Wing Wah Restaurant in Tamworth Menu

Soft Drinks $2.80
Honey Chicken $9.80
Honey Chilli Chicken $9.80
Honey Chilli Chicken with Vegetables $9.80
Sweet & Sour Chicken with Vegetables $9.80
Sweet & Sour Chicken Fritters $9.80
Lemon Chicken Fritters $9.80
Chicken with Cashews & Vegetables $9.80
Chicken in BBQ Sauce $9.80
Curry Chicken with Vegetables $9.80
Chicken in Oyster Sauce $9.80
Szechuan Chicken $9.80
Chilli Chicken $9.80
Mongolian Chicken $9.80
Sate Chicken $9.80
Chicken in Plum Sauce $9.80
Garlic Chicken $9.80
Hoi Sin Garlic Chicken $9.80
Crispy Pork in Plum Sauce $9.80
Pork in Peking Sauce $9.80
BBQ Pork in Plum Sauce $9.80
Sweet & Sour Pork $9.80
Mongolian Pork $10.50
Pork Fillet in Chilli Sauce $10.50
Pork Fillet in Oyster Sauce $10.50
Garlic Pork $10.50
Curry Prawns & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Curry Chicken & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Curry Beef & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Beef in Black Bean Sauce & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Chicken, Vegetables & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Beef, Vegetables & Sweet & Sour Pork $11.00
Beef in Black Bean Sauce $9.80
Braised Beef with Cashews / Almonds $9.80
Braised Beef in Oyster Sauce $9.80
Curried Beef with Vegetables $9.80
Szechuan Beef $9.80
Chilli Beef $9.80
Sate Beef $9.80
Hoi Sin Garlic Beef $9.80
Sizzling Beef $9.80
Beef in Plum Sauce $9.80
Garlic Beef $9.80
Mongolian Beef $9.80
Honey Chilli Beef $9.80
Beef in Black Peppercorns $9.80
Crispy Beef in Plum Sauce $9.80
Beef in Peking Sauce $9.80
Beef in BBQ Sauce $9.80
Rainbow Beef $10.00
Mongolian Lamb $10.50
Hoi Sin Garlic Lamb $10.50
Garlic Lamb $10.50
Curry Lamb $10.50
Sate Lamb $10.50
King Prawns with Cashews / Almonds $10.80
Braised King Prawns in Oyster Sauce $10.80
Hoi Sin Garlic King Prawns $10.80
Honey King Prawns $10.80
Honey Chilli King Prawns $10.80
Garlic King Prawns $10.80
Prawns Chop Suey $9.80
Curry Prawns with Vegetables $9.80
Curry King Prawns with Vegetables $10.80
Szechuan King Prawns $10.80
Chilli King Prawns $10.80
Sate King Prawns $10.80
Chow Mein (with noodles)
Chicken Chow Mein $10.00
Beef Chow Mein $10.00
Prawn Chow Mein $10.00
King Prawn Chow Mein $10.80
Combination Chow Mein $10.80
Szechuan Combination $10.50
Sizzling Combination $10.50
Sate Combination $10.50
Chilli Combination $10.50
Hoi Sin Garlic Combination $10.50
Honey Chilli Combination with Vegetables $10.50
Mongolian Combination $10.50
Garlic Combination $10.50
Garlic Chilli Combination $10.50
Curry Combination with Vegetables $10.50
Combination in Oyster Sauce $10.50
Sweet & Sour Combination with Vegetables $10.50
Sweet & Sour Fish Fritters $10.50
Combination Hot Pot $10.50
Combination in BBQ Sauce $10.50
Chilli Scallops $15.00
Garlic Seafood $15.00
Garlic Scallops $15.00
Singapore Noodles $11.50
Yangzhou Style Noodles $11.50
Hokkien Noodles (Hot) $11.50
Stir-Fry Udon Noodles $11.50
Chicken Omelette $10.00
Prawn Omelette $10.00
BBQ Pork Omelette $10.00
Plain Omelette $10.00
Vegetable Omelette $9.50
Combination Omelette $10.80
King Prawn Omelette $10.80
Ginger & Shallot Sauce
Chicken in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $9.90
Beef in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $9.90
King Prawns in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $10.90
Combination in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $10.90
Fish in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $10.90
Scallops in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $15.00
Seafood in Ginger & Shallot Sauce $15.00

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Marigold Inn (sample menu)
Marigold Seafood Special $20.50
Scallops & Three Mushrooms $27.90
Family $10.50
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King Prawns & Spicy Vegetables $19.80
Peking Pork Ribs $17.50
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The Old Bell Tower (sample)
Sandwiches made fresh to order - JUST SALAD $8.00
French Earl Grey (hot or iced) $5.00
BIG BELL TOWER vegetarian breakfast - CHOICE OF EGGS, MUSHROOMS, oven roasted TOMATO, Homemade baked beans s/w THICK buttered TOAST $19.00
Eggs benedict - Served w/bacon & spinach $17.50
café style RAISIN TOAST (2 SLICES) served w/butter $5.50
Eggs benedict - Served w/smoked salmon & baby spinach $19.50
Bacon & banana (Half/Full Serve) $9.00/$13.00
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Inland Cafe (sample)
Crispy skin salmon fillet on a mash potato, asparagus & seeded mustard hollandaise $17.90
Herbal teas: chamomile, peppermint, rosehip, green $4.00
Roast pumpkin fettuccine, zucchini, spinach, pine nuts in a garlic cream sauce $16.90
Full strength beer $6.50
Waffles with ice cream & butterscotch sauce $6.90
Salads - chicken or prawn caesar, cos lettuce, prosciutto, parmesan, turkish croutons, house made dressing topped with poached egg (anchovies optional) (GF) $16.90
Chicken nuggets & chips $6.90
BLT. $6.90
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Albert Hotel Tamworth (sample)
200g Scotch fillet
Served with chips & salad or vegetables
Surf & turf
Served with prawns & creamy garlic sauce
-Entrée $10.50
Pie of the day
Served with chips & salad or vegetables
Beer battered flathead
Served with chips & salad & aioli dressing
Dianne, pepper, mushroom & gravy
Chicken caesar salad $16.00
Chicken parmigiana $18.00
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
276 Peel St, Tamworth, NSW, 2340, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

Wing Wah Restaurant

The Wing Wah Tamworth Chinese Restaurant has some of the best authentic Chinese food in all of Tamworth. The Wing Wah has been a familyÐ’ run business for over 7 years,Ð’ providing great service at a reasonable price. People from all over the region come to try ourÐ’ famous hand made Spring Rolls. We pride ourselves on creating the best Chinese food possible and we are dedicated to giving ourÐ’ customers the absolute best service they deserve. We are also very passionate about Tamworth and believe its the perfect placeÐ’ to raise our family. We could not imagine a better place to own a Business.

We are a fully Licensed venue and have a bar stocked В full of your favourite drinks.WeВ also have a Professional grade coffeeВ machine and our trained Baristas will make you one of the best Coffees В or Teas you have ever had. It’s just the perfect thing afterВ enjoying some of our delicious Chinese Cuisine.

We have recently completed a full renovation of our Restaurant in Tamworth. We have given our Restaurant a professional make over, making theВ best use of the space we have and giving a completely new look and feel. So why not book your next Function or Party with us. You will feel very welcomed from the Second you walk in the door. So please come in today, I’mВ sure you will not be disappointed.

Wing Wah Restaurant Tamworth Menu

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