Pizza Inn in Terrigal Menu

4 Seasons -(Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) 4 flavours combining delicious fresh strips of premium Ham, juicy Cabanossi, beautiful tasty Prawns and the freshest of sliced Mushrooms
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
All Meat -(Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Fresh strips of premium Ham, diced Bacon, juicy Cabanossi, minced Beef & spicy Pepperoni sausage – a meat lover's feast!
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Australian - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Blending fair dinkum Aussie flavour with traditional Italian comfort food – our delicious tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, diced Baco
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Caprice - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Blending fair dinkum Aussie flavour with traditional Italian comfort food – One of the best traditional Italian combinations of fresh strips of pre
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Chicken - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Blending fair dinkum Aussie flavour with traditional Italian comfort food – Another favourite with delicious Roast Chicken pieces, diced Bacon, fre
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Chicken Surprise - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) The kids will love this one, and so will you. Our delicious tomato sauce base topped with a fantastic combination of Roast Chicken pieces
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Ham & Pineapple - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Our most popular choice, especially with the kids with fresh Shredded Ham and juicy Pineapple chunks
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Margherita(Vegetarian) - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) Extra Mozzarella Cheese generously sprinkled with Oregano
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Mexicana - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) A spicy treat for those who like it HOT! Spicy Pepperoni, fresh Onion slices, fresh strips of capsicum topped with mozzarella cheese, with both Ch
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Napoli- (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) The original Napoletan pizza treat generously smothered with Mozzarella Cheese, Garlic, Anchovies and Olives
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Pizza Inn Supreme- (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) The Supreme blend of flavours with all our best ingredients – fresh strips of premium Ham, diced Bacon, juicy Cabanossi, minced Beef, fre
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Seafood - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) A delicious Seafood Marinara mix with prawns, mussels and baby octopus combined with garlic and mozzarella cheese
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
Vegetarian(Vegetarian) - (Family / Large/ Regular/Gluten free base) No Meat? No worries – market fresh slices of Onion, Mushrooms, Capsicum and the sweet juicy Pineapple chunks and even Olives are opt
$24.90 / $18.90 / $13.90 / $21.90
SPECIALE (Special)
Campagna(Vegetarian) - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - A mouth-watering vegetarian treat with Oven Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato slices, fresh Garden Spinach, Fetta Cheese, Char-grilled Capsicu $20.90 / $23.90
Chorizo (Vegetarian) - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Garlic king prawns, chorizo, roasted piquante peppers and Spanish onion. * Fireball option - add fresh chilli and chilli sauce... HOT!!! $20.90 / $23.90
Mexican Nachos - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Spicy Mexican Nachos meat sauce and lashings of melted cheese on one of our traditional Italian bases dressed with fresh Guacamole, Salsa Sauce, So $20.90 / $23.90
Sweet Chilli C - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Roast chicken pieces, juicy pineapple pieces and roasted piquante peppers on a sweet chilli and sour cream base. $20.90 / $23.90
Latino - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - A spicy Latino blend of Kransky sausage with Spanish Chorizo and spicy Pepperoni, Jalapeno Peppers, Spanish Onions and Capers on a mild salsa sauce. $20.90 / $23.90
Mediterranean - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Traditional Italian ingredients blending our delicious Tomato Sauce base with spicy Italian Salami, Anchovies, Garlic, and Marinated Tomatoes all to $20.90 / $23.90
DI MARE (Seafood)
Atlantic - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Beautiful Smoked Salmon pieces sprinkled with Capers, freshly sliced Spanish Onion and Avocado topped with sour cream. $20.90 / $23.90
Neptune - (11 inch base / Gluten free base) - Starting with a garlic and olive oil base, topped with juicy King Prawns and calamari pieces, teamed with Garlic, Bocconcini, Mozzarella cheese and Snow P $20.90 / $23.90
Dessert Pizzas
Banana - A soft pizza base smothered in Caramel Sauce, spread with fresh Banana slices, littered with Walnut pieces and dusted with Icing Sugar. 11 inch base: $14.90
Berry Delight - A soft pizza base covered all over with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries mixed with chocolate drops, then dusted with icing sugar and served with premium vanilla custard... $14.90
Chocolate Delicious medium pizza base smothered with chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with deliciously wicked premium vanilla custard, dollops of double thick cream and dusted with icing sugar. $14.90
Oreo Crush - A soft pizza base smothered with chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with crushed Oreo biscuits and white chocolate and dusted with icing sugar. 11 inch base: $14.90
Fettuccine -- With choice of Bolognaise, Boscaiola or Napolitano sauce. Per serve: $10.90
Lasagne Our delicious lasagne is made with the freshest mince, to a recipe proven over many years to appeal to our customers. Combined with pasta sheets and mozzarella cheese and our own combination $11.90
Ravioli Our Ravioli is supplied by multi-award winning Sydney pasta manufacturer Pasta Italia, who make a delicious traditional Italian ravioli with either a tasty Beef filling or their outstanding S $11.90
Spaghetti With choice of Bolognaise, Boscaiola or Napolitano sauce. Per serve: $10.90
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni(Vegetarian) Pasta Italia also provides us with our delicious Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, made with fresh pasta sheets filled with fresh ricotta and farm fresh spina $11.90
Chicken Wings Per serve: Variety is the spice of life and our wing pack of 10 spiced Chicken Wings baked to juicy perfection are a great addition to your meal. Sauces can be provided to further enha $13.90
Pork Ribs - One of our most popular alternate dishes is the USA style Pork Rib Rack, smoked with Hickory chips to provide a distinct flavour to the succulent flesh that melts off the bone. Dipped in $25.90
Nachos - Viva Mexico and their great contribution to global cuisine – the humble Corn Chip. Pizza Inn’s Nachos are a generous serving of this delightful treat combined with our own home made Nachos M $13.90
Side Orders
Garden Salad - Freshen up your meal with our traditional Italian garden salad containing fresh Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, capsicum, mushrooms, olives, and onions. Top with your choice of Fren $7.90
Potato Bake - Try our beautiful creamy potato bake, a delicious combination of potato, diced bacon, mozzarella cheese and thickened cream, baked to perfection. Enjoy this gorgeous treat on its own or $8.90
Salt & Pepper Squid Pack - Enjoy this delicious seafood treat as an addition to your feast – 250 grams of delicious salt & pepper squid with potato wedges, Tartare Sauce and a lemon wedge $14.90
Wedges - Looking for an extra side to your meal purchase or a cheap and cheerful tasty snack? Our lightly spiced Wedges are a great option, served with a portion of Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sour Cream. $6.90
Garlic Bread - The Pizza Inn Garlic Bread Roll has a crunchy crust with a soft inner texture and each slice is spread with a combination of garlic butter and chopped parsley. $3.50
Pizza Base Garlic Bread - (Per serve / With cheese) - Pizza Inn's snack favourite the Pizza Base Garlic Bread is a medium sized thicker style base, spread with garlic butter and parsley and baked to a $8.90 / $10.90
Pizza Base Herb Bread - (Per serve / With cheese) - Pizza Inn also offers a Pizza Base Herb Bread which also offers a medium sized thicker style base, spread with a blend of butter and Italian herbs a $8.90 / $10.90
Cheese Cake Why not add a traditional Cheese Cake to any family dining occasion? Enjoy the smooth, creamy texture of quality cream cheese and fresh cream blended and chilled to preserve the freshnes $7.90
Chocolate Bavarian A family sized treat to share. Enjoy the smooth creamy texture and flavour made to a traditional recipe. Made with fresh cream, rich dark chocolate and a generous chocolate biscui $7.90
Chocolate Mousse Cups Indulge your tastebuds with of delicious, smooth chocolate mousse with choc chips sprinkled on top. A luscious, creamy and delicious way to finish dinner. (150gm approx.) $3.50
Streets Viennetta Dessert Enjoy this Streets' party classic with the whole family! No one can resist a Streets Viennetta, with layer upon layer of creamy ripples and choc delight. (Vanilla - 600ml) $8.90
Tiramisu This delicious old fashioned Italian dessert, Tiramisu (meaning pick me up), is a treat made with sponge cake soaked in espresso coffee and a custard-like filling made with mascarpone cream $3.50
Meal Deals
Grab a bargain with our Meal Deals! Dessert & Pizza Deal 1 x Large traditional pizza & 1 x Dessert pizza $29.90
Double Deal Combo 2 x Large Pizzas, 1 x 1250ml Coke, 1 x Pizza Base Garlic Bread Per deal: $45.90
Double Deals - 2 x Regular traditional pizzas: $24.90
Double Deals - 2 x Large traditional pizzas: $34.90
Double Deals - 2 x Family traditional pizzas: $45.90
Pasta Deals
Choice of Spaghetti, Fettucine or Ravioli & 1 x Large traditional pizza. *Lasagne or Cannelloni $1 extra. Per deal: $26.90
Salt & Pepper Squid Combo Any large traditional pizza with a Salt & Pepper Squid Pack and a 1.25L Coke $35.90

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