The Italian Pasta Company in Dee Why Menu

Napoloitgana Sauce - Italian tomatoes ,garlic and basil $12.99
Arrabita - Napolitana with chilli $12.99
Meat Balls - Home made meatballs in a napolitana sauce $14.99
King Prawns - Napolitana with king prawns $17.99
Marinara - Napolitana with mix seafood $17.99
Spicy Italian Sausage - (Spicy), Chorrizo sausage in a napolitana sauce $14.99
Primavera - (Vegetarian), spinach, onion, capsiccum, olives, mushroom $14.99
Alla Matriciana - (Spicy), Napolitana Chilli Bacon & Garlic $14.99
Puttanesca - (Spicy), Capers, Olives, Anchovies and chilli in a napolitana sauce $14.99
Bolognese - Traditional beef bolognese sauce $12.99
Carbonara - Bacon,egg,shallots,garlic and cream $13.99
Boscaiola - Mushroom, Bacon, Garlic Shallots & Fresh cream $14.99
Rocket - (Vegetarian), Rocket, Garlic, Green Chilli, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil $14.99
Pesto - (Vegetarian), Basil, Pine Nuts, Garlic, Parmesan $12.99
Make Your Own Pizza $12.99
Margherita - Tomato Base & Cheese $12.99
Rustica - Mushroom, Olives & Fetta $15.99
Veg Supremo - Spinach, Mushroom, Capsicum, Onions, Fetta, Pineapple & Olives $19.99
Falafel Pizza - Chilli, Mushrooms, Falafel. Green Capsicum, Spanish Onion Topped with Tzatziki and Sumac $19.99
Tre Formaggi - Three Gourmet Cheeses Parmigano, Fetta & Mozzarella $15.99
Tandoori Chicken - Topped W/Roasted Spanish Onion & Cucumber Yougurt $18.99
Chicken Mexicana - (Spicy), Chicken, Mushroom, Capsicum, Spanish Onion & Chilli $18.99
Texan Chicken - Chicken, BBQ Base, Capsicum, Spanish Onion, Fetta $18.99
Lebanese Chicken - Chilli, Lebanese Garlic Chicken, Spanish Onion, Capsicum topped with Tzatziki and Sumac $18.99
Greco - (Spicy), Anchovies, Feta Cheese, Olives, Chilli, Spanish Onion , Capsicum $18.99
Napolitana - Anchovies, Olives & Capers $15.99
Capri - Tiger Prawns & Garlic $21.99
Marinara - Tiger Prawns, Calamari, Mussels, Scallops & Fish $21.99
Szechuan Chilli Prawn - (Spicy), Chilli Tiger Prawns, Capsicum, Spanish Onion $21.99
Americano - Double Pepperoni $15.99
Bologna - Bolognese Base Mushrooms, Parmisan & Mozzarella $15.99
Capricciosa - Ham, Mushroom, Capsicum, Olives & Anchovies $19.99
Spanish Salsicce - (Spicy), Spanish Chorizo, Pepperoni, Chilli, Fetta, Capsicum $18.99
Aussie Ausiie Aussie - Bacon & Egg $16.99
Meat Ball Pizza - Chilli, Meat Balls, Mushroom, Capsicum, Spanish Onion $18.99
Spinotti - Spinach, Bacon, Fetta & Garlic $18.99
Hawaiian - Ham & Pineapple $15.99
Greco Lamb - Chilli, Lamb kafta, Spanish Onion, Capsicum, Topped W/Tzatziki $18.99
Californian - (Spicy), Pepperoni, Chilli, Capsicum & Olives $18.99
Chianina - (Meat Lovers), Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham & Cabanossi $20.99
Surpremo - The Lot $22.99
Fungi Rucola - Mushroom and rocket $19.99
Chicken And Spinach Risotto - Chicken, spinach, onion and garlic $14.99
Marinara Risotto Of Seafood - Mix seafood, onion, garlic and napolitana sauce $17.99
Mushroom Risotto - (Vegetarian), mushroom,onion,garlic and shallots $13.99
Risotto Italian Sausage - Italian sausage, onion, garlic, shallots with napolitana sauce $14.99
Risotto Primavera - (Vegetarian), spinach, onion, capsicum, mushroom & shallots in a napolitana sauce, garlic $14.99
Tiger Prawn Risotto Napolitana Sauce - Tiger prawns, onion, garlic, shalotts with napolitana sauce $17.99
Tre Formaggi Three Cheese Risotto - Tre formaggi risotto, onion, garlic , fetta, mozzarella and parmian cheese risotto $14.99
Greek Salad $4.99
Green Salad $4.99
Rocket Salad $4.99
Ice Cream Gelatini - Choco nut, vanilla, strawberry, plain choco, 100's & 1000's, choco mint, mango $2.49
Ice Cream Gelatini 3 Pack - There is no choice of flavours, the discounted packs are pre packed.(no flavour choice) $5.00
Ice Cream Gelatini 8 Pack - There is no choice of flavours, the discounted packs are pre packed.(no flavour choice) $11.00
Ice Cream Gelatini 16 Pack - There is no choice of flavours, the discounted packs are pre packed.(no flavour choice) $20.00
1 Garlic Bread $2.50
2 Garlic Bread $4.50
3 Garlic Bread $6.00
1 Garlic Pizza $8.99
2 Garlic Pizza $16.00
3 Garlic Pizza $20.00
Apple pop top $2.49
Bottle water 600ml $2.49
Coke can $2.49
Coke zero can $2.49
Creaming soda kirks can $2.49
Diet coke can $2.49
Ginger beer kirks can $2.49
Apple blackcurrant pop top $2.49
Orange pop top $2.49
Pasito kirks can $2.49
Pepsi max can $2.49
Solo can $2.49
Coke 1.25lt $3.99
Diet coke 1.25lt $3.99
Lemonade 1.25lt $3.99
Solo 1.25lt $3.99

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Kebab World (sample menu)
with double cheese, mushroom, olives, tomato, capsicum & onion - Small/Medium/Large
Doner $2.00
Chicken Kebab Meal
with small chips & Coca-Cola variety - includes lettuce, tomato, onion & cheese - 300ml/600ml
Vegetarian Special
with double cheese, eggplant, mushroom, capsicum, tomato, onion & black olives - Small/Medium/Large
Cheese, Tabouli, Sour Cream, Mushroom, Capsicum, Pineapple, Jalapeno $1.00
Chicken Works
with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, tabouli, hummus & sauce
S $10.50/L $11.50
Mixed Plain
with lettuce, tomato, onion & sauce
S $9.50/L $10.50
Kebab Pizza
with double cheese, kebab (beef or chicken), onion, mushroom, capsicum & BBQ Sauce - Small/Medium/Large
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Aces Charcoal Chicken (sample)
Bacon/ egg/ cheese/ tomato $ 1.00/ 70c/ 50c/ 50c
Extra large chicken, large chips or medium wedges, family salad & 1.25ltr bottle of coca-cola or 1.5ltr mount franklin $ 35.00
No. 3 Aces traditional- lettuce and mayo, chips and can of 'coke' or 600ml 'mount franklin' $ 10.00
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Giovannis Signature Dishes (sample)
Pepper Steak - aged grain-fed yearling fillet mignon grilled and served with a green peppercorn brandy cream sauce $26.00
Fish of the Day - grilled then oven baked and served with a lemon cream sauce $26.00
Veal Romana - veal scallopini rolled into a cylinder and stuffed with pancetta, fire roasted capsicum, spinach & cheese bedded on a light napolitana and basil sauce $25.00
Fettuccine Siciliana - grilled eggplant, sundried tomato, roasted capsicum, olives in napolitana sauce $16.00
Tuna - tuna, mayonnaise, leaf lettuce and tomato $10.00
Our homemade selections change daily - please ask the waiting staff $9.00
Penne Napolitana - traditional italian recipe of roman tomato pureed, garlic and fresh basil $14.00
Crabmeat Ravioli - filled with crabmeat mince served in pink cream sauce topped with fresh prawns & mussels $22.00
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Livoti's Deli / Cafe (sample)
Penne Chorizo Tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, basil, chilli $15.00
Garlic Bread $5.00
Black Mussels with crusty Italian bread $19.00
All veals and fish of the day served with roasted potatoes & seasonal greens -
Bocconcini Salad $12.00
Penne Amatriciana Ham, salami, olives & chilli $15.00
Bruschetta $8.00
Penne Vegetarian Seasonal roasted vegetables $15.00
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Seachange Cafe (sample)
BBQ'd bombay Chicken chunks; jalapeno 'n' basil vinaigrette, minted yoghurt & pappadums $18.90
Crumbed Calamari with homemade tartare $13.90
Barramundi fillet $14.90
BBQ d bombay chicken, rocket & tomato toss with spicy minted yogurt. $13.90
Can of soft drinks - Coke, Lemonade, Squash $3.50
(side salad instead of chips available - add 1.5) -
Grilled Brazilian picanha beef, red onion, cheddar cheese, rocket & aioli $13.90
Grilled beef burger; red onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato chutney $13.90
Clean Here for the full menu for Seachange Cafe

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Restaurant Details

Dee Why
Takeaway Food
Counter Service
144 Sydney Rd, Dee Why, NSW, 2099, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa
Italian, Pizza & Pasta, European

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