Cafe Sannio Restaurant & Pizzaria in Westminster Menu

Plain Bread $4.00
Garlic Bread $6.50
Basket of Chips $7.00
Bruschetta - Crispy Italian bread topped with fresh marinated tomato, basil, olive oil and onion $12.00
Bocconcini alla caprese - Bocconcini, tomato, basil and olive oil $15.00
Salsicce Piccanti alla Griglia - Grilled Spicy Italian Sausage $16.00
Antipasto all' Italiana - A mixture of prosciutto, ham, salami, mortadella, glandiniera, provolone cheese, olives and salad $22.00
Calamari Fritti - Tender fried squid rings, lemon and tartare sauce $16.00
Calamari alla Griglia - Grilled baby squid marinated with herbs and chilli $18.00
Garlic Prawns - Served with rice $18.00
Garlic Prawns and Cream - Served with rice $20.00
Chilli Mussels - Tomato, chilli, garlic, white wine and herbs $20.00
Spaghetti Vongole - With olive oil, white wine, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes $27.00
Gnochetti alla Creola (Home Made) - Mushroom and porcini sauce, sherry, port, touch of cream and parmesan $22.00
Chicken Risotto $22.00
Seafood Risotto $27.00
Spaghetti and Meatballs $17.00
Lasagna (Home Made) - Layers of pasta filled with meat, bechamel cheese and tomato sauce $20.00
Gnocchi - Home made potato dumplings N/A
Fettuccine N/A
Tortellini - Meat filled pasta rings N/A
Spaghetti N/A
Penne N/A
Linguine N/A
Agnelotti Spinach and Ricotta N/A
Napoletana - Tomato, garlic, onion and basil $17.00
Arrabbiata - Tomato, garlic, chilli, parsley and bacon $17.00
Bolognese - Mince, tomato sauce and herbs $17.00
Del Sannio - Spicy sausage, capsicum, eggplant, spinach, olives, tomato and basil $20.00
Alla Panna - Cream, bacon, mushroom and white wine sauce $20.00
Al Pollo - Sliced chicken breast, white wine, cream and mushrooms $20.00
Marinara - Octopus, mussels, squid, prawns, snapper, scallops, white wine and tomato $27.00
Prima Vera - Fresh vegetables, onion, tomato sauce, parmesan and a touch of cream $17.00
Salmone - Salmon, white wine, cream, tomato, parmesan, parsley and onion $22.00
Prawns - Garlic, vodka, cream, chilli, parsley, parmesan and a touch of tomato $25.00
Cotoletta alla Milanese - Veal Schnitzel served with chips and salad $20.00
Veal Parmigiana - Crumbed veal topped with cheese and tomato served with vegies $22.00
Scaloppine al Vino Bianco - Pan fried veal medallions with white wine and cream sauce. Served with vegies $22.00
Scaloppine Marsala - Pan fried veal medallions finished with sweet marsala and a touch of cream. Served with vegies $22.00
Scaloppine Pizzzaiola - Pan fried veal medallions with garlic, olives, capers, tomato, parsley, oregano. Served with rice and vegies $22.00
Scaloppine alla Boscaiola - Pan fried veal medallions with a mixed mushroom sauce. Served with vegies $26.00
Scotch Fillet al Pepe - Grilled scotch fillet with pepper sauce. Served with vegies $32.00
Chicken Coteletta - Chicken schnitzel served with chips and salad $20.00
Chicken Parmigiana - Crumbed chicken schnitzel topped with cheese and tomato served with vegies $22.00
Chicken Fillets alla Mugnaia - Pan fried chicken fillets with white wine, lemon and butter. Served with rice and vegies $22.00
Chicken Boscaiola - Pan fried chicken fillets with a mixed mushroom sauce. Served with rice and vegies $26.00
Chicken Provinciale - Pan fried chicken fillets with garlic, tomato and white wine. Served with rice and vegies $22.00
Involtini alla Sannita - Rolled chicken breast with ham, cheese topped with white wine and cream sauce. Served with vegies $28.00
John Dori alla Mugnaia and Prawns - Pan fried with white wine, lemon and butter topped with prawns. Served with rice and vegies $28.00
Lemon Pepper John Dori - Grilled with lemon pepper. Served with vegies and fresh lemon $23.00
Calamari alla Griglia - Marinated baby squid, grilled and served with vegies $28.00
Calamari Fritti - Crumbed squid, deep fried and served with chips, salad, lemon and tartare sauce $24.00
Garlic Prawns - Served with rice and vegies $28.00
Garlic Prawns and Cream - Served with rice and vegies $30.00
Chilli Mussels - Garlic, chilli, white wine and tomato $25.00
Grigliata di Pesce - Serves 2 - Mixed seafood platter with John Dori, prawns, mussels, calamari fritti, grilled calamari, served with chips and salad $80.00
Chilli Prawns - Tomato, chilli, fetta cheese, and spring onion served with rice and vegies $33.00
Garden Salad $7.00
Greek Salad - Mixed salad with fetta cheese and olives $12.00
Caesar Salad - Cos lettuce salad, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese and anchovies $20.00
Chicken Caesar Salad - Caesar salad with grilled chicken fillets $25.00
Chicken Salad - Grilled chicken fillets with mixed salad, eggplant, sundried tomatoes and capsicum topped with chefs dressing $20.00
Prawn Salad - Mixed salad with avocado, olives and grilled prawns topped with balsamic dressing $25.00
Pizza Bianca - Plain pizza bread $10.00
Margherita - Tomato, cheese and basil $14.00
Napoletana - Tomato, anchovies, olives, basil and oregano and cheese $15.00
Vegetariana - Tomato, cheese, eggplant, capsicum, spinach and olives $17.00
Hawaiian - Tomato, cheese, ham and pineapple $17.00
Capricciosa - Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom and artichokes $18.00
Quattro Stagioni - Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom, artichokes and spicy sausage $20.00
Sannio - Tomato, cheese, spinach, eggplant, capsicum, spicy sausage and olives $20.00
Cesarina - Proscuitto, bocconcini, tomato, cheese, rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes $25.00
Frutti di Mare - Selected mixed seafood $27.00
Portofino - Tomato, cheese, mushroom, bacon and prawns $25.00
Meat Lovers $25.00
The Works $25.00
Al Tonno - Tuna, mozzarella, tomato sauce and onion $20.00
Parmigiana - Tomato, mozzarella, fried eggplant, bocconcini and parmesan $20.00
Diavola - Tomato, cheese, hot sausage, onion and chilli $20.00
Tiramisu - Traditional home made tiramisu $10.00

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Popular Menu Item Calzones Calzones Calzones are ‘folded pizzas’ that contain a variety of fillings, but are based on the most usual pizza toppings. Some are more elaborate than others and can contain any kind of meat, such as minced beef, chicken, ham and also tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, but also spinach, rocket, aubergine and other vegetables. The ‘pizza’ is folded over and sealed to prevent the filling from oozing out. Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Pizza One of the most popular pizzas sold at most pizza shops, The Pepperoni pizza consists of a base of rich tomato sauce with cheese and pepperoni. Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Pizza Margherita Pizza Margherita This traditional simple cheese and tomato pizza topped with fresh basils has become popular mainly with children because of its simple topping. It's a good alternative for children that are fussy eaters. Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Lasagne Lasagne Lasagne is served in every pizza and pasta restaurant, and varies in how it is made. Some use sheets of ordinary white pasta, while others use the green spinach lasagna sheets. A rich minced beef and tomato sauce is layered along with garlic, herbs and a white béchamel sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese and grated parmesan. Served with salad and garlic bread Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Spaghetti Carbonara Spaghetti Carbonara Carbonara sauce is quite simply a bacon (pancetta) and egg sauce with loads of parmesan cheese. The simple sauce is used on most pastas and can often be found in cafe cabinets in a pasta bake with additional vegetables. Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Big Breakfast Big Breakfast The famous Big Breakfast – people either love it or hate it and it can vary from place to place and also in cost. A normal Big Breakfast consists of a couple of rashers of bacon, a couple of sausages, fried bread, 2 eggs any style, grilled tomatoes and/or baked beans. Toast will also be offered or even buttered bread. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict is a popular breakfast dish in Australia. Poached eggs with double smoked leg ham, rocket and hollandaise on a toasted english muffin. A number of cafes are offering an option with Salmon. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Granola Granola Ususally a homemade blend of coffee and honey oat clusters, with dried fruit mixed berries, yoghurt and milk. Soy options are sometimes available. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Salads Salads We all know Salads are a “healthy” alternative, but in the past 5 years Salads have become very interesting. You'll find a number of salads options from the traditional Garden, Thai Beef and at some of the more trendy places you can find interesting options such as Baby beetroot salad, Pear and walnut salad and whatever else they can come up these days that tastes good. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Devonshire Tea Devonshire Tea Not offered everywhere, but if you're fortunate enough you can't sometimes go past your favourite tea with scones that comes with yummy jam and cream. (I know my father in-law can't) Cafes
Popular Menu Item Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio Classic white Italian wine, normally top of the list in all pizzerias. Very dry white wine with slight fruity overtones, there are normally a few varieties available, including New World grapes. Often used as the ‘house wine’ Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer A variety of Italian beers are available, the most popular being Peroni or Azurro. Served normally in tall frosted glasses, the beer tastes very light but is actually relatively high in alcohol content Pizza & Pasta
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee There's no other way to put it, Coffee is huge in Australia and the Coffee offered at Cafes ranges from the standard cup up to World Class. We recommend checking the comments and ratings to find the best drop in town. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea Unless you find a tea house the Tea offered in Cafes around Australia is pretty standard. You'll find a selection of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomille, Peppermint and Green. Tea is always great in the afternoon or night with less caffine and it's calming affects. Cafes

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Cafe Sannio Restaurant & Pizzaria

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Cafe Sannio Restaurant & Pizzaria Westminster Menu

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