Loong Cheong Chinese Restaurant in Hornsby Menu

House Specialities
Peking ducks N/A
Fresh seafood from tank N/A
Almond blossom chicken $18.80
Imperial lamp with pancake $18.80
Loong cheong BBQ prawn $21.80
Rice paper prawn $20.80
Diced honeyblack pepper steak $17.80
Monglian lamp $17.80
Yau lam chicken $15.80
Pork spare ribs with plum sauce $14.80
Satay combimation $17.80
Fried shredded steak with peking sauce $18.80
Salt pepper white bait $18.80
Roast duck with plum sauce $18.80
Fried prawn with peking sauce $24.80
Salt pepper prawn & calamari $20.80
Sang choy bow $12.80
Salt & pepper calamari $16.80
Ham & chicken roll $9.80
Prawn toast $9.80
Fried wonton $12.80
Prawn cutlet $12.80
Mixed entrée - (2 spring roll,2 dim sim, 2 prawn toast, 2 ham & chicken roll) $13.80
Spring roll $5.80
Dim sim (steamed or fried) $5.80
Prawn chips $3.80
Short soup (wonton) $5.00
Long soup (noodle) $5.00
Vegetable soup $5.00
Chicken sweet & corn soup $5.00
Spicy hot & sour soup $5.80
Pepper beef coriander soup $5.80
Crabmeat sweet corn soup $6.80
Seafood bean curd soup $6.80
Scallop bean curd soup $6.80
Combination short soup $12.80
Combination long soup $12.80
Combination long & short soup $14.80
Seafood combination $19.80
satay seafood $19.80
Seafood with ginger & shallot $19.80
Seafood szechuan style (spicy) $19.80
Chilli seafood eggplant $19.80
XO prawns & scallop $24.80
Scallops with broccoli $24.80
Scallops with snow peas $24.80
Scallops withcrabmeat $24.80
Scallops with hoi sin sauce $24.80
Fish fillet with ginger & shallot $18.80
Fish fritter with sweet corn sauce $18.80
Fish fillet with snow peas $18.80
Salt & pepper fish fritter $18.80
Grill fish fillet with soya sauce $19.80
Hung siu fish fillet $19.80
Calamari szechuan sauce (spicy) $16.80
Calamari with snow peas $18.80
King Prawn
Salt pepper prawn $22.80
Fried/ steamed prawn ginger,chilli & shallot $22.80
Garlic prawn $21.80
Prawn with szechuan style (spice) $20.80
Satay prawn $20.80
Prawn with cashew nuts $20.80
Honey prawn $20.80
XO prawn (mild chilli sauce) $20.80
Prawn with vegetable $20.80
Chicken with chilli sauce $14.80
Chicken with cashew nuts $14.80
Chicken with szechuan style (spicy) $14.80
Chicken vegetable $14.80
Chicken black pepper & honey $14.80
Curry chicken $14.80
Satay chicken $14.80
Honey chicken $14.80
Chicken hoi sin sauce $14.80
Crispy skin chicken $14.80
Boneless lemon chicken $15.80
Shan tung chicken $15.80
Beef & Fillet Steak
Beef with chilli sauce $14.80
Beef with cashew nuts $14.80
Black bean beef $14.80
Satay beef $14.80
Curry beef $14.80
Beef vegetable $14.80
Canton style beef brisket $14.80
Wasabi beef $15.80
Pan fried garlic fillet steak $18.80
Hong kong fillet steak $18.80
Oyster fillet steak $18.80
Fillet steak szechuan style $18.80
3 cup fillet steak $18.80
Pork fillet sichuan (spice) $14.80
Pork fillet plum sauce $14.80
pork fillet hoi sin sauce $14.80
Beijing style pork rib $14.80
Salt & pepperpork rib $14.80
Garlic pork rib $15.80
Mixed vegetable $11.80
Mixed vegetable bean curd $12.80
Chinese broccoli with garlic $12.80
Chinese broccoli with ginger $12.80
Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce $12.80
English spinach with garlic $12.80
Garlic choy sum $11.80
Garlic bok choy $11.80
Golden mushroom bok choy $14.80
Lo han vegetable $14.80
Hung siu bean curd $14.80
Salt & pepper bean curd $11.80
Malay style green bean $14.80
Pork mince green bean $14.80
Golden egg plant with shrimp & pork $16.80
Sweet & Sour
Sweet & sour pork $14.80
Sweet & sour chicken fritter $14.80
Sweet & sour fish fritter $18.80
Sweet & sour prawn $20.80
Fried duck with sweet & sour sauce $20.80
Fried duck with lemon sauce $20.80
Steamed duck with crabmeat $24.80
Steamed duck with mixed seafood $24.80
Steamed duck with chinese mushroom $22.80
Hot Pot
X.O. king prawn vermicelli $26.80
Seafood bean curd $19.80
Salt fish chicken bean curd $15.80
Ma po bean curd $14.80
Canton style beef briscuit $15.80
3 Cup chicken $15.80
Pork mince eggplant $15.80
Plain omelette $11.00
Vegetable omelette $12.80
School prawn omelette $14.80
Chicken omelette $14.80
Combination omelette $15.80
Prawn omelette $20.80
Chaow kwei tieu $12.80
Singapore noodle $12.80
Vegetable chow mein $12.80
Chicken chow mein $12.80
Beef chow mein $12.80
Combination chow mein $16.80
Prawn chow mein $20.80
Seafood chow mein $19.80
Shredded pork chow mein $14.80
Beef brisket chow mein $14.80
Lo han vegetable chow mein $14.80
Soya noodle $10.80
Dry beef hor fun $12.80
Shredded pork udon stir fry $19.80
XO seafood rice stick vermicelli $19.80
Small boil rice $3.00
Large boil rice $5.00
Large fried rice $8.80
Large special fried rice $10.80
Beef & lettuce fried rice $11.80
Chicken salt fish fried rice $12.80
Chicken pineapple fried rice $12.80
Yang chow fried rice $12.80
Special Menu
Special peking duck $38.80
Pan cake N/A
Sang choy bow N/A

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
43A Florence St, Hornsby, NSW, 2077, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Loong Cheong Chinese Restaurant

A favourite among locals, this busy Chinese restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Sunday. The family orientated restaurant specialises in seafood with mouth-watering lobsters, crabs and fish. Enjoy the traditional menu of stir fried meat dishes, vegetables and noodles along with the welcoming and efficient service. The premises is licensed and a private dining area is available.

Loong Cheong Chinese Restaurant Hornsby Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Loong Cheong Chinese Restaurant are coming soon