Kwinana Chinese Restaurant in Kwinana Menu

Crispy Noodles $1.50
Chips $4.00
Fried Wanton (10) $6.00
Sesame Prawn Toast (2) $5.50
Satay Sticks Chicken or Beef (2) $4.50
Prawn Cocktail $5.50
Short Soup (Wanton) $3.50
Tom Yum Soup (Spicy Soup) $5.50
Chicken and Mushroom Soup $4.00
Chicken Fried Rice (+ Salt Fish $1.00) $11.00
Beef Fried Rice $11.00
BBQ Pork Fried Rice $11.00
Sea Food Fried Rice $17.50
Steamed Rice $4.00
Soft Noodles
Combination with Hokkien Noodle $13.50
Beef with Hokkien Noodle $13.50
Seafood with Hokkien Noodle $17.50
Plain Hokkien Noodle $10.00
Mee Goreng $14.00
Chicken Mai Fun $13.50
Pork or BBQ Pork Mai Fun $13.50
Seafood Mai Fun $17.50
Chicken Kway Teow (wet or dry) $13.50
Pork or BBQ Pork Kway Teow (wet or dry) $13.50
Seafood Kway Teow (wet or dry) $17.50
Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein $13.50
Pork Chow Mein $13.50
Vegetable Chow Mein $10.50
Chicken Dishes
Crispy Skin Chicken $14.00
Teriyaki Chicken (Batter) $13.50
Lemon Chicken (Batter or Braised) $13.50
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Batter or Braised) $13.50
Garlic Chicken (Chilli or Plain) $13.50
Mongolian Chicken $13.50
Satay Chicken $13.50
Szechuan Chicken $13.50
Black Bean Chicken $13.50
Ginger and Onion Chicken $13.50
Duck Dishes
Fried Duck Peking Sauce $14.00
Fried Duck with Combination Sauce $14.00
Beef Dishes
Satay Beef $13.50
Szechuan Beef (Hot or Moderate) $13.50
Black Pepper Beef $13.50
Mango Beef $13.50
Sizzling Beef $13.50
Beef with Mushroom $13.50
Ginger Onion Beef $13.50
Sambal Beef $13.50
Pork Dishes
BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce $13.50
Garlic Pork (Chilli or Plain) $13.50
Lemon Grass Chilli Pork $13.50
Spare Ribs Dishes
Peking Spare Ribs $14.00
Lamb Dishes
Mongolian Lamb $14.50
Szechuan Lamb $14.50
King Prawn Dishes
Garlic King Prawn (Chilli or Plain) $17.50
Curry King Prawn (Red) $17.50
Sizzling King Prawn $17.50
King Prawn Cashews or Almonds $17.50
King Prawn Chinese Vegetables $17.50
Honey King Prawn (or Chilli) (Batter) $17.50
Sweet and Sour King Prawn (Batter) $17.50
Sweet and Sour Fish (Batter) $13.50
Sambal Fish (Batter) $13.50
Black Bean Fish $13.50
Fish with Broccoli $13.50
Chilli Pepper Squid $14.00
Satay Squid $14.00
Szechuan Squid $14.00
Sizzling Squid $14.00
Garlic Seafood (Chilli or Plain) $17.50
Ginger Onion Seafood $17.50
Combination Omelettes $14.00
Shredded Roast Duck Omelettes $14.00
Chicken Omelettes $13.50
Vegetable Omelettes $10.50
Plain Omelettes $10.50
Vegetable Dishes
Garlic Mixed Vegetables (or Chilli) $10.00
Curry Mixed Vegetables $10.00
Fried Bean Curd and Vegetables $11.00
Garlic Choy Sum $10.00

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Kwinana Fish & Chips (sample menu)
Fish Cake $3.30
Chicko Roll $3.00
Prawn Crumbed Cutlet $1.50
Whiting $8.50
Banana Fritter $2.50
Grilled /Crumbed $1.50
Beef sausage Battered $3.00
Sea Scallops $1.70
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KFC Restaurants (sample)
Ultimate Box - 1 x Original Fillet Burger 1 x Original Recipe Chicken - 1 piece 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $9.95
Chicken, Bacon & Egg Twister - $6.95
Popcorn Chicken Regular - $5.95
Spicy Hot Snack Twister $3.75
Hash Brown - 1 x Hash Brown $1.00
Original Recipe Chicken 21 Pieces - $34.95
Regular Twister Combo - 1 x Regular Twister 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular , 375ml drink $8.95
Zinger Burger Combo - 1 x Zinger Fillet Burger 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $7.95
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Chicken Treat (sample)
Royal Chicken Boom Boom Box The Chicken Boom Boom Box features a Royal Chicken Jalapeno Burger with our Spicy Boom sauce, 5 of our sensational Calamari Sticks with Tartare Sauce, and a Regular serve N/A
2 Piece Spicy Fried & Chips Treat yourself to 2 Pieces of Spicy Fried Chicken, a Regular Chips and a for some extra kick a Spicy Boom Dipping Sauce. N/A
Whole Chicken Our famous slow cooked succulent Rotisserie Chicken. N/A
Quarter Chicken & Chips Our famous succulent Rotisserie Chicken with a serve of our irresistible Chips. N/A
Quarter Chicken Dinner Quarter Rotisserie Chicken, Peas, Potatoes and Gravy. N/A
Bubble O'Bill A blend of strawberry, chocolate and caramel ice cream, with a bubblegum nose, and a bullet hole through his hat. N/A
Cheeseburger Chicken pattie with tomato sauce and tasty cheese. $2.00
3 Piece Spicy Fried Meal For a spicy taste explosion, try our 3 Piece Spicy Meal with 3 Pieces of Spicy Fried, Regular Chips, Corn & Butter, Spicy Boom Dipping Sauce and a 390ml drink. N/A
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McDonalds Kwinana (sample)
Bacon & Cheese Sauce Loaded Fries - asty bacon bits and cheese sauce on top of golden fries is the ultimate taste sensation n/a
Honey n/a
Spinach and Feta Brekkie Wrap - The new Spinach and Feta Brekkie Wrap is pure breakfast perfection. Made with fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled caramelized onions, crumbed feta, fresh spinach leaves and n/a
Crispy Chicken Caesar McWrap - Made with 100% Aussie grilled or crispy chicken breast, shaved parmesan cheese, rasher bacon and fresh lettuce, topped with creamy caesar sauce and all wrapped in a stea n/a
Filet-o-Fish - we cook tender portions of fish and enhance their great taste with zesty tartar sauce and cheese n/a
Classic Angus - 100% Aussie Angus beef, two delicious slices of McDonald’s famous cheese, whole leaf lettuce, juicy tomato, red onion rings, pickles with mustard and mayo on a chilli chive bun n/a
Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll - With two sizzling sausage patties, Don® bacon, cheese, creamy mayo and barbeque sauce sandwiched in a fresh roll n/a
Mustard Sauce n/a
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Domino's Pizza (sample)
BBQ MEATLOVERS - Rasher bacon, pepperoni, smoked leg ham, ground beef, Italian sausage on a BBQ sauce base n/a
AMERICANO - Pepperoni, mushrooms & mozzarella n/a
HAWAIIAN - Smoked leg ham, pineapple & mozzarella n/a
PULLED BEEF & BACON - Slow cooked pulled beef & rasher bacon on a BBQ sauce base n/a
CHICKEN & FETA - Seasoned chicken, baby spinach, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives & oregano with garlic sauce n/a
HAM, CHEESE & TOMATO - Smoked leg ham, fresh tomato & mozzarella topped with oregano n/a
HAM & CHEESE - Smoked leg ham & mozzarella n/a
FIRE BREATHER - Ground beef, Italian sausage, jalapenos, pepperoni, fresh tomato, red onion & mozzarella topped with chilli flakes n/a
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
Shp 7/ 40 Meares Ave, Kwinana, WA, 6167, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Kwinana Chinese Restaurant

Very high quality, authentic, clean Chinese cuisine and excellent service!

Kwinana Chinese Restaurant Kwinana Menu

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The opening hours for Kwinana Chinese Restaurant are coming soon