Food World Cafe in Wollongong Menu

Wonton or suy kao soup $10.00
Wonton or suy kao noodles soup $11.00
Stewed beef noodles $11.00
Sate beef or sate chicken noodles soup $11.00
Dry sate beef or sate chicken noodles $11.00
Crispy skin chicken noodles soup $11.00
Pickle chicken with thin rice noodles $11.00
Food world special rice noodles $11.00
beef rice noodles soup (Pho) $12.00
Laksa combination soup $11.00
Laksa vegetable soup $11.00
Pork chop udon noodles soup $11.00
Wonton & BBQ pork noodles soup $11.50
Combination noodles soup $12.00
Shredded pork noodles soup $11.00
Duck & chinese mushroom noodles soup $13.00
Seafood noodles soup $13.00
Food world spring roll (6 rolls) $8.50
Vegetarian spring roll (4 rolls) $8.00
Deep fried mango & prawns roll (2 rolls) $6.40
Deep fried middles chicken wing (4) $6.00
Pork paper roll (3 rolls) $7.50
Chicken salad $8.50
Chili octopus salad (hot) $8.50
Sate chicken stick (3 sticks) $7.20
Sate beef stick (3 sticks) $7.20
Deep fried spicy & salty squids $8.50
Steam dim sim $6.00
Char koew tew $11.00
Dry beef rice noodles $11.00
Dry shredded pork rice noodles $11.00
Singapore rice noodles (hot) $11.00
Beef Black bean & rice noodles $11.00
Shanghai noodles X.O sauce (hot) $11.00
Shanghai noodles without X.O sauce $11.00
Sezuan combination rice noodles (hot) $12.00
Combination noodles or rice noodles $12.00
Shredded pork rice noodles $11.00
Loong-min thin rice noodles $11.00
Dry shredded pork pickle cabbage udon noodles $11.00
Spring rolls with thin rice noodles $11.00
Dry combination Shanghai noodles $12.00
Seafood noodles or rice noodles $13.00
Vegetarian Singapore noodles $11.00
Vegetarian Shanghai noodles $11.00
Vegetarian char koew tew $11.00
Mixed vegetable rice $11.00
Vegetarian fried rice $9.50
Green vegetables $8.00
Hai nan chicken & rice $11.00
Crispy skin chicken & tomato rice $11.00
Stewed beef & rice $11.00
Sate beef or sate chicken & rice $11.00
Soya chicken & rice $11.00
Black pepper chicken & rice $11.00
Pork chop & special broken rice $11.00
Bakuteh & rice $11.00
Combination rice $12.00
Curried combination rice $12.00
Beef tomato & rice $11.00
Sweet & sour pork rice $11.00
Honey chicken & rice $11.00
Shredded pork & rice $11.00
Belacan chicken & rice (hot) $11.00
Pork ribs plum sauce & rice $11.00
Chicken cashew nut & rice $11.00
Chicken oyster sauce & rice $11.00
Beef special sauce & rice (hot) $11.00
Lemongrass chicken rice (hot) $11.00
Spicey bubba rice (hot) $11.00
Mapo tofu rice (hot) $11.00
Beef mongolian sauce rice (hot) $11.00
Large fried rice S $8.50 L $9.50
Special fried rice S $9.50 L $10.50
Grill pork chop (12pm - 3pm) $12.00
Grill seafood with pumpkin sauce (12pm - 3pm) $14.00
Seafood rice $13.00
T-bone steak & fried tomato rice $14.50
Salty pork porridge $11.00
Seafood porridge $13.00
Chinese curton $3.00
Sizzling chicken peking sauce & rice (hot) $12.00
Sizzling beef sizzling sauce & rice $12.00
Sizzling chicken garlic sauce & rice $12.00
Sizzling beef pepper sauce & rice $12.00
-Any combination or noodles extra + $1.00
-Change to special fried rice extra + $4.00
Beef and black bean sauce $14.00
Beef and special sauce (hot) $14.00
Beef mongolian sauce (hot) $14.00
Sate beef or sate chicken $14.00
Lemongrass chicken (hot) $14.00
Lemon chicken $14.00
Honey chicken $14.00
Sweet and sour chicken $14.00
Curried chicken $14.00
Sweet and sour pork $14.00
BBQ pork plum sauce $15.00
Mixed vegetable
Mixed vegetable and tofu
Pork ribs and plum sauce $15.00
Pork ribs and spicy salty (hot) $15.00
Sate combination (hot) $15.00
Curried combination (hot) $15.00
Sizzling chicken peking sauce $14.00
Sizzling beef sizzling sauce $14.00
Combination and vegetable
Chicken, beef, prawn, fish cake and vegetable
Seafood and vegetable
Prawn, scallop, squid, and vegetable
Shredded pork and eggplant $14.00
Chips $3.50
Spring roll and chips $8.50
Chicken wing and chips $8.50
Crispy skin chicken and chips $9.00
Sweet corn and chicken soup $6.00
Fried fish and chips $8.50
Billy-kee chicken and rice $11.00
Dry noodles and soya chicken $11.00
Dry noodles and crispy skin chicken $11.00
Chicken tofu salty fish and steam rice $11.00
Fried rice chicken and salty fish $11.00
Fried rice beef and lettuce $11.00
Beef and vegetable rice noodles $11.00
Lemon chicken and rice $11.00
Soya chicken and BBQ pork with rice $13.00
Crispy skin chicken and BBQ pork with rice $13.00
Fried fish sweet & sour sauce and rice $11.00
Fried fish sweet corn sauce and rice $11.00
Chicken pad-thai (hot) $11.00
Vegetable omelet with rice $13.00
Chicken omelet with rice $13.00
BBQ pork omelet with rice $15.00
Combination omelet with rice $15.00
Garlic king prawn vegetable only $16.00
Honey king prawn only $16.00
Gong-bao king prawn and rice (hot) $16.00
Gong-bao chicken and rice (hot) $11.00

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Nam Restaurant (sample menu)
King Prawns / Seafood (King prawn, calamari, fish ball & fish tofu) - Carrot, broccoli, celery, baby corn, mushroom, bamboo shoot, choy sum and crispy egg noodle. $19.00
King Prawns / Seafood (King prawn, calamari, fish ball & fish tofu) - Cauliflower, carrot, mushroom, baby corn, onion, cabbage, capsicum and peanut. $18.00
Vegetable Soup - Carrot, tofu, chinese cabbage, mushroom, choy sum cabbage. $8.00
Fried Ice Cream $5.50
Crumbed Crab Claw (2 per serve) Seasoning crumbed crab claw with sweet chilli sauce. $7.00
Lâ~u Canh Chua Tôm (Prawns Sour Soup) (Small/Large) Prawns in sour soup with pineapple, tomato, celery, vegetable. $20.00/$25.00
Steamed Rice (per person) $2.50
Iced Coffee or Coconut Juice $3.50
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Trang Vietnamese Restaurant (sample)
Mixed Entrée For 2 - Dim Sims, Rice Paper Rolls, Skewered Chicken, Spring Rolls $20.00
Laska Soup (Spicy) - Vermicelli Noodles Served In A Coconut, Lemongrass & Herb Broth & Vegetables $11
Vanilla Ice-Cream - Four Scoops Of Vanilla Ice-Cream With Topping $6
Sparkling Mineral Water $3
Saigon Sweet & Sour Soup - Chicken, Seafood & Vegetables In Rich & Spicy Broth S $8 (S)/ $15 (L)
Lemongrass; Xao Xa - Stir- Fried Lemongrass And Chilli $11
Jasmine/ Chinese Tea $2 p.p
Your Choice Of Rice Or Egg (Soft/ Crispy) Noodles N/A
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Chef's Choice Restaurant (sample)
Fish Cake & Fish Ball N/S $8.00
Pork Ribs with Peking or Chinkiang Sauce $9.50
Salt & Spicy Flounder $11.00
Sizzling Beef Black Bean Sauce $9.80
Wonton Soup $7.50
Crispy Chicken Noodle Soup $9.50
Basil Chilli Chicken or Beef $8.80
Chicken / Crabmeat Mushroom Soup $6.50
Clean Here for the full menu for Chef's Choice Restaurant
Bostons Espresso (sample)
Range of sweets available in display including gluten/sugar/dairy free options N/A
Slow cooked lamb - Baby spinach, sweet potato & danish feta with tzatziki $9
Bostons breakfast Organic sourdough + Smashed avocado + Haloumi + Mushroom + Bacon $15
Free range fried or scrambled eggs on organic sourdough $7
+ Smashed avocado $3
Grilled chicken breast - Housemade chilli, lime mayo coleslaw $9
Breakfast wrap with free range egg, baby spinach, aioli with smoked salmon or bacon $6.5
+ smoked salmon $4
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Fat Boy Grill & Pide (sample)
Brother Spinach, Onion, Cheese $10.00 / $12.00 / $13.00
Supreme All Vegies, Jalapeno, Garlic, Yogurt $14.00 / $14.00 / $14.00
Fatboy $14.00
Small $3.50
- Extra Meat $3.00
Tomato Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Cheese $10.00 / $12.00 / $13.00
Lamb $12.00
Make Your Own -
Clean Here for the full menu for Fat Boy Grill & Pide

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Bostons Espresso Sandwich Bar, Cafes

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Table Service
148 Keira St, Wollongong NSW 2500
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

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