A1 Indian Restaurant in Bunbury Menu

Onion bhaji
4 Pcs,crispy beef patties of sliced onion served in chickpea flour batter and served with side yoghurt sauce
Assorted vegetable pakora
4 Pcs, lightly battered vegetables, deep fried and served with a spicy mint tamarind chutney
Punjabi paneer pakoras
6 Pcs, slices of fresh indian pepper, dipped in chickpea flour butter and deep fried, served dipping nut with date and tamarind chutney
Mushroom pakoras
10 Pcs, marinated mushroom coated in lightly spiced chickpea flour
Vegetable samosa pyramids
2 Pcs, hot sized crispy patty pyramid with a gently spiced potato and pea filling
Bombay chicken wings
6 Pcs, lettuce twist on traditional chicken wings made with hot sauce
Chicken 65
8 Pcs, deep fried marinated chicken pieces originated from south india
Lamb seekh kebab peshawar
4 Pcs, minced lamb flavoured with onion, spices hand peanut with the skewers and cooked in the tandoor
Amritsari fish fry
5 Pcs, a spiced batter fried fish originated from the amritsar served with lemon slices and green chutney
Prawn pakoras
6 Pcs, prawns marinated and coated in spiced chickpea flour &
A 1's meat platter
Combination of prawn pakora (2), lamb seekh (2), chicken tikka (2)
A 1's veg platter
Onion bhaji (2), vegetable pakora (2), and paneer pakora (2), samosa (1) with mint chutney
Chicken tikka
Boneless pieces marinated in spiced yoghurt cooked in tandoori oven
-3 Pcs $9.50
-6 Pcs $17.90
Smoky tandoori chicken
Tender chicken in bone marinated in traditional spices, and yoghurt, smoke roasted in a benchy hot tandoori oven, served with mint sauce
-2 Pcs $9.50
-4 Pcs $17.90
●Chicken dishes $17.90
A 1's special butter chicken
Very mild, tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated overnight and cooked in the tandoori oven, then smothered a in a creamy butter flavored sauce
Mango chicken
Very mild, chicken pieces cooked with sweet creamy mango relish
Chicken tikka masala
Medium, tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a tomato and onion based aromatic sauce, garnished with fresh coriander
Chicken korma
Mild, dish of chicken simmered with saffron stands, condiments, cashew and yoghurt
Murg korma
Medium, an ancient mughal snipe of chicken from india cooked in a onion gravy with coriander and red chillies
Chicken chettinad
Medium, a chicken curry from region of southern indian made with coconut, whole red chillies,
Chicken jhalfrezi
Chicken cooked with juliennes of onion, tomatoes and green pepper in medium sauce
Dhaba style chicken curry
Medium, rosti and flavoured chicken curry
Chilli chicken dry
Extra hot, spiced chicken crispy cooked with capsicum, onion, tomato and red cutlets with herbs, and green masala
Saag chicken
Medium, boneless chicken smoked with spinach homemade spices
Chicken vindaloo
Extra hot, a spicy east indian specialty, combination of chicken and potatoes in a hot curry sauce
Methi malai chicken
Mild, boneless chicken cooked with dry katsuri in a mild creamy gravy
Chicken madras curry
Hot, chicken cooked in traditional madras curry, flavoured with fresh curry leaves
Chicken dalcha
Medium, the delicious and popular dish made with chicken and lettuce
Veg korma
Mild, mixed vegetable curry in a mild creamy sauce
Malai kofta
Mild, small balls of minced vegetable, dipped with cashew and raisins in a thick onion cashew gravy
Bombay aloo
Medium, dry, lightly spiced potato dish with homemade sauce
Hing zeera aloo
Medium, potatoes cooked with garlic, ginger, onion and herbs
Saag aloo
Medium, potatoes cooked in spinach gravy
Dal makhani
Medium, popular dish from punjab, whole black lentils cooked with tomatoes, onions and butter
Dal sultani
Medium, popular dish from punjab and black dal cooked in yoghurt and cream
Lahori chole masala
Medium, a medium recipe of chickpeas from lahore (pakistan) infused with zinger and honey spices
Chana masala uk style
Medium, a classic vegetarian recipe of chickpeas in hase gravy
Cashew gobi
Medium, cashew nuts and cauliflower in thick yellow gravy garnished with broken cashews
Paneer jalfrezi
Medium, cottage cheese combined with green bell pepper tempered and sauteed in spicy tomato gravy
Palak paneer
Cottage cheese rocked in spinach gravy and fresh indian spices
Paneer masala
Medium, cooked with cottage cheese in flavoured tomato gravy and finished with cream
Khumb corn hara pyaz
Medium, scallops, corn kemels & mushroom combination in delicious tomato and onion gravy
Methi chaman
Medium, peas, paneer in a creamy fenugreek flavoured mughlai gravy
Cheese tomato
Medium, tossed in garlic, ginger, spices & silky tomato gravy
Dhaba paneer
Medium, cheese cooked with cumin, ginger in chopped onion masala
Lamb korma
Mild, Dish of lamb simmered in rich creamy gravy with cashew nut and yoghurt
Lamb rogan josh
Medium, a traditional north indian lamb curry with karami red chilli and peas masala
Saag lamb
Medium, a classic lamb dish where the meat is cooked with spices and then fresh spinach is added to make a flavourful
Lamb balti
Medium, with onion, tomatoes capsicum and potatoes, cooked in traditional indian gravy
Lamb mughlai
Mild, the heritage dish from mughlai with rick taste of almonds and pepper
Lamb madras
Hot, the amazing spicy lamb curry made in seasoning lamb in a homemade curry paste
Lamb vindaloo
Extra hot, a lightly dish of lamb smoked in vinegar, with red chillies
Goat curry
Medium, goat meat curry slowly simmered in a rich sauce of ciabatta, ginger, garlic, yoghurt and coriander
Goat madras
Hot, the amazing spicy authentically goat curry slow cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, homemade curry paste
Goat korma
Mild,goat meat in sauce of onion and coconut, with almond flakes
Beef korma
Mild, tender beef cooked in mild sauce with cashews and cream
Beef masala
Medium, boneless cubes of beef simmered in a medium gravy, cooked to perfection, topped with fresh herbs
Beef jalfrezi
Medium, beef cooked juliennes of onion, capsicum and tomatoes in medium sauce
Beef vindaloo
Extra hot, a spicy dish from the made using a unique blend of oh hot, aromatic spices and vinegar to give it a distinctive flavour
Fish korma
Mild, barramundi fish cooked in rich creamy gravy with cashew nuts
Malabar fish curry
Medium, medium spicy fish curry made using peanut spices and tamarind
Dish shashlik tandoori
Medium, barramundi fillets marinated with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes and aromatic spices
Fish vindaloo
Extra hot, fillets of fish cooked with potatoes in traditional home style spicy vindaloo sauce
Mango prawns
Mild, tiger prawns cooked with sweet mango
Bombay prawns
Medium, a classic spiced dish, prawns cooked in aromatic homemade sauce
Prawn masala
Medium, marinated prawns cooked in masala sauce with traditional herbs and spices
Sizzling prawns
Medium, consist of fresh onion, tomatoes, and peppers with a1's special garlic flavoured sauce served on vizsla
Chilli prawns
Extra hot, prawns in extra hot and spicy sauce handle with care
Prawn vindaloo
Extra hot, a spicy, made using a unique blend of hot, aromatic spices and vinegar give it a distinctive flavour
Tandoori classic naan $3.50
Butter naan
Classic naan topped with butter
Garlic naan
Naan bread topped with garlic and butter
Kalonji naan
Ham bread topped with onion seeds come up with pickly flavour
Peshawari naan
Naan bread with a filling of almonds, sultanas and fennel
Keema naan
Naan bread with a filling of minced lamb
Amritsari naan
Naan with a filling of mildly spiced potatoes and cumin
Cheese naan
Naan bread with a filling of cheese
Chilli onion naan
Naan topped with fresh spices chilli and onion
Cheese garlic naan
Naan with a filling of cheese and topped with garlic in the tandoor
Tandoori wholemeal roti
Wholemeal bread
Punjabi paratha
Wholemeal multi layered bread cooked in tandoor
Basmati steamed rice
-Small $3.50
-Large $5.50
Saffron biryani rice
-Small $4,00
-Large $6.00
Cumin infused peas pulao
Rice cooked with peas, cumin and fried onion
Kashmiri biryani
Rice cooked with sesame and almonds
Mushroom biryani
Rice cooked with mushrooms and indian special biryani spices
Hyderabadi style biryani
Delicious aromatic combination of vegetables, chicken, lamb or goat
-Vegetable biryani $14.50
-Chicken biryani $17.90
-Lamb biryani $17.90
-Goat biryani $19.90
-Pappadum with dip (5) $3.50
-Sweet mango chutney $3.50
-Cucumber and yoghurt raita $3.50
-Hot mixed pickle $3.50
-Tamarind chutney $3.50
-Pineapple raita $3.50
-Onion salad $3.50
A sweet creamy, perfect hot curry, mango or pistachio kulfi
Gulab jamun
2 Pcs, sweet milk dumplings finishing in sugar
Korma combo
Mild, served with plain naan and rice (chicken, lamb, beef)
Masala combo
Medium, plain naan and rice, (chicken, lamb, beef)
Madras combo
Hot, served with plain naan and rice (chicken, lamb, or beef)
Butter chicken combo
Mild, served with plain naan and rice
Lamb rogan josh combo
Medium, served with plain naan and rice
Vegetable combo
Served with plain naan and rice (curry of the day)
Lunch biryani
Special served with roti (chicken, lamb or beef)

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Green Jade Asian Restaurant (sample menu)
Stir fried beef with chilli $16.50
Vegetarian omellette $13.50
Stir fried squid and blackbean sauce $20.50
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Panang curry (Lamb, seafood, duck, combination) - thai panang curry with bamboo shoot and baby corn (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $20.50/$15.50/$25.50
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Massaman curry (Lamb, seafood, duck, combination) - thai massaman curry with a potato, pumpkins, baby corn, coconut milk, topping cashew nut (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $20.50/$15.50/$25.50
Oyster sauce (Vegetables, tofu) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $16.50/$11.50/$20.50
Ginger (Vegetables, tofu) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $16.50/$11.50/$20.50
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Bet Rawn - Deep fried marinated duck in a Thai style plum sauce with sesame seeds served on a bed of crispy noodles $21.50
Mieng Gai - Minced chicken sauteed with garlic, lemon and ginger served on bite sized lettuce beds topped with cashew nuts (5 per serve) $9.99
Pad Ped Nor Mai - Stir fry with red curry paste, young bamboo shoots, capsicum and eggplant with Thai herbs and a dash of coconut cream. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, prawns or mixed seafood $18.50 / $21.50
Yum Apple - Sliced green apple and prawns with crushed peanuts and red onion, seasoned with lemon juice, chilli and coriander $11.99
Tom Ka Gai - Boneless chicken pieces in a seasoned soup made from coconut milk, lemongrass, chilli and galangal root $9.99
Gaeng Kiew Wan - Green curry in a coconut milk base with bamboo shoots, capsicum and eggplant and a choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb or prawns $18.50 / $21.50
Garlic Rice - Jasmine rice fried with garlic and egg $5.99
Gaeng Ped - Red curry in a coconut milk base with bamboo shoots and beans and a choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb or prawns $18.50 / $21.50
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King Prawn with Black Bean Sauce $15.00
Pork Rib Sweet & Sour Sauce $11.50
King Prawn with Almond or Cashew Nuts $15.50
Mushroom with Bean Curd $9.00
Fried Duck with Plum Sauce $12.50
To Fu & Vegetable $9.00
Spare Ribs with Tamarind Sauce $11.00
Garlic Squid $11.00
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Benesse Coffee (sample)
Shaved leg ham, swiss cheese, tomato and tomato relish
Mushroom bruschetta
Field mushroom, fetta and rocket served on toasted sourdough
Served with banana, mixed berries and maple syrup
Cinnamon toast
Served with mixed berries drizzled with maple syrup
Any extras ordered charged at $3.00
Eggs benedict
Baby spinach grilled ham, poached eggs, drizzled with hollandaise served on toasted sourdough
-With chicken $16.90
Shaved leg ham, roasted capsicum, sundried tomato, feta, baby spinach and tomato relish
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Table Service
0478 119 348
1/ 57 Victoria St, Bunbury, WA, 6230, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Opening Hours

Thursday 11:30am–2pm, 5–10pm

Friday 11:30am–2pm, 5–10pm

Saturday 11:30am–2pm, 5–10pm

Sunday 11:30am–2pm, 5–10pm

Monday 5–9:30pm

Tuesday 5–9:30pm

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