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Novacastrian Ribs & Wings To Go Steak, Takeaway Food

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Don Beppino (sample menu)
Garlic Bread or Cheese Bread Baguette style bread rolls cut into five slices, with garlic butter or cheese butter between each slice. $3.50
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Asian Delight Restaurant Merewether (sample)
Peking Fillet Steak $16.00
Prawn Cutlets (3) $5.70
Ginger & Shallot Scallops with Snow Peas $17.20
Sate Scallops $17.20
Garlic Combination $14.00
Thai Chilli Lamb (Hot) $14.90
Mixed Entrée (Spring Roll, Dim Sim & Prawn Toast) $6.00
Thai Red Curry Duck $16.90
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Fillet Steak Fillet Steak One of the most expensive steaks, but a good one is well worth it. Restaurants will recommend that you never have it ‘well done’ and at the most, medium rare, to enjoy the real soft texture and flavour of the meat. Frequently served with simply butter and herbs, either pan fried or grilled, you can still choose from a selection of sauce which are charged extra. Peppercorn or ‘Diane’ sauce (mushrooms, finely diced shallots and wine) are the most popular sauces. Served with chips and grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and occasionally onions. Steak
Popular Menu Item Rib-Eye Steak Rib-Eye Steak The rib eye is served just plain grilled, or with an accompaniment of sauces such as peppercorn, garlic butter, or pizzaiola (tomato, herbs, onions). Many steak houses have an open grill where you can see your steaks being cooked. Steak
Popular Menu Item Wagyu Beef Wagyu Beef Served in top restaurants, this unique cut and reared piece of beef is the supreme of fillet steak. Tender to cut, it melts in the mouth due to the marbling effect in the meat. Generally not served with any sauce, as this is felt to impose upon the flavour of the beef. Almost always served rare. Steak
Popular Menu Item Sirloin Sirloin Look for the Angus Sirloins, they are packed with flavour and when hung and cooked well they are utterly delicious. Look for the great side dishes to go with a sirloin. Duck fat chips or potato gratin work well or a juicy tomato salad. Steak
Popular Menu Item Rump Steak Rump Steak Rump steak is the most versatile of the steak cuts and can be found in most Steak houses in the country. Usually devoured by hungry men, the rump steak should be aged and never over cooked as it will toughen up and go chewy. Most restaurants will serve the eye of the rump which is the most ideal for char grilling, pan frying and barbecuing. It's an outstanding piece of meat. Steak
Popular Menu Item Venison Venison Venison Steak meat is tender with a velvet like texture and subtle flavour. Cooked simply but with amazing flavours, venison is a memorable dish. Look out for it on menus and you will find such parings as liquorice, cherry, raspberries and blueberries. Steak
Popular Menu Item Red Wine Red Wine Any steak dish deserves a full flavoured red wine, and choices with a good steak would probably be a Rioja or a deep and crisp Cabernet Sauvignon. The more flavour in the steak, the more the tannin in the wine is affected and lessened, so a wine strong in tannin can become more palatable with a juicy marbled steak. Steak
Popular Menu Item English Ale English Ale A very good English ale can be drunk with steak and in fact is very popular. ‘Real Ales’ in the UK are known throughout the world for the smoothness and flavour and are a great accompaniment for any beef dishes if you do not happen to enjoy wine. A limited amount off ‘froth’ on the top of the ale will signify a good ‘pour’. Steak

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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
56 Wilton St, Merewether, NSW, 2291, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Steak, Takeaway Food

Opening Hours

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