Cafe Di Mondo in Midland Menu

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All served with your choice of sauce (mayonnaise, mustard, aioli, sweet chilli, hot chilli, barbecue, sour cream) N/A
Mondo Burger - 100% beef patty, cheese, egg, bacon, salad $9.50
Hamburger - 100% beef patty, onion and salad $7.50
Original Steak Burger - porterhouse steak, onion and salad $9.50
Mondo Steak Burger - porterhouse steak, onion, cheese, bacon, egg and salad $12.50
Chicken Burger - chicken schnitzel, bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli $10.50
Bacon and Egg Burger - bacon, egg and salad $9.00
Hot Dog - with sauce $6.50
Mondo Super Dog - sausage, cheese, bacon, fried onion and sauce $9.50
add side of chips $3.00
Rolls and Sandwiches
Continental - layers of ham, mortadella and salami, pickled capsicum, cheese and salad
Roll $9.00 / Sandwich $8.00
Marinated Chicken - marinated chicken, avocado and salad
Roll $7.00 / Sandwich $6.00
Mondo Leg Ham - layers of leg ham, cheese, mustard and salad
Roll $7.00 / Sandwich $6.00
Espresso Special - salami, cheese, pickled capsicum and olives
Roll $7.00 / Sandwich $6.00
Chicken Schnitzel - home made chicken schnitzel and salad
Roll $7.50 / Sandwich $6.50
BLT - bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise
Roll $7.00 / Sandwich $6.50
Roast Beef - tender roast beef, cheese and salad
Roll $6.50 / Sandwich $5.50
Hot Chicken Roll - chicken, cheese or mayonnaise $6.00
Turkish Breads/Foccacias
or served with chips and salad $ 10.50 / $ 14.00
Chicken Supreme - chicken, cheese, avocado and spinach N/A
Roast Vegie - fetta, roast pumpkin, onion, pine nuts, pesto and spinach N/A
Continental - ham, salami, mortadella, pickled capsicum, olives, sun-dried tomato and cheese N/A
Hawaiian - chicken, ham, cheese and pineapple N/A
Sicilian - Italian sausage, roasted capsicum, eggplant and cheese N/A
Bacon Deluxe - bacon, cheese, sun-dried tomato, olives and spinach N/A
Vegetarian - avocado, cheese, artichoke, eggplant, pickled capsicum, olives, onion and spinach N/A
Chicken Schnitzel - chicken schnitzel, cheese and spinach N/A
All Day Breakfast
Eggs on Toast $8.50
Eggs on Toast (kids) - scrambled, poached or fried $5.00
Baked Beans or Spaghetti on toast $8.50
Mushrooms on toast $9.50
Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, ham, spinach on toasted Turkish Bread, finished with hollandaise sauce $15.50
Aussie Breakfast - eggs, tomato, bacon and sausages on toast $15.50
Mondo Breakfast - eggs, bacon, tomato, sausages, mushrooms, hash browns and baked beans on toast $21.50
Amy's Special - scrambled eggs with tomato, bacon, cheese and onion on toast $15.50
Greek Sunrise - scrambled eggs on toasted Turkish bread with kalamatta olives and fetta $15.50
Vegetarian Breakfast - eggs, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown and baked beans on toast $15.50
Omelettes served with toast N/A
2 egg choice of 3 fillings $14.50
3 egg choice of 4 fillings $16.50
4 egg choice of 5 fillings $18.50
Extra fillings - ham, chicken, bacon, tomato, fetta, spinach, asparagus, onion, mushroom, avocado, sausage, cheese, olives, pineapple $1.00
English Breakfast - eggs, steak and chips on toast $17.50
Bacon and Egg Sandwich $7.00
Bacon and Egg Burger $9.00
Bacon and Egg Deluxe Burger - bacon, egg, cheese and salad $10.50
Mondo Breakfast Burger - bacon, egg, sausage, cheese, hash brown, salad $12.50
Vegie Breakfast Burger - egg, tomato, onion, mushrooms, spinach $8.50
Fritatta (Gluten Free) - Mediterranean - Pumpkin and Fetta $8.50
Pancakes - with syrup $8.00
Pancakes - with syrup and ice cream $10.00
Pancakes - with syrup and berries $12.00
Pancakes - with syrup, berries and ice cream $14.00
Croissants - ham and cheese $6.50
Croissants - mushroom and cheese $7.50
Croissants - chicken and cheese $7.50
Muffins - chocolate, blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate, orange, apple, carrot and walnut $3.90
Toast - white, wholemeal, rye or grain hot buttered with a choice of jam, marmalade, vegemite or peanut butter $4.00
Raisin Toast $4.90
Extras - bacon (2), sausages (2), hash browns (2), mushrooms, baked beans, spaghetti egg (1), tomato $3.50
Bruschetta $8.50
Fries served with aioli
Medium $5.00 / Large $8.00
Wedges served with sweet chilli and sour cream
Medium $6.50 / Large $8.50
Soup of the day (if available) served with bread
Medium $8.00 / Large $10.00
Fish and Chips - beer battered fish served with hot chips and tartare sauce $14.95
Salt and Pepper Squid - served with chips and salad $14.95
Chicken Parmigiana - served with chips and salad $15.95
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni - served with chips and salad $14.95
Beef Lasagne - served with chips and salad $14.95
Kids Meals - Nuggets and Chips - Fish and Chips $7.00

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Calamari $0.40
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Enchanted Forest $40.95
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PERi-PERi Chips (Large) $5.95
Spicy Rice (Regular) $3.95
White Rice $3.95
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PERi-PERi Chips (Regular) $3.95
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Maccha (Green Tea Flavoured) Home made $9.50
Prawn - Delicately flavoured, vinegar sushi rice with various toppings. 2 pieces per serve $7.00
Agedashi Tofu $9.50
Salmon Teriyaki Bento - Includes Miso Soup, Prawn Tempura Roll, steamed Rice, Green Salad, Seaweed salad and Fresh Fruit $31.50
Mixed Tempura - Assortment Prawns, Fish & Vegies Fried In Light Japanese Batter (Entree/Mains) $14.50/$27.50
Tempura Udon with Soup - Tempura Prawns and Tempura Vegetables Arranged with light Udon soup $20.50
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This business is closed

This business has been marked as closed.

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
10 Old Great Northern Hwy, Midland, WA, 6056, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Cafe Di Mondo

A Great Place for a Break If you’re looking for somewhere to relax, enjoy a coffee or cake and spend time with friends, head over to Cafe Di Mondo in Midland, Western Australia.

Cafe Di Mondo offer a wide range of drinks, meals and snacks that are sure to give you a pick-me-up throughout the day. The coffee on offer is some of the best in the area, with customers always satisfied.

Staff at Cafe Di Mondo are friendly, relaxed and welcoming, ensuring your stay will be one to remember.

Give them a call today on 08 9274 2525 for more information.

Cafe Di Mondo Midland Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Cafe Di Mondo are coming soon