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Zoe's Homestyle Kitchen


10 Stevenage St, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia

Zoe's Homestyle Kitchen Sample Menu

Cheese sauce base with cheese, a whole cracked egg and bacon, finished with BBQ sauce
All of our pastas are made to order, so add or remove any ingredients to your taste, add some chilli or even make it vegetarian!
Tomato sauce base with cheese, ham, bacon, cabanossi, pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, pineapple, olives and capsicum
Vegan pizza
Ask for the toppings you would like when you order
Pizza base garlic bread $11.00

Yanchep Beach Lagoon Cafe


101 Wilkie Ave, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia

Yanchep Park Kiosk & Tearooms

Takeaway Food

Yanchep National Park, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia

Lindsay's Restaurant

Two Rocks Rd, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia

Lindsay's Restaurant Sample Menu

VEGETARIAN - Tomato based sauce, topped with capsicum, mushroom, eggplant, onion & julienne of beetroot $15.00
OYSTERS KILPATRICK (GF) ½ dozen $12.00
PASSIONFRUIT CHEESECAKE - Shortbread biscuit base, with a creamy, tangy passionfruit filling & cream $8.00
FETTUCINE PESTO - Light tomato & basil sauce, topped with lightly roasted pine nuts $15.00
SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE - Traditional homemade bolognaise meat sauce, served with al dente spaghetti $15.00

Yanchep Inn


Yanchep National Park, Wanneroo Rd, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia


Takeaway Food

LINDSAY BEACH CENTRE, SHOP 4, 99 LINDSAY BEACH Bvd, Yanchep, WA, 6035, Australia
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