Asian Delight Restaurant Merewether in Merewether Menu

Sweet & Sour Pork $12.20
Sweet & Sour Braised Fish $13.90
Sweet & Sour Combination $13.90
Sweet & Sour King Prawns Fritters (M) $15.90
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables $10.20
Buddha's Mixed Vegetables $11.50
Sate Vegetables $11.50
Curry Vegetables with Coconut Cream $11.50
Thai-Style Mixed Vegetables $11.50
Tom Yum Vegetables $11.50
Steamed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce $11.50
Stir Fried Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce $11.50
Rendang Beef $14.80
Thai Penang Curry Chicken or Beef $13.90
Thai Massaman Curry Chicken or Beef $13.90
Thai Red Curry Duck $16.90
Thai Red Curry Chicken or Beef $13.90
Thai Red Curry King Prawns $16.00
Thai Green Curry Chicken or Beef $13.90
Thai Green Curry King Prawns $16.00
Malaysian Curry King Prawns $16.00
Malaysian Curry Lamb Fillet $14.90
Malaysian Curry Chicken or Beef $13.90
Asian Delight Chicken $14.80
BBQ Pork Omelette $12.50
King Prawn Omelette $15.90
Chicken Omelette $12.50
Combination Omelette $13.50
Vegetable Omelette $10.50
Plain Omelette $8.80
Special Fried Rice (Small/Large) $6.90/$7.90
Thai-Style Fried Rice $8.00
Nasi Goreng (Malaysian Style Fried Rice) $9.50
Beef & Lettuce Fried Rice $8.90
Fried Rice (Small/Large) $5.00/$6.00
Coconut Rice (Small/Large) $4.50/$5.50
Boiled Rice (Small/Large) $3.50/$4.20
Garlic Rice (Small/Large) $4.50/$5.50
Vegetable Fried Rice (Small/Large) $5.00/$6.00
Braised Chicken Chow Mein $12.50
King Prawn Chow Mein $15.90
Beef Chow Mein $12.50
Combination Chow Mein $13.90
Seafood Chow Mein $15.90
Buddha's Chow Mein (Vegetarian) $11.90
Combination Pan Fried Kwai Teoh - sate, chilli, curry or plain $13.90
Seafood Pan Fried Kwai Teoh - sate, chilli, curry or plain $15.90
Ipoh Style Combination Kwai Teoh $13.90
Ipoh Style Seafood Kwai Teoh $15.90
Kwai Teoh with Beef in Chilli Black Bean Sauce $13.90
Pan Fried Vegetable Kwai Teoh - sate, chilli, curry or plain $10.90
Udon Noodle Soup (with chicken or beef) $11.90
Combination Hokkien Noodle in House Special Sauce $12.90
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Pork & Chinese Mushrooms $12.90
Pad Thai $12.90
Vietnamese Beef & Rice Noodle Soup $12.90
Combination Laksa $12.90
Seafood Laksa $15.90
Tom Yum Combination Noodle Soup (Hokkien or Pad Thai Noodle) $12.90
Tom Yum Seafood Noodle Soup (Hokkien or Pad Thai Noodle) $15.90
Singapore Curried Noodle $12.90
Thai Basil Noodle $12.90
Mee Goreng $12.90
Mee Hoon Goreng (Thin Rice Noodle) $12.90
Korean Noodle (Sweet Potato Noodle) $12.90
A.D. Special Combination (Beef, Chicken & Prawns) - choose your sauce: oyster, sate, garlic, house special, chilli, curry (traditional); choice of boiled rice or peking noodle $14.00
Curry Prawns with Rice (Traditional) $13.90
Curry Chicken with Rice (Traditional) $13.90
Curry King Prawns with Rice (Traditional) $13.90
Homemade Spring Rolls $5.20
Vegetable Spring Rolls (4) $5.20
Mixed Entrée (Spring Roll, Dim Sim & Prawn Toast) $6.00
Deep Fried Calamari (E) $8.00
Dim Sim (Fried or Steamed) $5.20
Sang Choy Bow (serves 2) $13.80
Prawn Toast $6.20
Garlic King Prawns (E) $9.50
Sate Chicken Skewers (3) $7.20
Dumplings (Steamed or Pan Fried) (8) $7.50
Curry Puffs (4) $7.50
Thai Fish Cakes (4) $7.50
King Prawn Fritters (E) $9.20
Prawn Chips $2.50
Prawn Cutlets (3) $5.70
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup $4.90
Vegetable Soup $4.90
Short (Wonton) Soup $4.90
Long Soup (Noodle Soup) $4.90
Combination Short Soup $9.90
Combination Short & Long Soup $12.50
Tom Yum Goong (Sour Hot - Prawns) $6.90
Tom Yum Gai (Sour Hot - Chicken) $6.00
Tom Kha Gai $6.00
Vegetable Dumpling Sour Hot Soup $6.00
Duck & Chinese Mushroom Soup $6.90
Malaysian Fried Chicken with Peanut Sauce $14.00
Black Pepper Combination $14.00
Garlic Combination $14.00
Sate Combination $14.00
Combination with House Special Sauce $14.00
Seafood in House Special Sauce $15.90
Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork (Hot) $14.00
Thai Basil Beef (Hot) $14.00
Thai Chilli Lamb (Hot) $14.90
Tom Yum Braised Seeafood $15.90
Garlic & Cheese King Prawns $15.90
Five Spice King Prawns $15.90
Five Spice Squid $14.00
Five Spice Mussels $14.00
Five Spice Pork Spare Ribs $14.00
Five Spice Chicken $14.00
Five Spice Fish $15.90
Teriyaki Chicken $14.00
Teriyaki King Prawns $15.90
King Prawns & Chicken in Peking Sauce $15.90
Grand Marnier Black Pepper Pork Spare Ribs $15.50
Kuala Lumpur King Prawns $15.90
Bombay Chicken $14.00
Gong Bao Chicken $14.00
Seafood Bean Curd Hot Pot $15.90
Malaysian Sambal Combination (Hot) $14.50
Malaysian Sambal Seafood (Hot) $15.90
Crumbed Beef or Pork with Peking Sauce $14.00
Deep Fried Chicken with Tandoori Sauce $14.00
Imperial Rainbow Beef (Shredded) $14.00
Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken or Beef $14.00
Peking Duck (2 courses) $29.00
Ginger & Shallot King Prawns with Snow Peas $15.90
King Prawns & Cashew Nuts $15.90
King Prawns in House Special Sauce $15.90
King Prawns with Black Bean Sauce $15.90
Garlic King Prawns (M) $15.90
Chilli King Prawns $15.90
Sate King Prawns $15.90
Honey King Prawns $15.90
Ginger & Shallot Scallops with Snow Peas $17.20
Garlic Scallops $17.20
Sate Scallops $17.20
Garlic Squid $14.00
Sate Squid $14.00
Ginger & Shallot Squid with Snow Peas $14.00
Deep Fried Calamari $14.00
Garlic Seafood with Prawns, Mussels, Squid & Fish $15.90
Ginger & Shallot Seafood with Snow Peas $15.90
Sate Seafood $15.90
Szechuan Braised Fish (Hot) $15.90
Ginger & Shallot Fish with Snow Peas $15.90
Braised Fish in House Special Sauce $15.90
Garlic Braised Fish $15.90
Black Pepper Fillet Steak $16.00
Sate Fillet Steak $16.00
Garlic Fillet Steak $16.00
Peking Fillet Steak $16.00
Szechuan Fillet Steak (Hot) $16.00
Fillet Steak with House Special Sauce $16.00
Sate Beef $12.50
Ginger & Shallot Beef with Snow Peas $12.50
Beef with Black Bean Sauce $12.50
Beef & Cashew Nuts $13.00
Chilli Beef $13.00
Sate Chicken $12.50
Ginger & Shallot Chicken with Snow Peas $12.50
Chilli Chicken $12.50
Chicken & Cashew Nuts $13.00
Chicken in House Special Sauce $12.50
Garlic Chicken $12.50
Black Pepper Chicken $12.50
Lemon Chicken $13.00
Fried Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce $13.00
Honey Chicken $13.00
Fried Chicken with Plum Sauce $13.00
Szechuan Chicken (Hot) $12.50
Crispy Skin Chicken (on the bone) $12.80
Braised Chicken & Chinese Mushroom Hot Pot $13.90
Sweet & Sour Braised Chicken $12.50
Chicken Fritter in Honey Sauce $13.00
Mongolian Lamb $14.90
Ginger & Shallot Lamb with Snow Peas $14.90
Sate Lamb $14.90
Lamb with House Special Sauce $14.90
Black Pepper Lamb $14.90
Braised Duck & Chinese Mushroom Hot Pot $16.90
Chinese Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce $16.90
Lemon Duck $16.90
Deep Fried Duck with Sweet & Sour Sauce $16.90
Sate Pork $12.50
Ginger & Shallot Pork with Snow Peas $12.50
Pork with Black Bean Sauce $12.50
Chilli Pork $12.50
Pork with House Special Sauce $12.50
BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce $13.00
Pork Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce $13.00
Pork Spare Ribs with Peking Sauce $13.00

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75 Railway St, Merewether, NSW, 2291, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard

Asian Delight Restaurant Merewether

Quality And Good Service Come FirstAsian Delight Restaurant Merewether is famous for Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Japanese cuisine.Open other times by Appointment - Call to Enquire!Gluten Free, MSG-free, Bookings Required, BYO, Group Booking, Licensed, Children Friendly, Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Dinners, Lunches, Bar, Wine Bar, 51 - 100, Reservations Accepted, Takeaway, Fixed Pricing, Accredited, Certified, Guaranteed

Asian Delight Restaurant Merewether Merewether Menu

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