SuperDish Chinese Restaurant in Cabramatta Menu

Chef's Special
Fried Soft Shell Crab with Spicy Salt $22.00
Deep Fried White Bait with Spicy Salt $22.00
Fried Salmon Head in XO Chilli Sauce $20.50
Steamed Cod Head with Preserved Fruit Peel and Garlic $20.50
Stir Fried Fresh Squid with Snow Peas $20.50
King Prawn in Shell with Fresh Garlic $23.80
Shang Dong Chicken $19.00
Fried Pipis in XO Chilli Sauce Market Price
Taiwanese Style Chicken Hot Pot $18.80
Shredded Beef with Preserved Vegetables $17.00
Preserved Vegetables Pork Riblets $18.80
Pan Fried Oyster Omelette $22.80
Preserved Vegetables & Pig Intestine $18.80
Steamed Bean Curd with Preserved Vegetables and Mushroom $18.80
Stuffed Bean Curd with Sundried Vegetables $22.80
Deep Fried Pig Intestine $12.80
Fried Salmon Head in Black Bean Sauce $20.50
Spare Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce $17.00
Ba Wang Chicken with Ginger and Shallot $19.00
Steamed Chicken with Green Vegetables $18.80
Braised Chicken Pieces with Fresh Liver Hot Pot $19.80
San Choy Bow (4 Pieces) $14.80
Deep Fried Assorted Entrees (3 Varieties) $6.80
Deep Fried Spring Rolls (4 per serve) $6.80
Gow Gee (4 per serve) $6.80
Dim Sim (4 per serve) $6.80
Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Style Crab Market Price
Steam Baby Abalone with Ginger & Shallot Market Price
Steam Oyster with Ginger & Shallot Market Price
Ginger & Shallot Crab Market Price
Salt & Pepper Crab Market Price
Singapore Chilli Crab Market Price
Crab Congee Market Price
Crab with Mungo Bean Vermicelli in XO Chilli Sauce Market Price
Prawn with Seasonal Vegetables $20.50
Seafood with Seasonal Vegetables $22.50
Seafood with Honey Beans in XO Sauce $23.00
Deep Fried Seafood in Spicy Salt $22.00
Prawn with Cashew Nuts $20.50
Satay Prawn $20.50
Garlic Prawn $20.50
Curry Prawn $20.50
Prawn with Ginger and Shallot $20.50
Sizzling Chilli Prawn $20.50
Prawn in Black Bean Sauce $20.50
Fried Prawn with Egg Yolk $22.80
Sweet and Sour Prawn Fritter $20.50
Deep Fried Flounder in Spicy Salt Market Price
Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce $18.80
Fish Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce $18.80
Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Sweet Corn Sauce $18.80
Fish Fillet with Ginger and Shallot $18.80
Fish Fillet with Seasonal Vegetbles $18.80
Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Spicy Salt $18.80
Steamed Whole Fish with Ginger and Shallot Market Price
Scallop with Ginger and Shallot $22.00
Scallop in Black Bean Sauce $22.00
Scallop with Seasonal Vegetable $22.00
Garlic Scallop $22.00
Steamed Scallop in Shell with Bean Vermicelli in XO Chilli Sauce Market Price
Scallop in Szechuan Style $22.00
Squid in Szechuan Chilli Sauce $16.80
Squid with Ginger and Shallot $16.80
Squid with Seasonal Vegetables $16.80
Squid in Black Bean Sauce $16.80
Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt $16.80
Chinese Fillet Steak $18.80
Beef in Special Sauce $15.80
Diced Beef with Black Pepper $18.80
Beef in Oyster Sauce $15.80
Beef in Black Bean Sauce $15.80
Satay Beef $15.80
Beef in Szechuan Style $15.80
Beef with Seasonal Vegetables $15.80
Beef with Bitter Melon $16.80
Deep Fried Shredded Beef $16.80
Spare Ribs with Bitter Melon in Hot Pot $16.80
Deep Fried Spare Ribs in Spicy Salt $15.80
Honey BBQ Pork $15.80
Sweet and Sour Pork $15.80
Spare Ribs in Pekingese Style $15.80
BBQ Pork in Plum Sauce $15.80
Braised Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables $15.80
Satay Chicken $15.80
Curry Chicken $15.80
Chicken in Szechuan Style $15.80
Braised Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $15.80
Braised Chicken with Cashew Nuts $15.80
Fried Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce $17.00
Deep Fried Crispy Skin Chicken $16.00
Peking Duck (2 Courses including San Choy Bow) $53.80
Roast Duck (Half) $20.50
Roasted Duck in Plum Sauce $20.50
Hot Pot
Braised Cod Head and Bean Curd Hot Pot $22.80
Diced Chicken and Bean Curd with Preserved Salty Fish Hot Pot $17.00
King Prawn in Shell with Mungo Bean Vermicelli in XO Chilli Sauce $25.00
Steamed Pork with Preserved Vegetables Hot Pot $17.00
Eggplant with Minced Pork and Chilli Hot Pot $17.00
Savoury Radish and Beef Brisket Hot Pot $17.00
Savoury Radish and Beef Tripe Hot Pot $17.00
Mixed Vegetables and Mungo Bean Vermicelli Hot Pot $17.00
Bean Curd
Braised Bean Curd with Fresh Mushroom in Oyster Sauce $18.80
Deep Fried Bean Curd with Spicy Salt $16.80
Combo Bean Curd Hot Pot $19.00
Shallow Fried Stuffed Bean Curd $19.00
Grandmas Beancurd with Mince Beef (Hot & Spicy) $16.80
Steamed Bean curd with Egg White and Seafood $18.00
Seafood Combo Beancurd Hot Pot $24.00
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables $13.80
Stir Fried French Beans in Fine Shrimp Sauce $14.00
Stri Fried Honey Beans with XO Sauce $14.00
Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Salty Fish Paste $13.50
Steamed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce $12.00
Stir Fried Shanghainese Bok Choy with Salty Fish Paste $13.50
Fresh Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce (Choy Sum, Kale, Chinese Spinach, Morning Glory, Shanghainese Pakchoi) $18.00
Stir Fried Chinese Kale in Ginger Sauce $12.00
Steamed Green Vegetable in Supreme Stock $13.50
Stir Fried French Beans and Minced Pork in XO Sauce $14.00
Steamed Beancurd with Preserved Vegetables and Mushroom $18.00
Pineapple Vegetarian Fried Rice $13.50
Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup $6.80
Vegetarian Fried Rice $13.50
Beancurd and Sweet Corn Soup $6.80
Steamed Vegetables with Bamboo Pith and Chinese Mushroom $20.00
Hot and Sour Soup $7.30
Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat $24.80
Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup $8.80
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup $7.30
Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup $7.30
Wonton Soup (Short Soup Entrée Size) $7.30
Noodles Soup (Long Soup) $6.30
Beef and Egg Flower Soup $7.60
Seafood and Beancurd Soup $7.30
Fried Rice with Pineapple and Seafood $13.80
Fried Rice with Diced Chicken and Salty Fish $10.80
Fried Rice in Yang Zhou Style $11.90
Fried Rice in Fujian Style $13.80
Minced Beef Fried Rice $10.80
Special Fried Rice $13.80
Boiled Rice (Per Person) $2.00
Dessert and Drink
Deep Fried Ice Cream $6.50
Sweet Beancurd Jelly $5.50
Coffee $4.00
Soft Drinks (Can) $3.00

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
17/180 Railway Parade, Cabramatta, NSW, 2166, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

SuperDish Chinese Restaurant

Super dish is a Chinese restruarant located in cabra that always delivers good quality chinese food.

SuperDish Chinese Restaurant Cabramatta Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for SuperDish Chinese Restaurant are coming soon