Ritzy Gritz New Mexican Grill in Kiama Menu

Entrées & Appetisers
Chicken tortilla soup (winter) A hearty chicken vegie and chilli soup topped with grated cheese, crushed corn chips and sour cream. $10
Gazpacho Soup (summer) A zesty traditional spanish soup served chilled and topped crunchy croutons. $10
Damper Loaf A big baked crunchy loaf, fresh hot & soft in the middle served with flavoured butters. $10
Trio of Dips Three of our choice of dips for you. Chili con carne, guacamole & con queso. $16
Salt & Pepper Calamari Flash fried crispy salt n pepper calamari, mixed green salad with roasted garlic aioli $12
Beer Battered Chips Golden & crispy served with sweet chilli sauce & sour cream. $7
Buffalo Wings Slow roasted seasoned wings tossed in our special spicy sauce, served with crisp celery & carrot sticks & blue cheese dip. (6 per serve). $14
Baja Prawns Sauté prawn’s in white wine, lime chili coriander with coconut milk, fresh spinach, tomatoes with rice pilaf. $17.50
Appetiser Nachos A bed of corn chips & melted cheese, topped with salsa, sour cream & your choice of mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed bean. $14
Appetiser Fresh Fish Tacos Fresh fish poached in white wine and lemon juice served in a soft tortilla with salad and chipolte mayonnaise. $12
Chorizo Tortilla Melt Crispy tortilla chips topped with spicy chorizo sausage, melted cheese, salsa & sour cream. $10
Youth Menu
Cheesy Quesadilla Soft flour tortilla spread with BBQ sauce & filled with cheese, cooked crisp & served with shoestring fries. $8
Baby Taco Two crisp taco shells or two soft tortilla with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans. $8
Nachos Corn chips with melted cheese & topped with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans. $8
Chicken Tenders & Fries $8
Hot Dog & Fries $8
Fish & Fries $8
Chicken Breast or Steak on the Stone Served with fries. $13.50
DRINKS – coke, lemonade, lemon squash, creamy soda or plain milk. $2
Fruit juice – orange, apple, pineapple or cranberry. $3
Ice cream & topping (chocolate, strawberry, caramel or banana) with or without sprinkles. $2
RITZY NACHOS A bed of corn chips & melted cheese, topped with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans, with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream & guacamole. One, two or all three toppings availa $20
BURRITOS Soft flour tortilla filled with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans, coated with our special burrito sauce & melted cheese. Served with rice & garnish salad. Single serve (8 inch to $20
VEGGIE BURRITO A succulent filling of seasoned roasted veggies in a spinach tortilla coated in our special creamy pumpkin seed sauce & melted cheese. Served with rice & garnish salad. $24
CHIMICHANGAS Soft flour tortilla filled and baked crisp, served with salad, mixed beans, sour cream, salsa & guacamole. Spiced tender beef or tangy poached chicken $25
ENCHILADAS Corn tortillas filled with spiced tender beef topped with our enchilada sauce & melted cheese & sour cream, OR tangy poached chicken topped with our creamy enchilada sauce & melted cheese $25
TACOS Four crisp taco shells served with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans, salad, sour cream, salsa & guacamole. $20
CHICKEN QUESADILLA Soft flour tortilla, spread with our house BBQ sauce, filled with shredded chicken & cheese, cooked crisp,served with salad, sour cream & salsa. $20
FAJITAS Served on a sizzling skillet, onion & capsicum with the meat or veggies of your choice plus a salad plate sided with salsa, guacamole & sour cream served with warmed soft tortillas. -
- Smoky Balsamic Steak / Soy Sesame & Honey Chicken Breast $28
- Red Wine Rosemary Lamb $30
- Seasoned Roasted Vegies $24
Stonegrill Mains
EYE FILLET OF BEEF Aged tenderloin on the Stone is the only way. Served with onion confit & crispy house spiced potatoes. $30
NEW YORK STRIP LOIN Grain fed prime yearling beef, aged & full of flavour, juicy on the Stonegrill, served with mushroom ragout & crispy house spiced potatoes. $28
CHICKEN BREAST Soy sesame & honey marinated chicken breast tender & juicy, served with cherry tomato & mustard relish with rice pilaf. $25
ATLANTIC SALMON So healthy, Atlantic Salmon & fresh prawns, full of flavour, served with zesty lemon dill & cucumber creamy dip with rice pilaf. $29
MARINATED MIXED GRILL Perfect for the big appetite! A smoky BBQ marinade of beef, lamb & chicken, served with onion confit & crispy house spiced potatoes. $36
SEAFOOD COMBO Atlantic salmon, fresh prawns, marinated prawns, mussels & fresh calamari, served with zesty lemon dill & cucumber creamy dip & sided with rice pilaf. $30
REEF & BEEF New York strip loin prime aged beef fillet, fresh prawns & mussels, served with zesty lemon dill & cucumber creamy dip & crispy house spiced potato’s. $32
RACK OF LAMB A delicate & delicious rack on the Stone, served with a fresh mint yoghurt dip & orange scented cranberry cous cous. $36
MANGO SALSA SALAD A light healthy tossed salad complimented with house mango salsa & topped with fresh avocado. $14
TACO SALAD Healthy tossed salad complimented with house salsa & crushed corn chips, topped with mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed beans & sided with sour cream, salsa & guacamole. $20
CRANBERRY, BLUE CHEESE & PUMPKIN SEED SALAD Mixed greens, assorted veggies & house vinaigrette $12
SPINACH, FETTA & CANDIED WALNUT SALAD Baby spinach, assorted veggies & house raspberry vinaigrette $12
CHILI DOG MEAL Sausage in a soft bread roll topped with a sautéed mix of jalapenos, red onion, capsicums & chorizo sausage, covered in cheese & grilled until golden. Served with beer battered chips. $15
Beer Battered Chips $4
Salsa $1.50
Guacamole $2
Shoestring fries $3
Mixed Beans $2
Tortillas $1
Sour Cream $2
Taco Shells $0.50
Jalapenos $2
Chilli sauce $1
House Poppy’s Hot Chilli Sauce $3
STICKY DATE PUDDING Served with warmed house caramel sauce. $11
WARMED DOUBLE LAYERED MUD CAKE Smothered in our house chocolate coating. $11
APPLE & PEAR CHIMICHANGA Cooked to order, our own little apple & pear pie, drizzled with house raspberry couli. $11
BAKED CHEESECAKE White Chocolate & fresh lime with our special cream topping. $11
Roman – Galliano N/A
Irish – Irish Whiskey N/A
Irish Kiss – Baileys & Kahlua N/A
Spanish – Tia Maria & Rum N/A
French – Kahlua & Cointreau N/A
Mexican – Kahula N/A
Mexican 11 – Tequila & Cacao N/A
Expresso, Long Black, Capuccino, Latte, Flat White, Macchiato $3.80
Mocha, Affagato, Hot Chocolate, Double Shot, Mug & take away $4
Black, Green, Lemon, English breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint & Chamonmile $3.50

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Centrepoint Pizza Kiama (sample menu)
Prawn- S/M/L $12.80 / $17.80 / $22.80
Veal Al Limone Pan fried with Fresh Lemon slices in a Lemon Sauce $24.00
Margheritta - S/M/L $10.80 / $14.50 / $18.80
Ham Deluxe - S/M/L - Tuna, fresh tomato, Spanish, onion and basil $12.80 / $17.80 / $22.80
Vegetarian - S/M/L - Mushroom, capsicum, onion , pineapple and olives $12.40 / $17.20 / $22.00
Veal Pizzaiola Pan fried Veal topped with a Tomato sauce Mozzarella Cheese, Olives and Oregano $24.00
Carbonara Cream, Mushrooms, Bacon & Egg $15.20
Add Extra Toppings- S/M/L - Chicken Sun dried tomato $0.40 / $0.60 / $0.80
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Parkview Cafe (sample)
Chef's Barramundi or Flathead - grilled -served on a bed of chat potatoes and wilted baby spinach with honey glazed carrots and lemon butter $24.20
Greek salad $10.00
Salt & Pepper Squid or Salt & Pepper King Prawns - with crunchy Thai noodle salad, citrus aioli and beer battered chips $23.65
Mediterranean Risotto - with feta, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, black olives, roasted capsicum and mushrooms $20.00
Add roasted mushrooms $3.30
Garden salad $7.15
Prawn Risotto - risotto and pan seared prawns with pesto, peas, mushrooms, feta, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach and shaved parmesan $22.00
Chicken & Avocado Crepes - with tender chicken breast in a creamy sauce topped with avocado and served with beer battered chips and salad garnish $22.00
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Seabreeze Dining (sample)
Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Flat White $4.00
Caesar - w/ cos lettuce, crisp pancetta, croutons, eggs & parmesan cheese $16.00
Affogatto - Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream & Shot of Liqueur $16.00
De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon $14.00/gl $58.00/btl
Teapot (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green & Peppermint) $4.00
Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic & Dukka $9.00
Olive Tapenade & Parmesan $7.00
Deep Fried Ice Cream - ferrero rocher, vanilla bean ice cream, madeira cake in roasted hazeluts served w/ a dark chocolate sauce $18.00
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JJ's Indian Restaurant (sample)
Khumb Palak - Mushrooms Cooked With Spinach Puree And Traditional Tadka. $12.50
Mango Chicken - Boneless Chicken Curry Cooked In Mild Curry Sauce And Mango Puree. $14.00
Chapli Kebab - Lamb Mince Cooked With Spices Such As Brown Cardamom,Cumin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Coriander Cotted With Egg Yolk And Deep Fried. $8.50
Side Dish Platter - A Combination Of All The Above Side Dishes. $8.50
Lamb Do-Piaza - Succulents Pieces Of Lamb Cooked With Tomatoes And Onions, Served In Savoury Sauce. $15.50
Veg Paratha - Stuffed With Spiced Vegetables. $4.00
Kashmiri Biryani - It Is A Traditional Dish Made using Basmati Rice, Meat/Vegetables And Various Other Exotic Spices.(Choice Of Lamb, Beef, Chicken Or Vegetables). $15.50
Fish Pakora - Cubes Of Fish De-Boned Delicately Seasoned And Marinatedin Mixture Of Yogurt And Spices Cotted With Chickpea Flour. $11.00
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Domino's Pizza (sample)
VEGORAMA - Capsicum, mushroom, baby spinach, red onion, fresh tomato, oregano with garlic sauce n/a
MOO COW - PULLED BEEF & FETA - Pulled Beef, feta, cherry tomatoes, red onion and capsicum, topped with tomato capsicum sauce & oregano n/a
GRAND SUPREME - Ground beef, rasher bacon, pepperoni, capsicum, red onion, baby spinach, smoked leg ham, olives, mozzarella, oregano topped with tomato capsicum sauce n/a
CHICKEN & CAMEMBERT - Sliced roast chicken breast, camembert, rasher bacon, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion topped with hollandaise sauce n/a
GARLIC PRAWN - Prawns, baby spinach, fresh tomato, oregano on a crème fraiche base, with garlic sauce n/a
DOUBLE BACON CHEESEBURGER - Ground beef, rasher bacon, & mozzarella on a BBQ base, topped with mayonnaise n/a
HAM, CHEESE & TOMATO - Smoked leg ham, fresh tomato & mozzarella topped with oregano n/a
THE DELUXE - Pepperoni, ground beef, smoked leg ham, capsicum, red onion & mozzarella with oregano n/a
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Table Service
40 Collins St, Kiama, NSW, 2533, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Barbeque, Latin American

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