The Cove Tavern in Hallett Cove Menu

Garlic Toasted Turkish Bread $4.90
Mustard and Cheese $4.90
Toasted Turkish Bread $4.90
Mixed Turkish Bread Duo $4.90
Garlic Pizza Bread $6.90
Bruschetta Pomodora - Chunky tomato salsa scattered on lightly toasted bread, topped with basil pesto & parmesan cheese $6.90
Snacks and Sides
Bowl of Steakhouse Chips $4.90
Wedges - With sour cream and sweet chilli $6.90
Nacho Wedges - Deep fried wedges topped with bacon, sweet chilli and cheese $9.90
Oysters - Natural Oysters - Fresh from local waters,served with lemon & a chilli lime vinaigrette
1/2 Doz: $13.50 / Doz:$21.00
Oysters - Kilpatrick - Oven Baked oysters, with bacon and the coves special Kilpatrick sauce
1/2 Doz: $13.50 / Doz:$21.00
Soup of The Day - See daily specials list for Chef's selection $6.90
Garlic Prawn - Fresh pan fried tiger prawns flooded in a creamy garlic sauce, finished with fragrant jasmine rice and a sprinkle of parsley
Entrée:$14.90 / Main: $20.90
Salt and Pepper Squid - Dusted in our own secret spices and cooked to perfection, tossed through a roquette and Asian style salad, dressed with a sweet chilli and balsamic reduction
Entrée:$13.90 / Main: $19.90
Chilli Caramel Prawn - Fresh pan fried tiger prawns sauteed in chilli, ginger, lime leaves and palm sugar served with scented jasmine rice
Entrée:$14.90 / Main: $20.90
Prawn Cocktail - Scculent pickled prawns rested on chiffonade lettuce and drizzled with homemade cocktail sauce $13.90
Cove Southern Fried Chicken - Tender pieces of chicken cooked in the coves own secret herbs and spices served with chips & spices served with chips & home made chipotle sauce and sour cream
Entrée:$14.90 / Main: $20.90
Chicken or Beef Schnizels 300gm - Served with crunchy steakhouse chips and your choice of sauce $16.90
Add for gourmet schitzel topping - Parmigiana, Hawaiian, Mango Tango, Bacon, Benedict, Hotdog $2.00
Sauces and Toppings
Garvy, Mushroom, Dianne, Pepper and Hollandaise or add creamy garlic prawns for only an extra $5.00
Warm Chicken Salad - Tender pieces of chicken tenderloins mixed through fresh garden salad drizzled with a honey mustard dressing $16.90
Caesar Salad - Coz lettuce, bacon anchovies and parmesan cheese tossed through the coves caesar dressing, finished with a poached egg and crunchy croutons $16.90
Caesar Salad - Add Chicken for Extra $3.00
Tropical Salt and Pepper Prawn Salad - Lightly filled salt and pepper crusted tiger prawns rested on chipotle
Entrée:$14.90 / Main: $20.90
From The Sea
Coopers Pale Ale Battered Fish - Lightly battered hake fillets till golden brown, served with crispy chips, lemon and homemade tartare sauce 1 pc $13.90 / 2pc $16.90
Tuscan Spiced Crumbed Calamari - Calamari lightly crumbed, served on crunchy steakhouse chips, chilli & lime aioli $18.90
Ocean Delight - The coves signature dish, a combination salt and pepper squid and garlic prawns or change your garlic prawns to chilli caramel prawns $23.90
Fisherman's Feast for one -Oven baked Barramundi fillet, Salt & pepper Squid, lemon &creamy garlic prawns, accompained w crunchy steakhouse chips,fresh roquette salad, garlic aoili & fragrant jasmine $26.90
Blackend Snapper - Pan fried cajun crusted snapper fillet rested on buttered green beans and chat potatoes topped off with dollop of zesty tzatzki $19.90
Fish of The Day - See daily specials list for Chef's selection N/A
Pasta and Risotto
Prawn and Bacon Risotto - Slow cooked risotto with fresh tiger prawns, bacon, semi dried tomato and spinach, finished with creamy garlic sauce
Entrée:$16.90 / Main:$21.90
Gnocchi - Light pillows of gnocchi, sauteed with roast pumpkin, baby spinach, semi dried tomatoes spring onion and garlic mushrooms folded through creamy white wine sauce
Entrée:$13.90 / Main:$16.90
Gnocchi - Add Chicken for Extra $3.00
Spinach Ricotta - Sauteed chicken, bacon, semi dried tomatoes, mushroom and bay spinach finished in a white wine and cream sauce $18.90
Penne Con Polo - Sauteed chicken, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, mushroom and baby spinach finished in a white wine and cream sauce $16.90
Fettuccine Marinara - Seasonal seafood (Icludes fish, squid and shell fish) and tossed through fettuccine with a garlic cream sauce and fresh parmesan cheese $20.90
Cove Supreme - Danish salami, bacon, olives, mushroom, onions, pineapple and cheese $17.90
Prosciutto and Fungi - Fresh prosciutto, basil pestos and button mushrooms finished with mozzarella cheese $17.90
BBQ Chicken - Chciken, bacon, mushrooms, onion, pineapple, bbq sauce and cheese $17.90
The Classics
Stir Fry - Wok tossed with seasonal vgetables, Hokkien noodles and chef's secret Asian Sauce
$13.90/ Chicken$16.90 /Beef$16.90 / Prawn$20.90
Chciken Breast - Oven baked chicken breast fillet stuffed with avocado and camembert cheese rested on creamy mash potato and finished with zesty hollandaise and crispy prosicutto strips $23.90
Kangaroo Fillet - Char grilled kangaroo fillet cooked medium rare & rested on raosted chat potatoes, semi dried tomato & roquette salad $22.90
From The Grill
Rump 400gm $21.90
Sirloin 300 gm $23.90
Scotch Fillet 300gm $25.90
Mixed Grill - Rump Steak cooked to your liking, cheese kransky, chicken tenderloins bacon rasher, tomato and a fried egg $22.90
All Slections from the grill comes with chips & your choice of sauce N/A

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The Cove Tavern Pub Food

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Cafe Rimini Cove (sample menu)
Pepperoni - pepperoni & mozzarella cheese (S/M/F) $11.50/$16.50/$22.50
Seasonal Vegetables - broccoli, carrot, mushroom & spring onion in a creamy sauce $17.90
Roasted Vegetables & Fetta - butternut pumpkin, yelloww capsicum, red onion, zucchini, fetta, fresh basil & balsamic vinegar (S/M/F) $12.50/$17.50/$23.50
Crumbed Prawns - tiger prawns lightly crumbed, served with chips, salad & tartare sauce (Entree/Main) $17.90/$21.90
Petti Di Pollo - pan-fried breast fillet filled with prawns & avocado in a green peppercorn & perno'd cream sauce, served on seasonal vegetables $21.90
Veal Schnitzel - tenderised veal crumbed & served with chips & salad $16.90
Grilled Barramundi - grilled barramundi, cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato & aioli sauce $12.50
Chicken Parmigiana - tenderised breast fillet crumbed & topped with ham, mozzarella cheese & napolitana sauce, served with seasonal vegetables $18.90
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Vietnam Bay Restaurant (sample)
Thai Green Curry Noodles with Vegetables -
Prawn Crackers $2.90
Meat and Seafood Combo $17.90
Hokkien Noodles with Onions, Carrots and Capsicum -
Seafood or Squid or Prawn $16.90
- Bun Xao $8.90
Spring Roll (3) Saigon Style -
Sampa Chilli Sauce (Hot) -
Clean Here for the full menu for Vietnam Bay Restaurant
S.A. Chargrill Chickens & Seafood (sample)
Mega - meat, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pineapple, beetroot, bacon & sauce $9.90
Chips & gravy Sml $5.90 / Lge $8.90
Parmigiana (chicken or beef) $13.00
Mixed pack - 4calamari, 3 prawns & chips $10.90
Plain - meat, tomato, lettuce & sauce $6.50
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Karrara B.B.Q. Chickens (sample)
Jam Donut $2.00
Chicken Fillet - Lettuce and Mayo $6.50
Cold Xlarge Chicken - When Available $12.00
Roast Potatoes Large $0.80 each
1/4 Chicken Salad Pack - Choice of 3 salads $12.50
Egg and Bacon Roll - 2 Eggs, 3 Rashes of Bacon and Sauce $6.50
Family Pack - BBQ Chicken, 1 Large Chips and 2 Medium Salad $31.90
Hot Chicken Gravy Roll - Chicken and Gravy $6.50
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Coffee Club The (sample)
Chilli beef N/A
Steak sandwich Grilled lean steak with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce on thick-cut toast. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Le croque-monsieur An indulgent serving of lean leg ham with dijon mustard, swiss cheese and melted cheese on battered ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Chicken fillet burger A grilled chicken breast with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Lean leg ham & cheese fingers with chips or salad N/A
Potato wedges Crispy potato wedges lightly seasoned and served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. N/A
Philly cheese steak Sliced steak with caramelised onions, roasted red capsicum and melted cheese on toasted ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Chipolata sausages N/A
Clean Here for the full menu for Coffee Club The

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The Cove Tavern Pub Food

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Hallett Cove
Counter Service
4 Ramrod Ave, Hallett Cove, SA, 5158, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Pub Food

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