Vietnamese restaurant and takeaway menus in Athol Park

Thanh Long

Vietnamese, Asian

219 Hanson Rd, Athol Park, SA, 5012, Australia
Best Vietnamese rolls in town. Great customer service.

Hanson BBQ Chicken & Seafood

Vietnamese, Charcoal Chicken, Fish & Chips

5 197 201 Hanson Road, Athol Park, Adelaide

My Tho Restaurant


183b Hanson Rd, Athol Park, SA, 5012, Australia

My Tho Restaurant Sample Menu

Braised steak in creamy coconut - Bo xao lan Tender braised steak cooked in creamy coconut curry sauce with sliced onion and stimulating lemongrass, topped with basil leaves, crushed roasted pea $14.0
Bean curd in chilli and lemongrass – Mi can xao xa ot Flavoursome of lemongrass, shredded ginger, chilli flakes and sliced onion wok tossed in tasty dark soy sauce $12.5
Combination Steam Boat Soup / Grilled Quails in Exotic Herbs & Spices / Grilled Pork balls with Fresh Garden Salad / Authentic Beef Salad / Crispy Roast Duck in Tangy Plum Sauce / Traditional Rice in $34 per guest
Bean curd in sweet corn soup $5.8
Chicken or Crab Meat & Asparagus - Sup Mang Thit Ga Hoac Thit Cua $5.8

Bonjour Vietnam Restaurant

Vietnamese, Asian

183b Hanson Rd, Athol Park, SA, 5012, Australia