The Pizza Pub in Launceston Menu

Pizza Pub Bundles
Single Pack - 1 large pizza, garlic bread, 1.25L Coke $21.00
Double Pack - 2 large pizza, garlic bread, 1.25L Coke $34.00
Triple Pack - 3 large pizza, garlic bread, 1.25L Coke $47.00
Large Chips $4.50
Sour Cream $1.50
Gravy $1.50
Rocket & Shaved Parmesan Salad $9.00
Garden Salad $9.00
Greek Salad $9.00
Garlic Bread $4.50
Garlic Pizza (R/L/F) $9.00/$11.00/$13.00
Standard Pizzas
American - Mild salami, ham, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Hawaiian - Pineapple, ham, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Pepperoni - Mild salami, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
BBQ - Beef, bacon, onion, cheese & BBQ sauce (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Italiano - Mild salami, ham, mushroom, capsicum, onion, olives, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Vegetarian - Capsicum, onion, mushroom, pineapple, olives, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Aussie - Ham, bacon, egg, cheese & tomato base $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Red Centre - Hot salami, ham, capsicum, onion, olives, cheese & tomato base. Jalapeno peppers optional (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Meat Lovers - Mild salami, beef, bacon, ham, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Margarita - Cheese, oregano, garlic & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Pizza Pub Super - Mild salami, cheese, ham, pineapple, mushroom, capsicum, onion, olives, prawns & tomato base. Anchovies optional (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Chicken - BBQ sauce optional - Chicken, pineapple, mushroom, onion, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Sweet Chilli Chicken - Chicken, capsicum, onion, olives, cheese & sweet chilli sauce (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Seafood - A variety of seafood, cheese & a tomato base. Anchovies optional (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Wallaby - Tasmanian Wallaby and bush pepper salami, cheese & tomato base (R/L/F) $13.00/$16.00/$22.00
Gourmet Pizzas
Mushroom Prosciutto - Sauteed Tasmanian swiss brown mushrooms, prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, bocconcini and mozzarella cheese (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Classic Margherita - Sliced Tasmanian tomatoes (in season), fresh garlic, fresh oregano, mozzarella cheese & fresh basil (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Smoked Salmon - Italian pizza sauce, smoked salmon, olives, capers, bocconcini & Spanish onion (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Lamb - Italian pizza sauce, Tasmanian lamb, Spanish onion, roasted pumpkin, roasted sweet potato, fetta, plain yoghurt, lemon juice & fresh mint (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Vitamina - Italian pizza sauce, carrot, eggplant, capsicum, pumpkin, Spanish onion, olives, fetta & basil (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Prosciutto - Italian pizza sauce, sliced prosciutto, mozzarella & shavings of parmesan cheese (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Salsicce - Tasmanian pork sausage, fresh garlic, fresh oregano & mozzarella cheese (chilli optional) (R/L/F) $15.00/$19.00/$24.00
Carbonara - Cream, bacon, spring onion & parmesan (1/2/3/4 serve/s of pasta)
Bolognaise - Napoletana sauce & lean beef (1/2/3/4 serve/s of pasta)
Sicilian - Tomato, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, hot salami, cream & parmesan (1/2/3/4 serve/s of pasta)
Vegetarian - Tomato, olives, mushrooms, capsicum, spring onions, semi-dried tomatoes, cream & parmesan (1/2/3/4 serve/s of pasta)
Mediterranean - Onions, olives, anchovies, tomato, chilli & capers (1/2/3/4 serve/s of pasta)

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Cock N Bull British Pub (sample menu)
Ocean Trout Pate - Served with toast and lemon (glutten free biscuit available upon request) $10.90
Dark Chocolate and Macadamia Brownie - Served with raspberry ripple ice cream $10.90
Seafood Basket - King Prawn skewer, beer battered fish, salted squid,smoked salmon and chilli crumbled scallops served with chips and salad $29.90
Roast of the Day - Served with roast vegetables and traditional condiments N/A
Fish and Chips - Fresh Fish of the day in a light beer batter, served with lemon and tartare , chips and salad $17.90
Beef and Guiness Pie -Tender tassie beef slow cooked in guiness with carrot, onion and herbs , then encased in a rich sour cream pastry, served with chips and salad orvegetable $19.90
Irish Stew - Braised Lam shanks in a rich broth of vegetables and herbs, served in a cob loaf with creamy mash (Gluten free option served with mash only) $23.90
Mini Burger and Mash with Gravy $12.90
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O'Keefe's Hotel (sample)
Whiskey and Mushroom, Brandied Pepper, Creamy Seeded Mustard, House made Gravy, Hot English Mustard, Seeded Mustard, Dijion Mustard N/A
Scotch Fillet 300g $32 400g $37.5
Thai Chicken Curry - Served with jasmine rice $23
Mediterranean Chicken - Pocketed with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes finished with a sundried pesto $28
Seafood Basket - Freshly crumbed seafood served with chips, lemon wedges and tartare sauce $17
Caesar Salad - Crisp cos lettuce, bacon chips, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and aioli dressing (Chicken or Salmon additional $5) E$11 / M$15.5
Beef Cotoletta - Beef schnitzel, bacon, tomato concasse, cheese and chips $14.5
Bruschetta - French loaf topped with red onion jam, tomatoes and parmesan cheese $9
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Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant (sample)
Pork Fillets - stir fried with vegetables, roasted peanuts, lime, chilli, mint and coconut sauce $19.00
Vegetarian Fried Rice - Fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts and eggs $14.00
Chicken Spring Rolls (3 pieces) - Finely diced chicken breast with cabbage, vermicelli, fragrant curry and sweet chilli dipping sauce $8.00
Add fresh egg noodles to any dish $3.00
Ling Fillets - stir fried with snow peas in spring onion and ginger sauce $22.00
Garlic Greens - Steamed broccoli, snow peas, asparagus, zucchini with finely diced shallot and fresh garlic butter sauce $17.00
Pork and Prawn Soft Rice Paper Rolls (2 pieces) - Lettuce, cucumber, mint and vermicelli with classic dipping sauce $9.00
Special Fried Rice - Chinese sausage, chicken, shrimps, snow peas, bean sprouts and eggs $15.00
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Italian Pizza House (sample)
7 days a week small pizza or pasta with a 300ml can of coke $10.00
1.25 litre bottles of coke range $4.00
2 large pizzas & 1.25lt soft drink $31.00
Greek salad Small $6.00/ Large $8.00
Chicken schnitzel & salad Large $15.00
Garlic bread Large $4.00
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Canton Restaurant (sample)
Beef in Satay Sauce $18.00
Beef Chow Min - CRISPY NOODLES / EGG NOODLES $18.00 / $19.00
Scallops Chow Min - CRISPY NOODLES / EGG NOODLES $23.00 / $24.00
Curry Chicken and Vegetables $18.00
Mixed Vegetables (garlic, black bean, chili). $13.50
Mixed Vegetables, Tofu, cashews, fresh chili $22.00
Vegetarian Singaporean Rice Noodle $20.00
Combination Tofu Hot Pot $25.00
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
111 Wellington St, Launceston, TAS, 7250, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Pizza & Pasta, Takeaway Food

The Pizza Pub

Authentic Pizza & PastaTake away pizza - pasta - licenced venue - catering availableAustralian Operated

The Pizza Pub Launceston Menu

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