Box - Nothing else satisfies quite like this! An Original Fillet Burger PLUS 1 piece of Original Recipe Chicken, 1 Regular chips, 1 Regular Potato & Gravy & 1 Regular Pepsi Max $9.95
3 Piece Box - A real KFC classic! 3 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken, 1 Dinner Roll, 1 Regular chips, 1 Regular Potato & Gravy & 1 Regular Pepsi Max $10.95
Grilled Taster Go Bucket - Snacking on the go has never been more convenient with the new KFC Go Bucket. All your favourite Snackbox items now fit perfectly in your cup holder $2.75
Grilled Strip Salad - A perfect compliment to your meal; our So Salad uses the freshest selection of crisp cabbage, grated carrots, fresh lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Served with a Balsamic dressing a $7.95
Sauce - Creamy Aioli - Creamy Aioli dipping sauce $0.50
$5 Lunch with Original Tenders - Enjoy KFC’s $5 Lunch — five items for $5 including two delicious Original Recipe Tenders, regular chips, potato and gravy, and a 250ml drink $5.00
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Subway Nerang (sample)
Raspberry Cheesecake N/A
Thousand Island N/A
Turkey N/A
Veggie Delite N/A
Old English N/A
Italian B.M.T. N/A
Mayo N/A
Roast Beef N/A
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Maries Pizza (sample)
Half 'N' Half $1.00 above dearer side
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
2/52 Spencer Rd, Nerang, QLD, 4211, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, Visa, Mastercard
French, European

Montmartre French Patisserie

We Make Everything From ScratchWe pride Ourselves on Quality Cakes & Pastries. Made to Order, Retail & WholesaleCakes, Cupcakes, Pastries, Quiches, Flexible Hours, Open Monday - Friday, Birthdays, Bucks Parties, Christenings, Engagements, Funerals, Parties, Weddings, Baked On Premises, Wholesale, Family Owned, Owner Operated

Montmartre French Patisserie Nerang Menu

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